Monday, September 22, 2014

Transfers: God Doesn't Always Work By Our Logic

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Hey Mom!
I'm pretty sure that was my science fair board first. Just saying. I'm pretty sure I painted it and Rachel mooched off my awesomeness.  (I sent her a picture of a visual aid I made for Primary using an old science board)
Aw! Rachel is so gorgeous! I want copies of her pictures! And more pictures of all of you so I can show you off to all my companions and peoples. (referring to one of Rachel's sr portraits)
Hermana D says she's never seen anyone so intense about Primary. I was like, "That's my mom." (I'm really not that intense!)
Candy information: Candy corn, Three Musketeers, anything fruit flavored, yorks, Andes, all that good stuff. (What kind of Halloween candy do you like?)

Soooooooooooooo transfers . . . I should probably fill you guys in on those.
We had a lot of new Spanish missionaries come in this transfer. However, we didn't have enough Spanish areas to put them in. So they made more. They changed Desert Bloom to have three areas instead of just two. Our branch is really small though, but there's a lot of area. So member-wise, it's a little tough. But anyway, we kind of just assumed we would stay in Desert Bloom 1, because that was our area and there is no logical reason for us to change areas. But God doesn't always work by our logic.
We're in Desert Bloom 3 now! Yes, we did get double transferred out, and in, but into the same branch! Yes, we do have to open a new area! Yes, we can visit all of our potentials and formers in three hours! Yes, we are in Anthem aka where all the rich people live aka not the Hispanics! Yes, we did move into an old elders' apartment and have to spend two days cleaning and moving! Yes, I don't understand why I am here! But yes, it's ok, because I'm supposed to be here.
Ya. We had nothing when we got here. No area book, virtually no potentials, our only investigators are the ones that moved into our area with us (an old couple, E and F) and an investigator that we stole from the other elders (O, she's really attached to us). The apartment was super gross. We spend a ton of time cleaning it. And our old apartment. And then we had to move. And buy stuff like, cleaning supplies, new shower curtains (they were supposed to be clear, but they were orange--let's not talk about how disgusting that was), stuff for a traveling area book. We also had to make a map. We are still in search of a map book. (I've decided that I like them better then GPSs. We've been borrowing the elders' GPS since we don't know how to get around, but it's kind of just annoying, so MAP BOOK! Once we find one.) We went nearly insane because we didn't leave the house for like ever. It was quite terrible. Seriously, two days. TWO DAYS! We had a lot of organizing to do.
But get this! You would think we have six missionaries in the branch, but no! We have 7! Elder P got another trainee, he is not only finishing Elder B's training, he is training greenie Elder M! Elder C is also training Elder Cl. Basically, everyone is training. District meeting gets a little crazy. Oh! We also are our own district now. Spanish districts for the win!
One thing that is awesome about the elders who lived in the apartment before us is that they had a wall of white boards. It was their planning room. We call it the command center. I'll send you pictures.
You should send me stamps.
We set O for a baptismal date! We taught her how to pray. She didn't really understand it at first so our member, Hermana S, had her repeat after her like a little kid. She felt the spirit so strong. Then she fed us. Which was interesting. She can't smell or taste, so ya. Not bad, just, bland. But she loves to feed us. She always gives us food.
Anyway. This week wasn't super exciting, but it was. I don't know how to describe it. Someone definitely talked to us for an hour and a half and insulted every religion out there, which contradicting himself multiple times and using multiple examples that didn't make any sense. I swear, he didn't draw breath.

Hermana Leete

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