Thursday, July 31, 2014

Only one more week at the CCM

¡Hola mi familia!

I ran into Hermana Taylor today after breakfast and again after lunch! It was so cool to see and talk to her for a bit. She seems really happy. I'm excited she's here. 

My flight is on Wednesday at 6:05 am. So I don't know what time I'll get to Texas (we fly to Dallas and then to Vegas). But that means I have to leave the CCM at 2:30 in the morning. That makes it almost exactly six weeks since I left home. Weird. 

Make sure I have enough money on my card to pay for luggage and food and stuff. Also for an iPad. From what I've heard, I need to buy it, but then of course it is mine forever. I don't know when that is happening and if I need to buy a big one, a mini one, a case, a refurbished one. I just don't know. So watch out for that. I could just use my credit card, but then you would have to log into my account to see what's up. I hear that I get to write you on Tuesday next week during my usual TALL time, so watch out for a letter then. Tell me what I should do if that problem arrives.

Hermana J is still sick. She has now taken two different types of antibiotics and feels no better. The doctor wants her to get some scans of her head to see what's going on up there, but since we're just leaving in a week he wants her to do it in Vegas. So he's emailing our mission president so that he knows and can set up an appointment with a specialist. So this week has been hard for her. At least before, when she was taking medicine, she had some hope of getting better, but now that he's given up on her, she's a little sad. But she still is pretty happy, considering.

Funny investigator story.

Hermana J and I come into our lesson and we're just doing some small talk and I ask Eduardo about his cousin. You see, last time we talked he was really tired because his cousin was having problems and had called him really early in the morning and had woken him up and talked to him a lot. However, Eduardo didn't remember this. Super awkward. I'm under the impression that it was a Hermano V thing, and he forgot that he told us that as Eduardo. But it was awkward.

Elder Ch and Hermana C had a hot sauce off this week. Before I tell you about that, I need to tell you about how it came to pass.

Hermana C is half Mexican. She eats a ton of spice on her food. That's how she grew up and she loves it. The food is kinda bland here, so she puts a TON of hot sauce on her food. Elder Ch is extremely white. However, he jokes about how Mexican he is. He always pretends to put a ton of hot sauce on his food and jokes about how he bathed in hot sauce as a child. So they always joke with each other about this. They've been talking about a hot sauce off for forever. But finally, it happened.

This was on Tuesday. They came up with the rules before dinner (determined by spoonfuls of hot sauce and you couldn't drink for two hours afterwards). However, Hermana C thought that it wasn't going to actually happen since it was pizza night. So, we found her, halfway done with her pizza, covered with jalapenos, before the competition had even started. We got her over by where we were sitting, and Elder Ch put four spoonfuls of hot sauce on his pizza. Hermana C put more. He put seven, she put eight. However they came to the conclusion (this was Hermana C being merciful) that if Elder Ch eat that piece of pizza, it would be a tie. He did. His nose was running, but he did. He ate like three apples, a banana, and a piece of bread to soften the burn. It was quite impressive, and extremely hilarious.

We had to take our pictures for the good-bye slideshow this week. So our district picked a color. Well, a scheme. We went America. We all wore red, white, and blue and we even had an American flag. I'll get the pictures eventually. I hope they looked good.

Yesterday it poured. Not just poured, it hailed. Hermana J and I were eating dinner, and it started to rain. We had like half an hour left, so we weren't too worried about it, it would let it up, right? It didn't. So it came to the point where we had to leave because we were going to be late to TRC, and we were standing at the door of the Comedor, trying to figure out the best way to cross the river that was forming without getting to wet, when an elder, Elder Ag (someone I had never met before) offered us his umbrella! It was super sweet! (I should probably mention, that this was the first time all week we hadn't brought Hermana J's umbrella with us to a meal.) So I used it for the rest of the day and ran into him again today, which was good 'cause I wasn't quite sure how I was going to return it.

