Thursday, July 31, 2014

Only one more week at the CCM

¡Hola mi familia!

I ran into Hermana Taylor today after breakfast and again after lunch! It was so cool to see and talk to her for a bit. She seems really happy. I'm excited she's here. 

My flight is on Wednesday at 6:05 am. So I don't know what time I'll get to Texas (we fly to Dallas and then to Vegas). But that means I have to leave the CCM at 2:30 in the morning. That makes it almost exactly six weeks since I left home. Weird. 

Make sure I have enough money on my card to pay for luggage and food and stuff. Also for an iPad. From what I've heard, I need to buy it, but then of course it is mine forever. I don't know when that is happening and if I need to buy a big one, a mini one, a case, a refurbished one. I just don't know. So watch out for that. I could just use my credit card, but then you would have to log into my account to see what's up. I hear that I get to write you on Tuesday next week during my usual TALL time, so watch out for a letter then. Tell me what I should do if that problem arrives.

Hermana J is still sick. She has now taken two different types of antibiotics and feels no better. The doctor wants her to get some scans of her head to see what's going on up there, but since we're just leaving in a week he wants her to do it in Vegas. So he's emailing our mission president so that he knows and can set up an appointment with a specialist. So this week has been hard for her. At least before, when she was taking medicine, she had some hope of getting better, but now that he's given up on her, she's a little sad. But she still is pretty happy, considering.

Funny investigator story.

Hermana J and I come into our lesson and we're just doing some small talk and I ask Eduardo about his cousin. You see, last time we talked he was really tired because his cousin was having problems and had called him really early in the morning and had woken him up and talked to him a lot. However, Eduardo didn't remember this. Super awkward. I'm under the impression that it was a Hermano V thing, and he forgot that he told us that as Eduardo. But it was awkward.

Elder Ch and Hermana C had a hot sauce off this week. Before I tell you about that, I need to tell you about how it came to pass.

Hermana C is half Mexican. She eats a ton of spice on her food. That's how she grew up and she loves it. The food is kinda bland here, so she puts a TON of hot sauce on her food. Elder Ch is extremely white. However, he jokes about how Mexican he is. He always pretends to put a ton of hot sauce on his food and jokes about how he bathed in hot sauce as a child. So they always joke with each other about this. They've been talking about a hot sauce off for forever. But finally, it happened.

This was on Tuesday. They came up with the rules before dinner (determined by spoonfuls of hot sauce and you couldn't drink for two hours afterwards). However, Hermana C thought that it wasn't going to actually happen since it was pizza night. So, we found her, halfway done with her pizza, covered with jalapenos, before the competition had even started. We got her over by where we were sitting, and Elder Ch put four spoonfuls of hot sauce on his pizza. Hermana C put more. He put seven, she put eight. However they came to the conclusion (this was Hermana C being merciful) that if Elder Ch eat that piece of pizza, it would be a tie. He did. His nose was running, but he did. He ate like three apples, a banana, and a piece of bread to soften the burn. It was quite impressive, and extremely hilarious.

We had to take our pictures for the good-bye slideshow this week. So our district picked a color. Well, a scheme. We went America. We all wore red, white, and blue and we even had an American flag. I'll get the pictures eventually. I hope they looked good.

Yesterday it poured. Not just poured, it hailed. Hermana J and I were eating dinner, and it started to rain. We had like half an hour left, so we weren't too worried about it, it would let it up, right? It didn't. So it came to the point where we had to leave because we were going to be late to TRC, and we were standing at the door of the Comedor, trying to figure out the best way to cross the river that was forming without getting to wet, when an elder, Elder Ag (someone I had never met before) offered us his umbrella! It was super sweet! (I should probably mention, that this was the first time all week we hadn't brought Hermana J's umbrella with us to a meal.) So I used it for the rest of the day and ran into him again today, which was good 'cause I wasn't quite sure how I was going to return it.

Today was the Finals of the Foosball World Cup. I got to give my speech. An elder told me it gave him chills. I think people enjoyed it. I also got to play! But, Hermana B and I were up against Presidente Torres and his son (they are really really really good) first, so we didn't make it past the first game. We scored the first goal though! That made me feel good. Presidente Torres won, but he gave the trophy to second place, Elder Ch and Elder T. Oh, did I mention that we were the only hermanas to advance to the finals? Only three companionships showed up last week,  but still! The tournament was pretty intense. We only had one game going at a time. Presidente Torres even brought grease for the Foosball table! Everyone was standing around and cheering. It was quite exciting.

I think that's all my stories for this week. 

Sorry I sent so many letters last week. I had a ton of time, and it won't let me send more than one picture at a time. 

Con amor,

Hermana Leete

Foosball Finals

Foosball Finals 2

Hermana S, one of the teachers.  She taught us one day.  She's awesome.

Hermanas D, J, and K

Hermanas G, J, and R

The Hermanas with Presidente Torres

A Jumping Picture

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