Monday, September 15, 2014

So ya, Life is Awesome.

Hi Dad.

I hear you turned 18 this week. Congratulations. You are now an adult! You now have a lot of new responsibility--use it wisely.

I would tell you about transfers, but we really don't know what's going on. None of it makes sense and all of the new information we have gotten concerning our area and stuff we have heard third-hand and no one has told us anything. So when I figure it out, I'll let you know. 


Do you want to know how many people we found this week? Brace yourself--14! We found three families this week! !!!!!!!

I don't even know how to describe this to you. I'm still in shock.

On Tuesday we found the D family. E, the grandfather (I think) we had met when knocking on potential's doors. The person we were looking for had moved, but he spoke Spanish so we talked to him. We set up a time for a blessing contact, but he either wasn't there or not all of his family was, or something. But we went by again and he wasn't there. Anyway. The person we were trying to see wasn't there, so we tried him again, and his son answered the door and let us in. They have a family of 6! We did a blessing contact and set up a return appointment. That was an awkward lesson. The dad wasn't there so we didn't want to teach the Restoration so we just talked about the Book of Mormon. But we have a return appointment. But, like, wow. 

On Wednesday we found some more people. 6 more to be exact. First was M, she's a former. We taught her lesson 1, we already did a blessing contact with her. The next person was H and M1 and their two kids (we think one is 8 and the other is younger). We just did a blessing contact and have a return appointment. But they are looking for the truth. Then there is M2 and her family. She's a former, but we think her husband is a member who might go to an English ward. But, two or her or her husband's parents are staying there for a bit. So ya. Awesome!

On Saturday we taught a part member family, the M3 family. The husband is a less active but wants to go back to church for his kids. He respects his wife's religion, which is good. We are going to go back and "practice our lessons" with them. Probably. Maybe we won't have to be so sly about it.

On Sunday O walked into church. She came last Sunday too (never talked to missionaries before) and we tried to contact her this week, but it didn't work out. But, we have an appointment set up with her.

So ya. That's how we found our new investigators. Don't get me wrong, we've been praying and fasting for this, but it's not like we found some fantastic new way to find.

If you haven't heard, there's a movie coming out, it's called Meet The Mormons. WATCH IT. I'm so excited for it. It comes out October 10 as a general release in the movie theaters. It's a documentary about six people that are Mormons. Nothing preachy, but it'll be great. Invite your friends. Go see it yourself. Spread the word! In like focus groups, testing things, nonmembers who watched it said that they wanted to learn more, that if a Mormon knocked on their door they would let them in. If enough people go see it in theaters, we can get it on Netflix. 80% of homes in American have Netflix. We want this on Netflix! So watch it! Spread the word! I'm so excited! Think of the missionary opportunities! We only get to see it if we go with an investigator and we don't pay for ourselves. So the problem is finding an investigator who speaks enough English to go.

So ya. Life is awesome. 


Hermana Leete

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