Today was the Finals of the Foosball World Cup. I got to give my speech. An elder told me it gave him chills. I think people enjoyed it. I also got to play! But, Hermana B and I were up against Presidente Torres and his son (they are really really really good) first, so we didn't make it past the first game. We scored the first goal though! That made me feel good. Presidente Torres won, but he gave the trophy to second place, Elder Ch and Elder T. Oh, did I mention that we were the only hermanas to advance to the finals? Only three companionships showed up last week,  but still! The tournament was pretty intense. We only had one game going at a time. Presidente Torres even brought grease for the Foosball table! Everyone was standing around and cheering. It was quite exciting.

I think that's all my stories for this week. 

Sorry I sent so many letters last week. I had a ton of time, and it won't let me send more than one picture at a time. 

Con amor,

Hermana Leete

Foosball Finals

Foosball Finals 2

Hermana S, one of the teachers.  She taught us one day.  She's awesome.

Hermanas D, J, and K

Hermanas G, J, and R

The Hermanas with Presidente Torres

A Jumping Picture

Thursday, July 24, 2014

So I finished really quickly

I finished pretty fast and Hermana J isn't done yet and I emailed everyone who emailed me, so I might as well talk to you some more. You know, I'm really surprised that we haven't managed to be on at the same time. It's not like I write at really weird times, is it?

I finished all the grammar activities in TALL (technology assisted language learning) and now I guess I get to go back and try to know it better. I feel like in order to learn it, I just need to try writing a bunch in Spanish and then have it corrected by a Spanish speaker. But that's probably not going to happen. 

Some people are really excited to leave the CCM soon, however I feel like I'm not good enough at Spanish to be ready for the outside world. However, I don't know if being here would really help me that much more. I just have no idea. Maybe I just need to be thrown out there and I'll pick it up.

I really don't know what else to say. It was a pretty mellow week. Well, it was stressful. There are seventeen girls in our zone. That's a lot of girls to make sure are doing OK. A TON of girls. So that was a bit stressful. But let's not dwell on those things.

This computer is set to Spanish, so it says basically all of my words are spelled wrong. Which isn't helpful to me. So if something is spelled wrong, please correct it. Google Chrome isn't really helpful at the moment.

Ya. I'm just really out of things to say.

We got Luis (AKA Hermano H) to commit to baptism. Yay!

I'm going to tell you who is who in the district pictures.

Going from left to right:

Elder Br and his companion Elder W. Elder B and Elder F (district leader). Elder C and Elder T (Zone leaders). Elder Bu and Elder W. Hermana J and me. Hermana M and Hermana C.

The guy in normal clothes is Hermano H. We caught him when he was dressed like an investigator.

The rest of the pictures are zone pictures. However, they are old so some of those people aren't there any more.

The Foosball World Cup

Team Italy!

The speech is the speech I wrote for the opening ceremonies of the World Cup.  However  I didn't get to give it.  Elder C assures me that I'll get to give it next week at the finals.

It's so weird! I've been here a month!

Hey guys!

Shaine's coming next week isn't she? I'm so excited! She'll love it here. Here's some advice for her.

It's the rainy season, so it's always raining, wet, and flooding. When it isn't, it's hot. So bring an umbrella.

You get an hour of gym time every day but Sunday. You can do whatever you like. There's some weights, bicycles, ellipticals, volleyball, tennis, basketball, a track, foosball, and ping pong, to choose from. Or you could just run around campus.

On the layover to Vegas, apparently, we get to call home. Do you want me to call home? Do you care? I have no idea what time it would be at. I won't find out until next week at the earliest.

It's so weird! I've been here a month! I only have about a week and a half left! Then I'll be out in the real world. Scary. I don't know if I can do that. My only consolation is that I'll be back in the States, people will know English there. I'm gonna need that.

My new favorite things are mangos and guava. So good. And apple flavored yogurt. Sounds gross doesn't it. But it's good. Trust me.

