Thursday, July 24, 2014

It's so weird! I've been here a month!

Hey guys!

Shaine's coming next week isn't she? I'm so excited! She'll love it here. Here's some advice for her.

It's the rainy season, so it's always raining, wet, and flooding. When it isn't, it's hot. So bring an umbrella.

You get an hour of gym time every day but Sunday. You can do whatever you like. There's some weights, bicycles, ellipticals, volleyball, tennis, basketball, a track, foosball, and ping pong, to choose from. Or you could just run around campus.

On the layover to Vegas, apparently, we get to call home. Do you want me to call home? Do you care? I have no idea what time it would be at. I won't find out until next week at the earliest.

It's so weird! I've been here a month! I only have about a week and a half left! Then I'll be out in the real world. Scary. I don't know if I can do that. My only consolation is that I'll be back in the States, people will know English there. I'm gonna need that.

My new favorite things are mangos and guava. So good. And apple flavored yogurt. Sounds gross doesn't it. But it's good. Trust me.

The teachers like to hang out in our classroom when they aren't teaching. The other day we had like five or six of them, all speaking really fast Spanish, while we were trying to study. That was really interesting. And entertaining.

The elderes had a crazy moment the other day. So Elder F walks into the room and asks Hermana J and I if he can be the member in our next lesson, and right behind him Elder Ch and Elder T come in, asking the same question. They were pretty intense about it. They flipped a coin (well, a pass-a-long card) and played rock-paper-scissors for it. Elder F won everything. I can't even describe it to you. They wanted to be the member so bad! They were getting all into it and stuff. Elder Ch was really sad when he lost. He tried to hide it, but we knew he wanted to pretend to be a member.

Hermana J is still sick. The other day the branch president, Presidente T, called us in to talk to us. In my letter to him, I mentioned that she was sick. He wants to bring us all street tacos, but won't do it if we are sick, so he called us in to see if she needed a blessing or anything. She mentioned that she had one and so he called in one of his counselors, who's a doctor. She told him that she had a sinus infection (he agreed with that) and told him what medicine she was taking (he didn't agree with that). So Presidente T called up a lady who works at the Enfermería (who he's friends with) and told her that Hermana J was going to bring in a perscription from Presidente C (I think that's how you spell his name) and to give her that medicine. So the next day we went to go pick up her medicine. She still doesn't feel better, but hopefully this medicine is better.

We had a Spanish only day on Saturday. It was interesting. As the day went on, people got more and more lazy about it and spoke more and more in English.

We had some clothing issues this week that Hermana J and I, as Sister Training Leaders, had to deal with. It was quite stressful and interesting. It required going to talk to Hermana P (CCM Presidente´s wife) multiple times and having to address the issue with the girl. It was just that her shoes aren't appropriate, but she has nothing else, and she wears too many bracelets. She's been taking them off really slowly, but they just mean a lot to her.

Today was the Foosball World Cup. Presidente T set it up for our zone. Each companionship picked a country (we're Italy) and we played Foosball, tournament style, Hermana J didn't think she could play so I stole Hermana B from a trio from a different district. We won the first game but lost the second by one point. I think we're still in though. It was tons of fun. Everyone got way into it. Hermana B and I even matched and wore Italy's colors. I think I sent you some pictures of us that she sent to me. 

I bought a souvenir today. It's a wooden carving of the tree of life. You know, the one they found in Mexico. I used my pesos to buy it. Don't worry. They give us 120 pesos a week to buy stuff with. So I have enough to keep me supplied in all the random stuff I need. Like cookies. That's pretty much what I buy. I also bought you guys something! Hopefully I'll send it to you when I get to the states. It wouldn't be useful when I'm home.

This week was pretty normal. Nothing too exciting happened. 

Anyway, love you!

Hermana Leete

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