Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Transfers! I'm Leaving!

Cutting it pretty close there Mom. I thought Keturah was the only one left who loved me.
(oops- I didn't send Melissa an email until 10:11am Monday morning.)
So here's some news:
I got the package last week. I have no idea why you thought I could eat four bags of candy, but don't worry, I brought it to p day sports and the elders ate like all of it. They left me a grand total of three Three Musketeers and like all of the Yorks and about a half bag of candy corn and a third of the Starbursts. It's ok though, it'll take me like a transfer to eat all of that.
We hit the standards of excellence for street contacting this week. A whole 70 people! I know, not that impressive. But if you were in this area, you would know. We will walk around for an hour, and no one will be outside. So, it was hard. But we did it!

Transfers! I'm leaving! I'm going to Ensign 3 in East Las Vegas. Yup. That makes three areas in three transfers. I hear it's a high baptizing area, so that'll be different. My companion will be Hermana S. I don't know her. But I hear she's awesome. Hermana D is staying here, that makes a total of four transfers in Desert Bloom. But she'll get this new area up and running. Don't worry, it's a Spanish area. There's a lot of Spanish elders who are going to English areas. We just have a lot of Spanish missionaries, and not enough areas for them.

Awww. Look at Rachel getting her honor bee! I'm so proud!
Sorry, but honestly nothing really exciting happened this week. Except, we met the A family. The husband is the Mexican consul (consulate?). He's not a member, but the wife and the daughter are. He's currently being taught by the English elders, but Hermana D and her new companion might start teaching him. She's gonna baptize Mexico! But they talk super fast. Like, I think I heard more Spanish in an hour with them then I did the entire transfer.
(Have you been able to find more houses with upside down mops on the porch?)
No more upside down mops. Sorry.
(How big is your branch?) 
Our branch has like 50+ really active members.
I made chicken broccoli casserole this week. I put too much mayo on it. We scraped it off and continued to eat it.
We had a Why I Believe fireside yesterday in Spanish. It was pretty cool.

There was a baptism this week. For the elders. Don't get too excited. His name is G. He thought we was just coming to visit his family. Little did he know he would be converted. He's pretty cool.
We're going to get our hair cut today. There's an English member who is going to do it for us. I have no idea what to do with it. Let's just hope I don't go crazy and chop it all off. But honestly, I just don't know! Girl problems.
We talked to an English member this week, introducing ourselves, and she gave us a homemade loaf of bread! And homemade peach (Utah peaches) jam! It was so good! We ate that all week.
We bike basically on a daily basis now. I like it. It's in like the 80's now, so it's not bad. I think my favorite biking skirts are my green one and my black one. They are long and full enough so I don't flash anyone and they don't hit the wheels (which means they don't get black streaks on them). I'm learning to be graceful when getting on and off my bike. It's a little hard. It's a work in progress. But I'm getting better! Faster than I think my Spanish is improving, but that's besides the point. When we bike, we don't really bike to get to places, we bike to street contact. Or, we'll pick a bunch of members (English of course) that live on the same street and we'll bike from house to house. Our area is too big to big to our potentials' houses, it's just not effective. So we drive, then bike around. It's a lot better. We're still trying to figure out the perfect formula.
So ya. That's about it.
Hermana Leete

This photo was text-ed from a member:
 “Cute sister missionaries fresh new hairdo’s”

“They are so darling”

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