Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cop, Mops, and Awesomeness: "We are Here!"

Hola mi familia.

I haven't been able to see Meet the Mormons. We need to go with an investigator and we can't pay for ourselves, so they have to pay for us. The problem is, you need an investigator that speaks English . . .
Did any other houses get graffitied? Or was it just ours? That's so weird. I'm glad it came off.
We went to dinner the other night and they had General Conference on while cooking and stuff. But the problem was, I had to share a spiritual thought. So they had to turn off Uchtdorf for me. That's probably the only time that will ever happen in my life. I'm not exactly proud of it.
Woah. Rachel doing applications. Weird. If she has any questions, I did get into all three of the BYUs so maybe I know some things. Just kidding. I don't know how that happened.

Random things I would like if you are going to send me something soon:
Gatorade packets.
Brownie recipe (pick a good one)
RECIPES! Like seriously, I don't know how to cook anything.
I spent some money recently. Honestly, I'm not even sure on what. But watch out for that. And I need to buy new reflectors for my bike. I'll explain why later. Well, now.
We almost lost my bike on the interstate. We had it on the bike rack. But it is an old bike rack. Seriously, it's old. I shall attach a picture. But, anyway. It's kind of rickety. We thought it would be fine because we had to get off on the like first or second exit. But we were watching them pretty closely because we didn't completely trust it. So I'm watching them bouncing back there, and then suddenly there was only one. We freaked out but we didn't see it on the road behind us so we pulled over, and there was my bike, flopped over, hanging on by velcro. I put it back up. It looked like it had escaped the hook that holds it in place. I adjusted it and put it all back together and we were about to leave when, guess what, a cop pulls up! I went over to talk to him and told him what happened and that it's all fixed now. He asked if it was secure and I said yes and we just had to get off on the next exit (seriously, we were like 30 feet from it). I'm pretty sure he wrote down our license plate number, but he let us go, so no harm no foul, right? But that was when we went to the mission office (after our appointment that cancelled) to beg for a new bike rack. We got one, don't worry. But everything was ok. My bike was totally fine, the bike rack was fine. The only thing is that I lost the reflectors on my back wheel. So I need new ones.
Elder P (our district leader, he's from Mexico) told us that Mexicans leave upside down mops outside of their doors. We were like, what? And he was like "I know my people". We had never seen that before. But then we were walking around our apartment complex when we saw it, an upside down mop outside of a door. We were like, should we try it? We did. But also because on their porch there was a fold up chair decorated like a Mexican flag. The guy spoke Spanish! He said we could come back! Then of course his wife/girlfriend/I-don't-know-what told us they weren't interested. Sad.
Our district did a blitz this week. Everyone came to our area and we street contacted in different parts for like three hours. Ya. They finally realize how hard this area is. Doesn't matter. It was fun. We're going to do another one this week.
I went on exchanges with one of the Sister Training Leaders this week, Sister J-C. She's pretty cool. But we stayed in my area . . . Anyway, we were going to visit English members to ask for referrals when we realized the number that I had written down did not exist. But, in that general area where it would have been was an open garage and as we were walking up to it to see if someone was in it we heard Spanish radio! So I street contacted this guy in Spanish all by myself! He was really hard to understand, he was old and I'm not sure if he had teeth or not . . . He was really closed off at first, I tried talking about the Restoration but then he diverted the conversation, but I brought it back and as I talked he had a change of heart! We have an appointment with him on Wednesday!
I also had to do a blessing contact in Spanish all by myself. That was exciting. Her name is R. She wants to go to church. I asked her if she had the address and she said she did, but then she called us on Sunday wanting it. So she didn't go because she called late. Sad. But she's a new investigator!
B is the other new investigator. She has a baptismal date. She's pretty cool. She prayed when we taught the Restoration, like perfectly too. Awesomeness.
One of the biggest things we are doing to try and find new people is by talking to the English members. We introduce ourselves and tell them a little about our branch. A lot of them don't even know we exist. So we ask if they know anyone who speaks Spanish, even if they might not be interested. We get some referrals that way.

The other way is through the English missionaries. We are trying to establish got relations between us and them and try to give them a lot of referrals so that they want to give us some. We taught them how to street contact in Spanish. We want to also try to get ourselves into their correlation meetings or on their programs and stuff so that the English people know we exist. It's a process, but we're getting the word out. I feel like a Who, "We are here!"
So ya, I think that was pretty much my week.
Con amor,

Hermana Leete

From the temple trip forever ago. "I don't have an inner super hero."
My First District

Our Car with bike trailer

When we first got here.

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