Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Transfers! I'm Leaving!

Cutting it pretty close there Mom. I thought Keturah was the only one left who loved me.
(oops- I didn't send Melissa an email until 10:11am Monday morning.)
So here's some news:
I got the package last week. I have no idea why you thought I could eat four bags of candy, but don't worry, I brought it to p day sports and the elders ate like all of it. They left me a grand total of three Three Musketeers and like all of the Yorks and about a half bag of candy corn and a third of the Starbursts. It's ok though, it'll take me like a transfer to eat all of that.
We hit the standards of excellence for street contacting this week. A whole 70 people! I know, not that impressive. But if you were in this area, you would know. We will walk around for an hour, and no one will be outside. So, it was hard. But we did it!

Transfers! I'm leaving! I'm going to Ensign 3 in East Las Vegas. Yup. That makes three areas in three transfers. I hear it's a high baptizing area, so that'll be different. My companion will be Hermana S. I don't know her. But I hear she's awesome. Hermana D is staying here, that makes a total of four transfers in Desert Bloom. But she'll get this new area up and running. Don't worry, it's a Spanish area. There's a lot of Spanish elders who are going to English areas. We just have a lot of Spanish missionaries, and not enough areas for them.

Awww. Look at Rachel getting her honor bee! I'm so proud!
Sorry, but honestly nothing really exciting happened this week. Except, we met the A family. The husband is the Mexican consul (consulate?). He's not a member, but the wife and the daughter are. He's currently being taught by the English elders, but Hermana D and her new companion might start teaching him. She's gonna baptize Mexico! But they talk super fast. Like, I think I heard more Spanish in an hour with them then I did the entire transfer.
(Have you been able to find more houses with upside down mops on the porch?)
No more upside down mops. Sorry.
(How big is your branch?) 
Our branch has like 50+ really active members.
I made chicken broccoli casserole this week. I put too much mayo on it. We scraped it off and continued to eat it.
We had a Why I Believe fireside yesterday in Spanish. It was pretty cool.

There was a baptism this week. For the elders. Don't get too excited. His name is G. He thought we was just coming to visit his family. Little did he know he would be converted. He's pretty cool.
We're going to get our hair cut today. There's an English member who is going to do it for us. I have no idea what to do with it. Let's just hope I don't go crazy and chop it all off. But honestly, I just don't know! Girl problems.
We talked to an English member this week, introducing ourselves, and she gave us a homemade loaf of bread! And homemade peach (Utah peaches) jam! It was so good! We ate that all week.
We bike basically on a daily basis now. I like it. It's in like the 80's now, so it's not bad. I think my favorite biking skirts are my green one and my black one. They are long and full enough so I don't flash anyone and they don't hit the wheels (which means they don't get black streaks on them). I'm learning to be graceful when getting on and off my bike. It's a little hard. It's a work in progress. But I'm getting better! Faster than I think my Spanish is improving, but that's besides the point. When we bike, we don't really bike to get to places, we bike to street contact. Or, we'll pick a bunch of members (English of course) that live on the same street and we'll bike from house to house. Our area is too big to big to our potentials' houses, it's just not effective. So we drive, then bike around. It's a lot better. We're still trying to figure out the perfect formula.
So ya. That's about it.
Hermana Leete

This photo was text-ed from a member:
 “Cute sister missionaries fresh new hairdo’s”

“They are so darling”

Monday, October 20, 2014

Excited, Fantastic, Adorable, and Awesome!


KETURAH IS GOING SPANISH STATESIDE! OH MY GOSH I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER!!!!! Don't worry, hers was the first email I read when I got on. I've been waiting all week to hear where she was going! That makes four from our ward going stateside Spanish. Cool, huh? I gave her all my stateside Spanish advice. AAAHHHH. I'M SO EXCITED!