The teachers like to hang out in our classroom when they aren't teaching. The other day we had like five or six of them, all speaking really fast Spanish, while we were trying to study. That was really interesting. And entertaining.

The elderes had a crazy moment the other day. So Elder F walks into the room and asks Hermana J and I if he can be the member in our next lesson, and right behind him Elder Ch and Elder T come in, asking the same question. They were pretty intense about it. They flipped a coin (well, a pass-a-long card) and played rock-paper-scissors for it. Elder F won everything. I can't even describe it to you. They wanted to be the member so bad! They were getting all into it and stuff. Elder Ch was really sad when he lost. He tried to hide it, but we knew he wanted to pretend to be a member.

Hermana J is still sick. The other day the branch president, Presidente T, called us in to talk to us. In my letter to him, I mentioned that she was sick. He wants to bring us all street tacos, but won't do it if we are sick, so he called us in to see if she needed a blessing or anything. She mentioned that she had one and so he called in one of his counselors, who's a doctor. She told him that she had a sinus infection (he agreed with that) and told him what medicine she was taking (he didn't agree with that). So Presidente T called up a lady who works at the Enfermería (who he's friends with) and told her that Hermana J was going to bring in a perscription from Presidente C (I think that's how you spell his name) and to give her that medicine. So the next day we went to go pick up her medicine. She still doesn't feel better, but hopefully this medicine is better.

We had a Spanish only day on Saturday. It was interesting. As the day went on, people got more and more lazy about it and spoke more and more in English.

We had some clothing issues this week that Hermana J and I, as Sister Training Leaders, had to deal with. It was quite stressful and interesting. It required going to talk to Hermana P (CCM Presidente´s wife) multiple times and having to address the issue with the girl. It was just that her shoes aren't appropriate, but she has nothing else, and she wears too many bracelets. She's been taking them off really slowly, but they just mean a lot to her.

Today was the Foosball World Cup. Presidente T set it up for our zone. Each companionship picked a country (we're Italy) and we played Foosball, tournament style, Hermana J didn't think she could play so I stole Hermana B from a trio from a different district. We won the first game but lost the second by one point. I think we're still in though. It was tons of fun. Everyone got way into it. Hermana B and I even matched and wore Italy's colors. I think I sent you some pictures of us that she sent to me. 

I bought a souvenir today. It's a wooden carving of the tree of life. You know, the one they found in Mexico. I used my pesos to buy it. Don't worry. They give us 120 pesos a week to buy stuff with. So I have enough to keep me supplied in all the random stuff I need. Like cookies. That's pretty much what I buy. I also bought you guys something! Hopefully I'll send it to you when I get to the states. It wouldn't be useful when I'm home.

This week was pretty normal. Nothing too exciting happened. 

Anyway, love you!

Hermana Leete

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Hand of the Lord in My Life

¡Hola Mamá!

I'm sorry to say that we are still sick. I basically just have a runny nose and a sore throat that comes and goes. Hermana J is still really bad though. The doctor thinks she has a sinus infection and so he gave her some antibiotics for that, but so far they only make her feel worse. We're going to go back soon to see if that's normal or not. I really hope she gets better soon. She has trouble thinking and focusing and it's even harder for her to learn Spanish when she's sick.

So the Elderes are pretty funny. Before a devotional one day, the CCM president told us that in Spanish culture if someone tells you, buen provecho (like, bon apetit) you have to say gracias or it is really rude. Apparently anyone will say it to anyone (you know, because people are actually friendly here). Every time the Elderes see us, they say ¡Buen provecho! whether or not we are eating. It happens all the time. It's funny but can be slightly annoying at times, you know, when we're studying. I think a lot of the culture I get is the food. It's not super good Mexican food, but it's Mexican food. It's cool though.

I'm so proud of my sisters. Being missionaries! Tell them to keep up the good work. I'm excited for them. I love how much you feel the spirit when you are teaching the gospel. It's amazing.

