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Breathing is good. I'm glad you're figuring out how to do that again. It's pretty important. But I suppose you could live without it. (referring to her mom's asthma)

That's amazing! I didn't even realize that Job put in his papers! That's awesome! DC! That's so cool! (Job is her cousin)

So now that we've got all of the other stuff out of the way, I'll pull a Kevin. BAUTISMO!!!!!!!!

We had a baptism this week! My first one! Three boys were baptized.  Their parents were inactive for a while, but they came back and the kids wanted to be baptized! I only got to teach them for a week, but they are so awesome! They were so excited to get baptized, they all wanted to go first. It was very special. So here's a picture of us all. Hermana Sampson, Hermana P (the mom), Hermano P (the dad, he got to baptize them, they were all so excited for that), B(11), N (9), N2 (9), Hermana Provost (she taught them before I came), and me! It was stressful getting the baptism all ready. We couldn't do it at our building because there was a funeral, and a dance! It was booked! So we worked really hard to find another chapel that we could do it at. Obviously, we found one. This one was more over by the temple. Then, of course, we had problems getting the suits, they were locked up and we didn't have the keys and the person who had the keys weren't answering the phone . . .but we got it all worked out. The spirit was so strong, and B cried, and N was all like "I'm good" and N2 said he felt like he lost weight. I love these boys. My favorite memory is probably when we taught them tithing. We used candy to illustrate it. We gave them each ten candies and then told them to give us one back, when they did, we dumped out the whole bowl on them. They didn't get the whole 10% thing, but they understood, if we give God some money, we'll get a ton back! Precious. Their mom served nachos afterwards and they had family there and their teacher from school. They were so excited.

We are going to have two baptisms this week. One lady named I, and an eleven year old boy named E. He's from a part-member family. I's daughter is a member also. They are so excited for this Saturday! It's amazing to see. Especially I. She couldn't make it to church at 1 yesterday, but was able to make it to night church. Which was great! If she hadn't gone, she couldn't have been baptized! She really felt the spirit there, and is so excited to be baptized.

So. An elaboration on the night church story. There's a night church in El Rancho. It starts at 7 and is only sacrament meeting. It's for the people who work on Sundays. Anyway, so we thought that I could go to church with us. Usually, she can only stay for an hour because she's taking classes so she can adopt a kid and they start at two (church starts at one). And she doesn't have a car, so she needs a ride. However, the member that was supposed to give her a ride came to church without her and told us that I couldn't come. Which was weird, because we thought I told us that she had a ride, or something. Anyway, she's only been to church twice and you have to go three times to be baptized. So we're like, uh oh, she can't get baptized. And then I thought, night church! The day is not over yet! She we talked to her about night church. She said she would have to take the bus and walk a bit, but that would be ok. While we're on the way to church, we get like a ton of calls from her. She's scared because it's really dark and she doesn't know where the church is. So we call President Snow to get permission to go pick her up. She was like a block away from the church, but the road had no street lights, at all. She was supposed to get there earlier, but someone threw up on the bus and so they had to kick everyone off the bus. She had to wait for the next bus, meaning that by the time she got to where she was going, it was too dark to walk to the church. As she was waiting there, someone tried to rob her! She's ok though. Just really freaked her out. But we got to church, took the sacrament, felt the spirit, and went home. It was all good. She can get baptized now.

We had an amazing street contact the other day. We talked to a guy whose first wife was mormon. He had a lot of bad experiences with her family because after she died, they took his children away, using the church as an excuse. So he had a lot of bad feelings toward the church. But he asked us some questions, which we answered. We testified of the Restoration (we actually taught it to him, right there) and he was really touched. He said that he wanted to read the Book of Mormon now, so we gave him a copy. However, his current wife is really against the church, so he said he might have to read it in the bathroom. But he wants to read it. We couldn't make an appointment with him because of his wife, but she said he would call us if he has questions. It was a really cool experience. He was touched by our testimonies and it made him want to know more. he kept on saying he didn't have anything against the church, he just had a bitter taste in his mouth because of his in-laws. At first, I didn't think he was going to listen at all, but he did. For like an hour. It was amazing.

So we taught a lesson to a guy named J and his wife. He was a street contact. We taught the first lesson, but during it I felt like they weren't going to let us come back, this wasn't their time. They listened, had some random questions, and took a Book of Mormon but they told us that their hearts were not soft enough now, that they were too hard headed right now. But I think they'll read, some day. Some day they will accept the gospel, we were just planting the seeds. It was interesting to feel that during the lesson.
So you know how I said it was cold? I take that back. The cold wind went away and it shot right back up to 70-80 degrees. It'll be like 60s at like 8 at night, but the rest of the day is warm. But who knows, it'll probably get cold again soon. I was thinking about buying some boots. But I don't think there's anywhere for me to buy boots around here. We'll see. So watch out for that.

There are rabbits everywhere. It's like we walked into Tellytubby land.

I've had some weird food. Namely, cow tongue and pig skin. They weren't too bad. Especially when you put it in a taco. Man, I love tacos.

Here's some advice to future missionaries. Along with the Book of Mormon, read the Bible. Seriously. I feel like people listen to me more once I tell them that I've actually read it. Honestly, that's more than a lot of them. Plus, the Bible is just cool. A lot of crazy stuff goes down in there. I would recommend it. It's not like more spiritually convincing for people to read to them from the Bible, it's more logical. I feel like when I want to logically convince them that there was an Apostasy, I show them it in the Bible, but when I want to spiritually convince them, I read to them from the Book of Mormon. But you need both. There's, obviously, some amazingly spiritual stuff in the Bible, but the Book of Mormon. I just can't describe it. It's amazing.

Anyway. I think that's all for now. I'll send you some pictures too.


Hermana Leete

I love all these missionaries!
East/Paradise Zone with Elder Foster from the 70 and the Mission Tour

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