Erica also got her visa? That's fantastic! I bet she'll love it. I'm so excited for her too! We get a lot of Brazil visa waiters her. It's pretty cool. Also, we get temple square missionaries for two transfers. They're pretty cool. Right now we have Sister I from Japan. I like her. She's cool.
It's hard, sometimes people forget that new members, or new investigators, need a lot of help, they're just babies. That was hard when we left our old area. All our investigators were just little babies! So, don't forget the new members! They need friends after they are baptized too, a lot of times, even more than they did before.
Oh my gosh. Primary program in Spanish. Adorable. They had like a projector set up in the back with the words and everything for the kids. And they put up their picture before they had to speak so that the kids would know when to go up there. Super cute. It was weird to listen to the songs you have been practicing for like ever, in Spanish.
What did Rachel get on the ACT? Did those classes help her?
It's no longer in the 100's. It usually sticks to the 90's. What? Trees are supposed to change color? I hope that answers your question.
All mail goes to the mission office. Since we are so close to it, we pick it up on our way to P Day sports. If we are ever in the mission office during the week, Sister E just gives it to us then. When you are further away, the zone leader or the district leader will pick it up and deliver it. If you are out of valley, you can send mail right to where you live.
So more random things I might want because I'm too lazy and cheap to buy it myself:
-Sharpies, like all I need is one thin black sharpie, but I can live without. It's not necessary.
-You know all those white board markers I had at one point? If you are not using them, I would. Once again, I'm just cheap.
-Highlighters. Once again, not a necessity, but would be nice. Get me a pack with a red one!
-I was thinking about trying the Down East layering shirts.  I would like to try them, but that's money . . .
-A new journal. It doesn't have to be nice.
-Music. I'm not sick of mine yet, but I know that day will come. And I know that you guys will take forever to do that. So shoot for like my half-way mark. But, get me some music in Spanish. Like Spanish hymns. There are some really cool arrangements floating around the mission, but I would like to get my music legally. I like guitar hymns too. I like hymns.
Did Kevin have a birthday? I can't remember when his birthday is . . . I didn't write it down. So if that happened, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If not, happy early birthday!
We went to a lot of English meetings this week. We're introducing ourselves, promoting Spanish awareness, seeing if they know anyone we can visit. You know, the usual. B, our investigator, is super awesome. She always has a ton of great questions for us. She went to the Why I Believe fireside yesterday and liked it. I'm excited for her. She's pretty amazing. Ya, this week hasn't been super exciting.
So ya. That's it. President Snow is really awesome. He sat down with us for like 2 1/2 hours talking about finding ideas for us. Awesome. Love him!

Hermana Leete

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cop, Mops, and Awesomeness: "We are Here!"

Hola mi familia.

I haven't been able to see Meet the Mormons. We need to go with an investigator and we can't pay for ourselves, so they have to pay for us. The problem is, you need an investigator that speaks English . . .
Did any other houses get graffitied? Or was it just ours? That's so weird. I'm glad it came off.
We went to dinner the other night and they had General Conference on while cooking and stuff. But the problem was, I had to share a spiritual thought. So they had to turn off Uchtdorf for me. That's probably the only time that will ever happen in my life. I'm not exactly proud of it.
Woah. Rachel doing applications. Weird. If she has any questions, I did get into all three of the BYUs so maybe I know some things. Just kidding. I don't know how that happened.