Here are my funny stories for the week:

Elder C (the old district leader who is now the zone leader) didn't know any Spanish before coming here and so sometimes he asks stupid questions. This week it was, ¿cómo se dice "how"? If you don't get it, ask Dad. He'll tell you.

Another story concerning Elder C. There is this Hermana who we hang out with during gym time. Everyone calls her Hermana Mack, I'm not sure what her actual name is. But the other day (don't ask me how this got started, I just walked in on it) the girls were describing their perfect guy and she described this guy and all the girls in my district were thinking "that sounds like Elder C", but we didn't say anything. Later she told us that the guy she had a crush on was Elder C. It's really funny to hear her talk about it. Super funny. She's like "I can't even talk to him". We, of course, just laugh because it's Elder C! I suppose it isn't as funny to you guys, but if you listened to her, you would think it was funny too.

Sometimes when we are learning new grammar, we play games. These games we usually divide into two or three groups and it involves someone asking a question to someone on the other team (in Spanish and using the new grammar) and them having to respond. If they respond correctly, they get a check mark, if they respond incorrectly, they get an X and after three Xs they have to do push ups (or squats for the Hermanas). Since no one wants to do push ups, when we ask a question, we narrow in on the people who are the worst at Spanish, namely the people who didn't know any Spanish before they got here. So, Hermana J, Hermana C, and Elder C get picked on a lot. I don't get picked on very much. It's kind of hilarious that we do that. But they do just as well as every one else.

They other day Hermana J was feeling really bad. Like so bad she didn't like walking. Hermano H divided us into "investigators" and "missionaries" so we could do an activity. Well, he wanted whichever group Hermana J was in to go outside the classroom. I gave him this look that was like "really?" and then I looked at her. Apparently she also gave him a look, I think it was more of sickly despair, and he paused for a moment, fumbled with his words, and then told the other group to go outside. It was really funny. 

Hermano V (AKA our first investigator) is our other teacher, and he is hilarious. Maybe that's just because he thinks we are hilarious. The Elderes, I don't know why, started this thing where they would start to clap when people entered the room. So we did that for Hermano V a couple of times. He laughs. Sometimes he'll leave and then reenter really fast so that we can applaud him again. It reminds me of when you play peek-a-boo with a little kid and they start to cover your face and uncover your face because they think it's so funny. I don't know, maybe it's just the language barrier, or maybe he's just a happy person, but he's really fun, and he thinks we're funny, and it's just awesome.

Now on to some other experiences:

This week we didn't have like a zone meeting, meet the new people, kind of thing that we did the past couple of weeks and so Hermana J and I never got to meet the new girls. We really wanted to meet them before we had to interview them because those first couple of days are really hard and they need some encouragement. Well, one day we just randomly sat next to these two girls at lunch, and guess what! They were two of the new girls in our zone! It was so cool! (I don't believe for a moment that it was a coincidence.) Like the next day, we were wondering about the other girls, and we were looking at their pictures (we have pictures of everyone in the zone) to see if we could recognize them later, and later that day, we randomly ran into them on the way to gym! It was crazy! But once again, it wasn't a coincidence, we needed to meet them. It's been so cool to see how that just happens.

This past week we have been thinking about birthdays. We knew that one girl had a birthday while she was at the CCM and we wanted to make sure that no one else had a birthday here and we not know about it. So with this on our minds we went to Relief Society on Sunday. They had the girls that were leaving stand up, and then if it was your birthday to stay standing. Hermana H (a sister in our zone who has been here longer than us and was leaving that week) was standing! We had no idea! So we decided to do something for her. The other day we had bought chokis and other cookies but hadn't eaten the chokis yet (by some miracle) so we decided to give her the chokis. I used the card making supplies that you had me buy to make a card (well, Hermana J has better handwriting so she made the card) and we headed over to her classroom to give it to her. She wasn't there so we talked to the Hermanas and Elderes in her district. We asked if we should wait for her or leave it on her desk. They said that she loved surprises so we thought we would hide it in her bag. She found it during devotional and she said it made her entire day. I'm glad that it worked out that way. That we didn't eat the chokis, that she was standing up at Relief Society and that she happened to be in the bathroom when we came by. I love that we had the opportunity to serve her.

