Thursday, October 2, 2014

Almost Sweater Weather!

Where did Rachel get her dress? It is sooooo cute! (I wish I had more dresses. Also my dress kind of ripped . . . I need to get that fixed. It's kind of unwearable at the moment.)
I'm glad she had an awesome birthday. She's looking so old! I need her professional opinion on curling hair. I'm getting bored with just putting it in a ponytail or in a bun and it takes so long to curl it. Is there a way I can do it really fast? I didn't even bring my curler or anything.
So wait . . . her date was the grandson of Elder Ballard? Woah . . .

We watched the Women's broadcast in English, but they had Spanish translation for those that needed it.
Taylor's going to Guatemala? There's an MTC there? Cool. That's awesome.

So we didn't find any new people this week. It's partially because of the area and that Hermana D is sick. We've just had to come in early so she could sleep more. But she's getting better.
I really don't have much to say for this week. O is progressing really well and still wants to get baptized on the 25th! Yay for poaching! We're trying to find via the English members. We're hoping that if we ask them who they know who speaks Spanish we'll find more people. And if not, at least we're letting them know that there are Spanish missionaries who work here (they didn't know that . . .).
It suddenly dropped to like 80 degrees these past two days. Almost sweater weather! Totally saw someone putting on like a winter coat . . . Some people. It'll probably shoot back up to the 100+ soon though. That's the desert for ya.
I didn't grab my camera, so no pictures. Sorry. I ran out of time last week.
The hermanas in the ward are super scared that we don't eat. Like so scared that they started to sign up to feed us every single week. We're going to have to tell them that we can't eat with them. We have an investigator who feeds us every single time we teach her. We CANNOT eat two dinners. It is not physically possible. My body would reject the food. This past week we rotated between who ate with the members. I mean, we have 7 missionaries, that's a lot of people to feed. And, we're not allowed to eat together, so that can be forever, if we eat in 30 min increments, that's like an hour and a half. It's just a lot. One day this week we ate in our apartment because Hermana D wanted to take a nap. The members freaked out. It's bad. They kind of scare me. And the point of eating with the members is not so that we are fed, is so that we can visit with less actives and those people who we might not get to normally talk to and uplift. When they sign up for every Friday, it's not fulfilling the purpose of dinners. As President Snow says, we can feed ourselves. Sorry about the rant, they just stress me out.
But like seriously, life is good. I haven't melted yet. Our dryer has been broken for two p days now. So it's a good thing that I have enough clothes to last me two weeks. And you said I wouldn't need it . . . However, I have gotten to the point where I have to choose between my least favorite clothes because the rest are all dirty. But don't worry, we washed our clothes at another sisters' apartment. Hopefully they'll fix our dryer soon.
Anyway, I don't have much to say . . .

Hermana Leete

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