Random things I would like if you are going to send me something soon:
Gatorade packets.
Brownie recipe (pick a good one)
RECIPES! Like seriously, I don't know how to cook anything.
I spent some money recently. Honestly, I'm not even sure on what. But watch out for that. And I need to buy new reflectors for my bike. I'll explain why later. Well, now.
We almost lost my bike on the interstate. We had it on the bike rack. But it is an old bike rack. Seriously, it's old. I shall attach a picture. But, anyway. It's kind of rickety. We thought it would be fine because we had to get off on the like first or second exit. But we were watching them pretty closely because we didn't completely trust it. So I'm watching them bouncing back there, and then suddenly there was only one. We freaked out but we didn't see it on the road behind us so we pulled over, and there was my bike, flopped over, hanging on by velcro. I put it back up. It looked like it had escaped the hook that holds it in place. I adjusted it and put it all back together and we were about to leave when, guess what, a cop pulls up! I went over to talk to him and told him what happened and that it's all fixed now. He asked if it was secure and I said yes and we just had to get off on the next exit (seriously, we were like 30 feet from it). I'm pretty sure he wrote down our license plate number, but he let us go, so no harm no foul, right? But that was when we went to the mission office (after our appointment that cancelled) to beg for a new bike rack. We got one, don't worry. But everything was ok. My bike was totally fine, the bike rack was fine. The only thing is that I lost the reflectors on my back wheel. So I need new ones.
Elder P (our district leader, he's from Mexico) told us that Mexicans leave upside down mops outside of their doors. We were like, what? And he was like "I know my people". We had never seen that before. But then we were walking around our apartment complex when we saw it, an upside down mop outside of a door. We were like, should we try it? We did. But also because on their porch there was a fold up chair decorated like a Mexican flag. The guy spoke Spanish! He said we could come back! Then of course his wife/girlfriend/I-don't-know-what told us they weren't interested. Sad.
Our district did a blitz this week. Everyone came to our area and we street contacted in different parts for like three hours. Ya. They finally realize how hard this area is. Doesn't matter. It was fun. We're going to do another one this week.
I went on exchanges with one of the Sister Training Leaders this week, Sister J-C. She's pretty cool. But we stayed in my area . . . Anyway, we were going to visit English members to ask for referrals when we realized the number that I had written down did not exist. But, in that general area where it would have been was an open garage and as we were walking up to it to see if someone was in it we heard Spanish radio! So I street contacted this guy in Spanish all by myself! He was really hard to understand, he was old and I'm not sure if he had teeth or not . . . He was really closed off at first, I tried talking about the Restoration but then he diverted the conversation, but I brought it back and as I talked he had a change of heart! We have an appointment with him on Wednesday!
I also had to do a blessing contact in Spanish all by myself. That was exciting. Her name is R. She wants to go to church. I asked her if she had the address and she said she did, but then she called us on Sunday wanting it. So she didn't go because she called late. Sad. But she's a new investigator!
B is the other new investigator. She has a baptismal date. She's pretty cool. She prayed when we taught the Restoration, like perfectly too. Awesomeness.
One of the biggest things we are doing to try and find new people is by talking to the English members. We introduce ourselves and tell them a little about our branch. A lot of them don't even know we exist. So we ask if they know anyone who speaks Spanish, even if they might not be interested. We get some referrals that way.

The other way is through the English missionaries. We are trying to establish got relations between us and them and try to give them a lot of referrals so that they want to give us some. We taught them how to street contact in Spanish. We want to also try to get ourselves into their correlation meetings or on their programs and stuff so that the English people know we exist. It's a process, but we're getting the word out. I feel like a Who, "We are here!"
So ya, I think that was pretty much my week.
Con amor,

Hermana Leete

From the temple trip forever ago. "I don't have an inner super hero."
My First District

Our Car with bike trailer

When we first got here.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

General Conference was Amazing!

They fixed our dryer! After a week and a half (and having to call them again) they came! Yay!
General Conference was amazing! So many of them talked about how to know for yourself, and that you need to know for yourself, and that the world doesn't like us (. . .). So great! We watched in the stake center. But since our stake center is so far away and we don't have the miles to go back home again, we just brought a lunch and hung out there in between sessions. I officially have watched the World Report twice and all of those Mormon messages twice. They're pretty good. I loved that they got to talk in their native languages! Awesome! When they said they would speak in Spanish all the Spanish missionaries got all excited. Some even went and grabbed the Spanish translation headphones so they could listen to the actual person speak. For us, as I suppose for you too, they dubbed in English over it. I didn't bother to listen to it in Spanish. Not yet.
I can imagine that FHE. (we hosted a FHE with a new member and her 2 young boys) Must have been fun. It's kind of weird not to go to FHE on the mission. We would go and teach A and J who are recent converts (not mine obviously) on Mondays, but it wasn't really FHE.
Sounds like quite the party. (Rachel's 18th) When did we get two mini jamboxes? I want to see her pictures of it. Her party, not the jambox.
I forgot to send this to you last week. It's what President Snow wrote me. I thought it was funny.

"Hola Hermana Leete, you and Sister D are a great companionship and I know it won't take you long to load up on new investigators! You two will be the roses between the thorns (the Elders) and the glue to hold the Spanish District together! Thank goodness you two are there!"
He has no idea how accurate that is. I have no idea how to explain it either. Let's just say they call Hermana D the Sister District Leader, AKA the District Mom.

We have been trying to find new people this week. Which is hard. We've been introducing ourselves to the English members in our area. Most of them don't even know that there are Spanish missionaries here, or that we have a Spanish branch . . . So we introduce ourselves, give them our number, and ask for referrals! It's not super effective, but so far better than other stuff we have tried. I think the next thing we are going to do is look for Hispanic looking houses and just knock on their doors. We'll see how that works.
It's officially 100 degrees again. Yay.
I once again forgot my camera. Sorry.

