Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Visitor's Center, A blessing, Sundays, the 4th Of July, RAIN, and Bitter-Sweet

¡Hola mi familia!

I don't have a set time to email on P days, so it's whenever we feel like it. So don't expect my letters at a certain time.

Today we went to the temple visitor's center. The temple is being remodeled and won't be open until November, so we don't get to go in. I'm really sad about that. But it was really cool to see the temple and the visitor's center. The hermanas there gave us a tour (it's huge!) and talked to us about missions and we spoke in spanglish to each other. It was awesome. Ok, question, the hermana I asked there couldn't answer but maybe you guys can. The angel Moroni on the Mexico City temple is holding the gold plates. I haven't seen him do that anywhere else. Why is that? The hermana didn't know why it was only on some temples. If you could tell me, that'd be awesome.

Hermana J has been sick all week. Last Thursday we went to the doctors (for the third time) because she was feeling so bad. Then Hermana M suggested she get a blessing. Elder C (our district leader) and Elder T (his companion) gave her a blessing. She has gradually been getting better since then. However, we still chose to sleep on our P day. I think it was a great experience for everyone. The Elderes had never given a blessing before, and they both mentioned that it was the highlight of their week.

On Tuesday we watched the devotional live from the Provo MTC, it was Elder Neil L. Andersen! It was really cool! It was broadcasted live to many of the MTCs around the world. He spoke about the Holy Ghost. I love the devotionals! My favorite day, however, is Sunday. Sacrament meeting is all in Spanish and you don't know who is speaking until they announce the names, so everyone has to prepare a talk every week. This week was fast Sunday. We didn't eat dinner on Saturday and no breakfast on Sunday. They encouraged everyone to bear their testimonies in Spanish. Some people came up with notes, and some people did not. I bore my testimony, without notes. It was a cool experience; even though I couldn't understand everything everyone was saying, I could still feel the spirit so strongly.

Fourth of July was definitely a highlight. I swear, I have never seen so many people wearing red, white, and blue as I did that day. It was ridiculous. The kitchen staff was so nice too! For lunch we had BBQ sandwiches, corn on the cob, apple pie, and french fries! One hermana wanted to sing the national anthem, so they let her. We all sang along. I was really touched at the effort that they went to to make us feel at home. They even put red, white, and blue table clothes on all the tables! It was pretty amazing.

One thing I have quickly come to realize is that I am not a spicy person. Sure, I can take the spicy we have at home. But here? No way! One bit of the salsa and I'm am running for the water! Dad probably would like it though.

It rains every single day here. Except last Tuesday. That was the one day it didn't rain here. Most of the time it is thunder storms. I have never heard thunder so loud. The lightening is really close too, you can see it streak across the sky by the mountains. I don't mind the rain. However, I'm not sure if my shoes are properly protected against the three inch (at least) deep puddles. It floods really badly.  But it's ok. Between my rain coat (which isn't that great of a raincoat by the way--sometimes the rain soaks through) and Hermana J's umbrella, I do just fine. 

Sometimes it's a little hard learning the language. I feel really blessed that I took so much of it before I came here. However, sometimes I feel like I see everyone progressing rapidly and I feel like I'm still just as good as when I came in. But I get the opportunity to help everyone else. Many of the elderes and Hermana M, have taken some Spanish before coming here and so between all of us, we can help each other. Sometimes I think I know the most grammar though, so sometimes I'm trying to read my scriptures and people keep on asking me how to say things. But I wouldn't change it for the world. I know I was blessed with some prior knowledge not just for my own sake, and that I was put in the district I am in for a reason. I'm not here just for myself. I'm not here for myself at all! It's such a blessing to get to help all those around me.

Being Sister Training Leader can be a little hard. This week some girls were having some problems. A new trio came in last Wednesday (not yesterday, the week before) and they are having some trouble being in a trio. Hermana J and I are trying to help them the best that we can though. Also the hermanas in our district were having a rough day, so we tried talking to them and helping them. Today during lunch, the two new sisters in our zone just happened to sit by us! It was great! They seem really nice, I can't wait to get to know them more.

It's really bitter-sweet to have everyone coming and going all the time. There was a sister who just left this week who was always so nice to us. She would always say hi to us and ask us how we were doing and give us advice. She's off on her mission now. Which is great, but I miss her. It feels a bit like you just get to know these great people and then they are gone. 

Anyway, I'll try to send you some more pictures. I hope some of the ones I sent you last week were good. Hermana J sent some of them to me and I didn't have time to look at them before I forwarded them to you.

Love you!
 Hermana Leete
A guy selling newspapers in the middle of the street.
Mexico City Mexico Temple

Visitor's Center

The Mexican version of Chips Ahoy that the Elderes are addicted to.
This is not a Chokis

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