We have some girls that are having some problems. They are in a trio and so it's harder for them. One of the girls also has dyslexia and so learning Spanish for her is so hard. She astounds me, that she can be learning so much and working so hard when reading English, let alone Spanish, is ridiculously hard, and to be in a trio! We're trying to help them all that we can and I pray for them every day.

I had the opportunity of helping some of the other hermanas in our zone with Spanish. During one of our study times I just went over everything that they had learned so far. Writing down the rules, having me explain them, and going over examples really helped them learn it better. I'm so glad that I could help.

Looking back, I can really see the hand of the Lord in my life. In sixth grade I took intro to Spanish and intro to French to decide what language I should take after that (I had to) and Spanish was easier for me to learn, so from then on I took Spanish. If it hadn't been easier for me, I might have taken French, if I had taken French I wouldn't be able to help people like I have been able to. If people from the CCM had called to test my Spanish, I probably wouldn't be in this district, I might have been in an advanced class. If so I wouldn't have been able to help them. I think I really am supposed to be with these people, to help them with Spanish and with other things. I'm so glad I'm here!

The smallest memory stick won't hold a lot of pictures, so I might have to send it home soon. I don't think there's much on it. 

Con amor,
Hermana Leete

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Visitor's Center, A blessing, Sundays, the 4th Of July, RAIN, and Bitter-Sweet

¡Hola mi familia!

I don't have a set time to email on P days, so it's whenever we feel like it. So don't expect my letters at a certain time.

Today we went to the temple visitor's center. The temple is being remodeled and won't be open until November, so we don't get to go in. I'm really sad about that. But it was really cool to see the temple and the visitor's center. The hermanas there gave us a tour (it's huge!) and talked to us about missions and we spoke in spanglish to each other. It was awesome. Ok, question, the hermana I asked there couldn't answer but maybe you guys can. The angel Moroni on the Mexico City temple is holding the gold plates. I haven't seen him do that anywhere else. Why is that? The hermana didn't know why it was only on some temples. If you could tell me, that'd be awesome.

Hermana J has been sick all week. Last Thursday we went to the doctors (for the third time) because she was feeling so bad. Then Hermana M suggested she get a blessing. Elder C (our district leader) and Elder T (his companion) gave her a blessing. She has gradually been getting better since then. However, we still chose to sleep on our P day. I think it was a great experience for everyone. The Elderes had never given a blessing before, and they both mentioned that it was the highlight of their week.

On Tuesday we watched the devotional live from the Provo MTC, it was Elder Neil L. Andersen! It was really cool! It was broadcasted live to many of the MTCs around the world. He spoke about the Holy Ghost. I love the devotionals! My favorite day, however, is Sunday. Sacrament meeting is all in Spanish and you don't know who is speaking until they announce the names, so everyone has to prepare a talk every week. This week was fast Sunday. We didn't eat dinner on Saturday and no breakfast on Sunday. They encouraged everyone to bear their testimonies in Spanish. Some people came up with notes, and some people did not. I bore my testimony, without notes. It was a cool experience; even though I couldn't understand everything everyone was saying, I could still feel the spirit so strongly.

Fourth of July was definitely a highlight. I swear, I have never seen so many people wearing red, white, and blue as I did that day. It was ridiculous. The kitchen staff was so nice too! For lunch we had BBQ sandwiches, corn on the cob, apple pie, and french fries! One hermana wanted to sing the national anthem, so they let her. We all sang along. I was really touched at the effort that they went to to make us feel at home. They even put red, white, and blue table clothes on all the tables! It was pretty amazing.

