Tuesday, October 7, 2014

General Conference was Amazing!

They fixed our dryer! After a week and a half (and having to call them again) they came! Yay!
General Conference was amazing! So many of them talked about how to know for yourself, and that you need to know for yourself, and that the world doesn't like us (. . .). So great! We watched in the stake center. But since our stake center is so far away and we don't have the miles to go back home again, we just brought a lunch and hung out there in between sessions. I officially have watched the World Report twice and all of those Mormon messages twice. They're pretty good. I loved that they got to talk in their native languages! Awesome! When they said they would speak in Spanish all the Spanish missionaries got all excited. Some even went and grabbed the Spanish translation headphones so they could listen to the actual person speak. For us, as I suppose for you too, they dubbed in English over it. I didn't bother to listen to it in Spanish. Not yet.
I can imagine that FHE. (we hosted a FHE with a new member and her 2 young boys) Must have been fun. It's kind of weird not to go to FHE on the mission. We would go and teach A and J who are recent converts (not mine obviously) on Mondays, but it wasn't really FHE.
Sounds like quite the party. (Rachel's 18th) When did we get two mini jamboxes? I want to see her pictures of it. Her party, not the jambox.
I forgot to send this to you last week. It's what President Snow wrote me. I thought it was funny.

"Hola Hermana Leete, you and Sister D are a great companionship and I know it won't take you long to load up on new investigators! You two will be the roses between the thorns (the Elders) and the glue to hold the Spanish District together! Thank goodness you two are there!"
He has no idea how accurate that is. I have no idea how to explain it either. Let's just say they call Hermana D the Sister District Leader, AKA the District Mom.

We have been trying to find new people this week. Which is hard. We've been introducing ourselves to the English members in our area. Most of them don't even know that there are Spanish missionaries here, or that we have a Spanish branch . . . So we introduce ourselves, give them our number, and ask for referrals! It's not super effective, but so far better than other stuff we have tried. I think the next thing we are going to do is look for Hispanic looking houses and just knock on their doors. We'll see how that works.
It's officially 100 degrees again. Yay.
I once again forgot my camera. Sorry.

The chair I'm sitting on it=s broken so it's all like cockeyed forward and weirdness.
I don't think I have much to say, but Hermana D isn't done yet . . .so . . .
The best sport in the entire world is Kinaki. It's like a combination of ultimate frisbee and rugby. You use a rugby ball (a football is also acceptable, or really any sort of semispherical thing) and you kick off (kind of like frisbee). If you catch it you can run with it or throw it. If you get tagged, it's changes possession. You can't run if you just started it (like right after a change of possession you have to throw it to someone). I don't know how to explain it's awesomeness. We play it every p day for p day sports (after we convince the elders that the time for basketball has ended). It's pretty awesome.

Someone told me I looked 16. I was street contacting them. Anther person asked if I knew who Samson was, he was a nazarite. He told me this like I was a little child. I was like, if I didn't know who Samson was, do you really think I would be preaching to people? Like seriously people, just because you didn't know squat about the Bible at 19 doesn't mean I don't! I've at least read it, cover to cover, thank you very much. Most of you can't say that. Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time someone called me young, (meaning that I know nothing because I'm young) I would be able to pay for my mission, if not now, definitely by the end. If people knew how hard a mission was, hopefully they would be smart enough to realize that I didn't subject myself to this because my parents believed in something, or because it was popular, or any ridiculous thing that like. So ya. I could probably rant about this all day. People. They frustrate me. Gotta love them though, right? If I didn't I wouldn't be here.
I think I really am done with stuff writing.

Love ya!

Hermana Leete

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