The chair I'm sitting on it=s broken so it's all like cockeyed forward and weirdness.
I don't think I have much to say, but Hermana D isn't done yet . . .so . . .
The best sport in the entire world is Kinaki. It's like a combination of ultimate frisbee and rugby. You use a rugby ball (a football is also acceptable, or really any sort of semispherical thing) and you kick off (kind of like frisbee). If you catch it you can run with it or throw it. If you get tagged, it's changes possession. You can't run if you just started it (like right after a change of possession you have to throw it to someone). I don't know how to explain it's awesomeness. We play it every p day for p day sports (after we convince the elders that the time for basketball has ended). It's pretty awesome.

Someone told me I looked 16. I was street contacting them. Anther person asked if I knew who Samson was, he was a nazarite. He told me this like I was a little child. I was like, if I didn't know who Samson was, do you really think I would be preaching to people? Like seriously people, just because you didn't know squat about the Bible at 19 doesn't mean I don't! I've at least read it, cover to cover, thank you very much. Most of you can't say that. Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time someone called me young, (meaning that I know nothing because I'm young) I would be able to pay for my mission, if not now, definitely by the end. If people knew how hard a mission was, hopefully they would be smart enough to realize that I didn't subject myself to this because my parents believed in something, or because it was popular, or any ridiculous thing that like. So ya. I could probably rant about this all day. People. They frustrate me. Gotta love them though, right? If I didn't I wouldn't be here.
I think I really am done with stuff writing.

Love ya!

Hermana Leete

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Almost Sweater Weather!

Where did Rachel get her dress? It is sooooo cute! (I wish I had more dresses. Also my dress kind of ripped . . . I need to get that fixed. It's kind of unwearable at the moment.)
I'm glad she had an awesome birthday. She's looking so old! I need her professional opinion on curling hair. I'm getting bored with just putting it in a ponytail or in a bun and it takes so long to curl it. Is there a way I can do it really fast? I didn't even bring my curler or anything.
So wait . . . her date was the grandson of Elder Ballard? Woah . . .

We watched the Women's broadcast in English, but they had Spanish translation for those that needed it.
Taylor's going to Guatemala? There's an MTC there? Cool. That's awesome.

So we didn't find any new people this week. It's partially because of the area and that Hermana D is sick. We've just had to come in early so she could sleep more. But she's getting better.
I really don't have much to say for this week. O is progressing really well and still wants to get baptized on the 25th! Yay for poaching! We're trying to find via the English members. We're hoping that if we ask them who they know who speaks Spanish we'll find more people. And if not, at least we're letting them know that there are Spanish missionaries who work here (they didn't know that . . .).
It suddenly dropped to like 80 degrees these past two days. Almost sweater weather! Totally saw someone putting on like a winter coat . . . Some people. It'll probably shoot back up to the 100+ soon though. That's the desert for ya.
I didn't grab my camera, so no pictures. Sorry. I ran out of time last week.
The hermanas in the ward are super scared that we don't eat. Like so scared that they started to sign up to feed us every single week. We're going to have to tell them that we can't eat with them. We have an investigator who feeds us every single time we teach her. We CANNOT eat two dinners. It is not physically possible. My body would reject the food. This past week we rotated between who ate with the members. I mean, we have 7 missionaries, that's a lot of people to feed. And, we're not allowed to eat together, so that can be forever, if we eat in 30 min increments, that's like an hour and a half. It's just a lot. One day this week we ate in our apartment because Hermana D wanted to take a nap. The members freaked out. It's bad. They kind of scare me. And the point of eating with the members is not so that we are fed, is so that we can visit with less actives and those people who we might not get to normally talk to and uplift. When they sign up for every Friday, it's not fulfilling the purpose of dinners. As President Snow says, we can feed ourselves. Sorry about the rant, they just stress me out.
But like seriously, life is good. I haven't melted yet. Our dryer has been broken for two p days now. So it's a good thing that I have enough clothes to last me two weeks. And you said I wouldn't need it . . . However, I have gotten to the point where I have to choose between my least favorite clothes because the rest are all dirty. But don't worry, we washed our clothes at another sisters' apartment. Hopefully they'll fix our dryer soon.
Anyway, I don't have much to say . . .

Hermana Leete