One thing I have quickly come to realize is that I am not a spicy person. Sure, I can take the spicy we have at home. But here? No way! One bit of the salsa and I'm am running for the water! Dad probably would like it though.

It rains every single day here. Except last Tuesday. That was the one day it didn't rain here. Most of the time it is thunder storms. I have never heard thunder so loud. The lightening is really close too, you can see it streak across the sky by the mountains. I don't mind the rain. However, I'm not sure if my shoes are properly protected against the three inch (at least) deep puddles. It floods really badly.  But it's ok. Between my rain coat (which isn't that great of a raincoat by the way--sometimes the rain soaks through) and Hermana J's umbrella, I do just fine. 

Sometimes it's a little hard learning the language. I feel really blessed that I took so much of it before I came here. However, sometimes I feel like I see everyone progressing rapidly and I feel like I'm still just as good as when I came in. But I get the opportunity to help everyone else. Many of the elderes and Hermana M, have taken some Spanish before coming here and so between all of us, we can help each other. Sometimes I think I know the most grammar though, so sometimes I'm trying to read my scriptures and people keep on asking me how to say things. But I wouldn't change it for the world. I know I was blessed with some prior knowledge not just for my own sake, and that I was put in the district I am in for a reason. I'm not here just for myself. I'm not here for myself at all! It's such a blessing to get to help all those around me.

Being Sister Training Leader can be a little hard. This week some girls were having some problems. A new trio came in last Wednesday (not yesterday, the week before) and they are having some trouble being in a trio. Hermana J and I are trying to help them the best that we can though. Also the hermanas in our district were having a rough day, so we tried talking to them and helping them. Today during lunch, the two new sisters in our zone just happened to sit by us! It was great! They seem really nice, I can't wait to get to know them more.

It's really bitter-sweet to have everyone coming and going all the time. There was a sister who just left this week who was always so nice to us. She would always say hi to us and ask us how we were doing and give us advice. She's off on her mission now. Which is great, but I miss her. It feels a bit like you just get to know these great people and then they are gone. 

Anyway, I'll try to send you some more pictures. I hope some of the ones I sent you last week were good. Hermana J sent some of them to me and I didn't have time to look at them before I forwarded them to you.

Love you!
 Hermana Leete
A guy selling newspapers in the middle of the street.
Mexico City Mexico Temple

Visitor's Center

The Mexican version of Chips Ahoy that the Elderes are addicted to.
This is not a Chokis

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Love the CCM!


I love the CCM! At first it was a little weird. I felt like I had no idea what I was doing and that I was just fumbling around and was really confused. But I think I get it now. The first couple of days we had a really bizarre schedule, nothing was consistent besides eating and sleeping times. Now that we are done with all the orientation, it's pretty consistent. 

This is kind of what our schedule is like:
Get up
Eat breakfast
Personal study for an hour
Lessons (language, fundamentals, other stuff)
Lots of study time
Teaching investigator

My companion is Hermana J*. She's amazing. We have some really funny things in common. We both have the same number of siblings, in the same order, the same gender too. We are both the fourth child (she has step-siblings though) and we both play violin. I really like her. We are a good pair. She didn't know any Spanish when she came here. She took six years of German. I'm trying to help her as much as I can and to teach her all that I know. She's getting so much better! It's really amazing. I can tell she is getting a lot of help. Oh! We were called as the Sister Training Leaders for our zone. There's not much to it, and we missed our first meeting (for reasons which will shortly be explained). So ya, that's interesting. We basically just need to know all of the sisters in our zone and report on them.

