Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Love the CCM!


I love the CCM! At first it was a little weird. I felt like I had no idea what I was doing and that I was just fumbling around and was really confused. But I think I get it now. The first couple of days we had a really bizarre schedule, nothing was consistent besides eating and sleeping times. Now that we are done with all the orientation, it's pretty consistent. 

This is kind of what our schedule is like:
Get up
Eat breakfast
Personal study for an hour
Lessons (language, fundamentals, other stuff)
Lots of study time
Teaching investigator

My companion is Hermana J*. She's amazing. We have some really funny things in common. We both have the same number of siblings, in the same order, the same gender too. We are both the fourth child (she has step-siblings though) and we both play violin. I really like her. We are a good pair. She didn't know any Spanish when she came here. She took six years of German. I'm trying to help her as much as I can and to teach her all that I know. She's getting so much better! It's really amazing. I can tell she is getting a lot of help. Oh! We were called as the Sister Training Leaders for our zone. There's not much to it, and we missed our first meeting (for reasons which will shortly be explained). So ya, that's interesting. We basically just need to know all of the sisters in our zone and report on them.

I woke up on Sunday morning and threw up. I went to the Enfermeria and the Doctor told me that I had a virus. Apparently it's been going around. We are not allowed to shake hands because of it. We elbow bump. I just slept for the rest of the morning. I wanted to go to the leadership meeting but I wasn't feeling good. I feel bad that I missed it though. I also missed the District Meeting. I went to the devotionals and video things and Sacrament Meeting (which is held all in Spanish). I was put on a pepto bismol, saltine cracker, and Gatorade diet. It's ok though. I wasn't hungry. The next day I woke up singing "There is Sunshine in my Soul" so I was feeling better. However, now Hermana J is sick. She has a really bad sore throat. We don't know if it is the same thing and her body is just reacting to it differently or if it is actually something different. We might go to the doctor again today to see if it's worse than he originally thought.

We have had the opportunity of teaching an investigator basically everyday. (Rumor has it that he will be our next Spanish teacher.) I have been so blessed as to be able to speak to him all in Spanish and he understands me. However, I don't know how correct anything is that I am saying and I forget to teach things because I'm so focused on the language. It's been amazing to see the change in Hermana J. She speaks Spanglish during our lessons, but this last time, I think it was all in Spanish. Probably not super correct Spanish, but there was more Spanish than English in what she said. God has been blessing her.

We pray in Spanish, I read my scriptures and Preach My Gospel in Spanish, the teachers speak mostly Spanish or Spanglish. We get on. It's great. I can't imagine learning Spanish anywhere else.

The funniest moments have been when I was teaching the investigator. His name (or so we have been told) is Ivan Ruiz. One time I was just butchering all of my past tense and future tense conjugations (they haven't taught us them yet so it's all from memory) and I wanted to say "will you . . ." but I just gave up because I was doing so bad so I said something like, "will you orar . . ." and he was all like "¿qué?" The thing that makes this so funny is that this entire lesson Hermana J was speaking mostly English. She says basically an entire sentence in English and it's ok, I say TWO WORDS in English and he pretends like he doesn't understand me. I couldn't stop laughing about it for the rest of the night. Seriously, two words. Another funny moment was when I was answering his questions. I was trying to tell of how the Bible talks of you know, "other sheep I have not of this fold" or whatever. But I didn't know how to say "sheep" so I was like "sheep baaaaa". He got it.  The last funny moment was yesterday. Every time we teach him, we always ask when we say a closing prayer ¿podemos arrollidarnos? Can we kneel? But, when I practice saying arrollidarnos, I can say it, however, every single time I try to say it to him I can't say it. So finally this last time I screwed up AGAIN, and we were laughing about it and I got all flustered and was laughing because it's ridiculous, I know I can say it. I was all like "¡Cuando estoy en la clase, yo puedo decirlo, pero cuando estoy aquí, no puedo!" We all laughed, it was funny. Mostly because I was extremely distressed.

I live in a little house. It is white with blue trim. It is Casa 6. There are like twelve or so hermanas who live there. There are four to a room. Hermana C and Hermana M share a room with Hermana J and myself. They are awesome. I love them. I love my district. They are just so amazing.

Today, being P Day, our zone watched a tennis match between two of our sisters. It was a full blown ordeal, we had an opening prayer, a talk about sportsmanship (which was really just hilarious, I can't describe it), and the national anthem, sung by one of the hermanas. We even had a flag. It was one of those american flag bandanas that some elderes put on a stick. I'm not sure how respectful some of that was, but it was hilarious. My district even brought refreshments!
Other people have the pictures we took as a district and as companions. So you'll get those later.

Ummmmmm, the trip was pretty boring. I slept on the plane rides. I met some missionaries though. One of the ones on the first flight is in my district. His name is Elder B. There were a ton of people on the flight to Mexico. I didn't really meet anyone else from my district until I met my district. I saw one of the girls I met when we were putting in our papers. I also met someone else from BYUH. I don't see them much because they aren't in my district.

There are about 500 missionaries here now, but in the next six weeks we are supposed to have 1000! I think 100 more came yesterday. It's going to get crowded.

Anyway, I'm not sure what else I have to say. I haven't really taken any pictures yet, so sorry. I will take more though! Other people have the pictures we took as a district and as companions. So you'll get those later.

Love you,

Hermana Leete

*for privacy reasons, names of companions, investigators, members, etc  will not be posted.

My room. This is Hermana C


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