Monday, October 20, 2014

Excited, Fantastic, Adorable, and Awesome!


KETURAH IS GOING SPANISH STATESIDE! OH MY GOSH I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER!!!!! Don't worry, hers was the first email I read when I got on. I've been waiting all week to hear where she was going! That makes four from our ward going stateside Spanish. Cool, huh? I gave her all my stateside Spanish advice. AAAHHHH. I'M SO EXCITED!

Erica also got her visa? That's fantastic! I bet she'll love it. I'm so excited for her too! We get a lot of Brazil visa waiters her. It's pretty cool. Also, we get temple square missionaries for two transfers. They're pretty cool. Right now we have Sister I from Japan. I like her. She's cool.
It's hard, sometimes people forget that new members, or new investigators, need a lot of help, they're just babies. That was hard when we left our old area. All our investigators were just little babies! So, don't forget the new members! They need friends after they are baptized too, a lot of times, even more than they did before.
Oh my gosh. Primary program in Spanish. Adorable. They had like a projector set up in the back with the words and everything for the kids. And they put up their picture before they had to speak so that the kids would know when to go up there. Super cute. It was weird to listen to the songs you have been practicing for like ever, in Spanish.
What did Rachel get on the ACT? Did those classes help her?
It's no longer in the 100's. It usually sticks to the 90's. What? Trees are supposed to change color? I hope that answers your question.
All mail goes to the mission office. Since we are so close to it, we pick it up on our way to P Day sports. If we are ever in the mission office during the week, Sister E just gives it to us then. When you are further away, the zone leader or the district leader will pick it up and deliver it. If you are out of valley, you can send mail right to where you live.
So more random things I might want because I'm too lazy and cheap to buy it myself:
-Sharpies, like all I need is one thin black sharpie, but I can live without. It's not necessary.
-You know all those white board markers I had at one point? If you are not using them, I would. Once again, I'm just cheap.
-Highlighters. Once again, not a necessity, but would be nice. Get me a pack with a red one!
-I was thinking about trying the Down East layering shirts.  I would like to try them, but that's money . . .
-A new journal. It doesn't have to be nice.
-Music. I'm not sick of mine yet, but I know that day will come. And I know that you guys will take forever to do that. So shoot for like my half-way mark. But, get me some music in Spanish. Like Spanish hymns. There are some really cool arrangements floating around the mission, but I would like to get my music legally. I like guitar hymns too. I like hymns.
Did Kevin have a birthday? I can't remember when his birthday is . . . I didn't write it down. So if that happened, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If not, happy early birthday!
We went to a lot of English meetings this week. We're introducing ourselves, promoting Spanish awareness, seeing if they know anyone we can visit. You know, the usual. B, our investigator, is super awesome. She always has a ton of great questions for us. She went to the Why I Believe fireside yesterday and liked it. I'm excited for her. She's pretty amazing. Ya, this week hasn't been super exciting.
So ya. That's it. President Snow is really awesome. He sat down with us for like 2 1/2 hours talking about finding ideas for us. Awesome. Love him!

Hermana Leete

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