I woke up on Sunday morning and threw up. I went to the Enfermeria and the Doctor told me that I had a virus. Apparently it's been going around. We are not allowed to shake hands because of it. We elbow bump. I just slept for the rest of the morning. I wanted to go to the leadership meeting but I wasn't feeling good. I feel bad that I missed it though. I also missed the District Meeting. I went to the devotionals and video things and Sacrament Meeting (which is held all in Spanish). I was put on a pepto bismol, saltine cracker, and Gatorade diet. It's ok though. I wasn't hungry. The next day I woke up singing "There is Sunshine in my Soul" so I was feeling better. However, now Hermana J is sick. She has a really bad sore throat. We don't know if it is the same thing and her body is just reacting to it differently or if it is actually something different. We might go to the doctor again today to see if it's worse than he originally thought.

We have had the opportunity of teaching an investigator basically everyday. (Rumor has it that he will be our next Spanish teacher.) I have been so blessed as to be able to speak to him all in Spanish and he understands me. However, I don't know how correct anything is that I am saying and I forget to teach things because I'm so focused on the language. It's been amazing to see the change in Hermana J. She speaks Spanglish during our lessons, but this last time, I think it was all in Spanish. Probably not super correct Spanish, but there was more Spanish than English in what she said. God has been blessing her.

We pray in Spanish, I read my scriptures and Preach My Gospel in Spanish, the teachers speak mostly Spanish or Spanglish. We get on. It's great. I can't imagine learning Spanish anywhere else.

The funniest moments have been when I was teaching the investigator. His name (or so we have been told) is Ivan Ruiz. One time I was just butchering all of my past tense and future tense conjugations (they haven't taught us them yet so it's all from memory) and I wanted to say "will you . . ." but I just gave up because I was doing so bad so I said something like, "will you orar . . ." and he was all like "¿qué?" The thing that makes this so funny is that this entire lesson Hermana J was speaking mostly English. She says basically an entire sentence in English and it's ok, I say TWO WORDS in English and he pretends like he doesn't understand me. I couldn't stop laughing about it for the rest of the night. Seriously, two words. Another funny moment was when I was answering his questions. I was trying to tell of how the Bible talks of you know, "other sheep I have not of this fold" or whatever. But I didn't know how to say "sheep" so I was like "sheep baaaaa". He got it.  The last funny moment was yesterday. Every time we teach him, we always ask when we say a closing prayer ¿podemos arrollidarnos? Can we kneel? But, when I practice saying arrollidarnos, I can say it, however, every single time I try to say it to him I can't say it. So finally this last time I screwed up AGAIN, and we were laughing about it and I got all flustered and was laughing because it's ridiculous, I know I can say it. I was all like "¡Cuando estoy en la clase, yo puedo decirlo, pero cuando estoy aquí, no puedo!" We all laughed, it was funny. Mostly because I was extremely distressed.

I live in a little house. It is white with blue trim. It is Casa 6. There are like twelve or so hermanas who live there. There are four to a room. Hermana C and Hermana M share a room with Hermana J and myself. They are awesome. I love them. I love my district. They are just so amazing.

Today, being P Day, our zone watched a tennis match between two of our sisters. It was a full blown ordeal, we had an opening prayer, a talk about sportsmanship (which was really just hilarious, I can't describe it), and the national anthem, sung by one of the hermanas. We even had a flag. It was one of those american flag bandanas that some elderes put on a stick. I'm not sure how respectful some of that was, but it was hilarious. My district even brought refreshments!
Other people have the pictures we took as a district and as companions. So you'll get those later.

Ummmmmm, the trip was pretty boring. I slept on the plane rides. I met some missionaries though. One of the ones on the first flight is in my district. His name is Elder B. There were a ton of people on the flight to Mexico. I didn't really meet anyone else from my district until I met my district. I saw one of the girls I met when we were putting in our papers. I also met someone else from BYUH. I don't see them much because they aren't in my district.

There are about 500 missionaries here now, but in the next six weeks we are supposed to have 1000! I think 100 more came yesterday. It's going to get crowded.

Anyway, I'm not sure what else I have to say. I haven't really taken any pictures yet, so sorry. I will take more though! Other people have the pictures we took as a district and as companions. So you'll get those later.

Love you,

Hermana Leete

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My room. This is Hermana C