Monday, August 18, 2014

Companions, Awesome Stuff, & The Lie about Tacos


My companion is awesome. She's never trained or been senior companion before, so she's kind of nervous about it. But she's great, even if she doesn't think she is. She is from Virginia. She's a dancer, french horn, marcher, awesome person. She's been here for eight months and so she understands pretty much all of what people say. She can express herself in Spanish, even though it's not perfect (but who am I to judge, especially since she took three years of French before the mission). She's kinda spunky and spastic, but I like it. We kind of balance each other out. She is also blonde and short, so some people think we are related. However, when you say Leete in Spanish it sounds Polynesian (people have asked if I'm Polynesian because of my name) and since I went to BYUH she likes to tell people I'm her Polynesian companion.

My CCM companion went home this week because she was feeling worse. And the doctor here didn't know what was wrong with her. Hopefully she'll get the care she needs for back home.

Awesome stuff happened this week. We were just doing companion study one day when we got a call from someone. A dermatologist who is a Bishop in an English ward called us with a referral. One of his patients is from Guatemala, and he served his mission in Guatemala, so he talks to him in Spanish. Anyway, they got on the subject of religion and basically the guy asked for missionaries to come! So, the doctor  bishop went looking for the Spanish missionaries for his area, which are us! He even wants to come teach with us and stuff. Awesome, right?

We found two new people this week! We were trying potentials and the person we were looking for had moved, but we asked them if we could say a prayer with them instead.  That turned into talking about the restoration and the Book of Mormon.  The husband came home part way through and started to go off on us about only sharing the word of God.  He said we could come by, but only if we share the word of God.  He also said something about teaching people who don’t have the word, or something; neither of us really caught it.  But, as we bore our testimony, his heart softened.  We gave him a Book of Mormon, Restoration pamphlet, and Restoration DVD.  He said that they would read the Book of Mormon!  I’m pretty excited.  However, the wife is about to have twins (she’s like about to pop!) so we don’t know when we can teach then—if they’ll have time.

The lie about tacos. It's an American thing to fry tortillas. Don't get me wrong, I love your tacos, but Taco Bell has it wrong. Soft tacos, basically rolled up, is the way to go. And homemade tortillas--heavenly. Love them! The members feed us dinner every night, they won't let us feed ourselves. Even if we have meetings or whatever so we have to eat at like 3:30. And we are not allowed to eat with the Elders, so they have to feed one of us at 4 and the others at 5. It's gotta be super annoying for them.

Don't eat chili. I can't take it. I'm soooooo wimpy. Dad, you might like it. However, it's been nice to eat guacamole. I haven't had so much guacamole in my life, especially in recent years.  (Note from Ann:  a few years back I was diagnosed with an allergy to avocados, so there have been none in our house since then.)

We met E this week. He was a potential, so we knocked on his door. He didn't remember the missionaries, but he asked us all sorts of questions about what we believed in. God? Christ? Saints, the Virgin Mary? Do we have Mass? Communion? All sorts of this. Hermana D was really great at answering all of them. He took a Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlet and said he would read them. Yay! So hopefully we'll get to see him again. 

V is one of our investigators. I just met him on Sunday. He's usually really great about going to church, but is super flaky on lessons. So he's been to church like eight times, but only has been taught the Restoration. But he hadn't gone in two weeks. But he came! Apparently, he's been feeling really sad, and he told us that he needs to come to church again and that he can't miss it, ever. He also came to the Why I Believe fireside and said he felt like they were talking about him. He keeps on dropping hints about being baptized, he had a date, but he missed it. So it seems like he is going to take the lessons more seriously and get ready for baptism. Cool!

There was a baptism on Saturday for the Desert Bloom Elders, so we went. All four of us sang. But I suddenly got sick, well, more of just a mucusy throat and such, so I sounded pretty bad and I couldn't sing high, like at all. So I sang alto. Hermana D and I also sang with some other missionaries at the Why I Believe fireside. We sang, Abide with me Tis Eventide. It went well, I could actually sing by that point. The fireside was just musical numbers and three testimonies of converts. They have Spanish translation for those that need it. It was pretty cool.

I'm not sure what else to say. We're focusing a lot on finding right now because a lot of our investigators like fell of the face of the earth. We're trying to find them again. And new people. But ya, that's life.

Love ya!

Hermana Leete

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