Monday, September 8, 2014

This Week Has Been Great!


Ya! I ran into Amy at a fireside yesterday. I was walking out, looking for my investigators (who didn't show) when she was like, "Are you Kevin's sister?" I was like ya! It took me a moment to remember who she was, I recognized her, but I was like "Where do I know you from . . ." (inwardly, of course) but I had to run away really fast because Hermana D kept on walking I was like, "I gotta go, my companion . . ." Super awkward. But I got to talk to her afterward. She wanted to make sure that I was ok and had everything I needed. She's super nice. She said she saw on Facebook that I was there. So ya. That was fun! She's not in my branch (cause it's a Spanish branch) but I don't know where she lives or what stake she's in. But she probably doesn't live too far away.

Rachel's old. That's weird. I hope school is treating her well. It was weird when school started over here, there's more traffic after school, more teenagers out and about, school zones. Weird.

I talked to a Jehovah's Witness this week. We were walking to our car when a lady says, "hey you!" (she was in her car) and she asked us why we were all dressed up. Then she asked if our religion was the same as the Amish. So ya, we answered some questions. It was interesting.

Alex Boye did a fireside last Sunday (where I met Amy at). It was a "Why I Believe" fireside where converts talk about their conversion. He sang a song and told us his story. He's super funny. It was cool to hear his story. We were told that there was going to be Spanish translation so we invited K and E, but there wasn't translation, and they didn't come. So we were left sitting there with Brother B and his wife. It was sad. We had their fellowshippers and everything! But whateves, we'll get them to church next week. It's hard, because they work on Sundays. They work during our branch and E has to work really early in the morning so it's hard for them to go to night church because it's far away and late. UUGGGGGHHHH. It's gonna change though. I know it will.

El, M, and F are our other family we are teaching. They are pretty cool. They haven't kept any commitments yet, but they like listening to us. But don't worry, we'll get them to see the importance of commitments!

They are going to change our area soon. They are going to put another set of Elders. Which is awesome. Except we will lose like six of our investigators. Sad. :(

This is what I wrote to the mission president. Maybe it'll be more interesting. I've already ran out of things to say:

This week has been great! We're teaching a family and they are so prepared. So prepared, in fact, that Satan is trying very hard to keep them from learning with us. Every time we go over, something happens that prevents us from teaching for a while. Someone comes to the door, their gas stops working, a dog gets dropped off, their DVD player won't work and will only play the video in English. But that doesn't stop us! They really want to learn and change their lives, and we are going to do all we can to help them do so.

We're working hard to get members out with us. It's hard because they work and can only come out on certain days are certain times. But we're trying. It's also hard when they cancel on us last minute or when our investigator flakes out on us. But it's ok. It'll get better.

So ya. I hope all is well. Keep being awesome. Feed the missionaries! (But don't be offended if they don't eat a ton, sometimes you just have a small stomach. Like me. But I have to eat it all. Or they get offended. And then dessert. And occasionally seconds. It's all fantastic. It's just a lot. And we thought we ate a ton . . .)

Love ya!

Hermana Leete

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