Monday, September 1, 2014

A Week of Miracles

Hey guys!

You definitely won't have a lawn by her (Rachel's) birthday. She's going to be an adult really soon! That's crazy! She's making me feel old. But I'm not really that old. Not at all. Sometimes people won't listen to us because we're so young and we don't know everything. The other day someone told us we can't be right because we don't know how they found the original cross. Basil and all that stuff. He was Greek. I don't know why that would matter. 

One of the blessings of learning a language is that you have a different spirit with you. Everything I say is really sincere, because it's hard for me to speak, and so I mean everything I say. It's a labored, slow effort. And people can tell that, they can feel that. I don't lie in Spanish, because I can't lie, I don't know how to say that stuff. Everything is from the heart. That's partially why I'm so quite around the members, because when they are talking about random stuff, I don't reply, it takes too much effort and they don't have the patience for me to struggle it out. It's not important enough for me to put forth that effort to try and speak. But it's obvious in a lesson. Why would I go out, learn a new language where I clearly am struggling, to teach people lies? It doesn't make sense. The people also really appreciate it. They appreciate that I am trying to learn their language, especially since I'm in the US, to teach to them so that they can understand it better. It's great. They love it.

This week was a week of miracles. We found two families! That's five new investigators! Both of them were actually referrals. I think I already told you about the one referral from an English member. If I didn't, tell me and I'll tell you the story.

We had been trying to get in contact with K and E for like two weeks now. They were never home and it seemed like they had family home, so we waited and tried again. We got to set up an appointment and Brother B (the member who gave the referral) was able to come. We just did a blessing contact, talked to them a bit and said a prayer with them. When I asked (in Spanish of course) "If Christ was here, what would you ask him?" E started to cry. She said they wanted a change of heart and to know the truth. She said when I spoke, she felt something. We were able to tell them that we had the truth. We said a prayer, and set up a return appointment. We also gave them the Restoration pamphlet to read. We'll get to teach them on Wednesday. They are so prepared! I think they really want to know the truth and are really interesting and excited for us to come back. K said like three times, "Wednesday at 6, right?" They had no hesitation letting us in, they were waiting and excited. I'm so happy we get to teach them.

The other referral was from the English missionaries, her name is El. We came by and did a blessing contact last week, so this week it was the first lesson. Two of her kids were there too! We got to teach them all, and Hermana L (a member) was there too, she was amazing! She answered all of the daughter's questions. She seemed really interested, she asked a lot of questions (like, what about saints? <-- we get that one a lot) but they were sincere questions, she just wanted to know. We have a return appointment set up. (F is the son, he's like 14, the daughter is in her 20s I think.) AWESOME! The spirit was so strong. It was a little sad, because (this was Saturday) we had appointments every single hour and a member for every hour, but one appointment cancelled, the other ones weren't at home. But we had members out with us! It's a little hard, because we only had three member present lessons, but if all had gone well, we would have had like 8 or 9. But we're trying! We keep on asking members to come out, and we try and do all we can to have appointments set up.

We biked on Saturday. We just went around for like am hour in the morning to street contact people. I'm so glad I don't have to bike all the time. It was so hot, even in the morning. This week has been like 110 all week. It's been bad. Yay for cars!

We're working hard. But we're super blessed. Like yesterday, we were trying to find where a referral lived, and we were stuck outside a gated community and some elders rode by (on their bikes!) We tried to wave them over, but they didn't see. But they came back! And they happened to be the exact elders who gave us the referral. It turns out that the referral lives in the West mission, but without them, we might not have found that out. Oh! One of the elders I met at EFY like three years ago. Cool, huh?

Life is good. The Church is true, the book is blue. Read it, live it, love it, share it. Love ya guys!

Hermana Leete

P.S. Hermana D and I have been trying to find all the state's license plates. Most of them have a saying on them, like Washington's is "The Evergreen State" so we've been writing them down. We kinda get creepy at times. Like when we take a picture of it while we are driving so we can zoom in on it to read the saying. But it's a lot of fun! We're got like 13 states!
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