Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I'm in East Las Vegas


I used to always email at 10, but now we don't. We don't have a set time. We email at the family history center. It's big and pretty cool. It used to be the biggest chapel in the valley, now it's the family history center.

My first area was in Henderson, my second Anthem. (I'm pretty sure Anthem is an actual town and not just the name of the stake . . .) Now I'm in East Las Vegas. Very different, I'll tell you. My new companion is Hermana S. She's been in this area for like 5 months, a long time. So we feel like she's going to leave and I'll probably stay. It feels like a hand-off transfer. But there are a ton of people here. It's a bit ghetto, but that's ok. We know which places not to go when it gets dark. We also have a car, so don't worry.

We should have a baptism on Saturday! Three little boys (11, and two 9 year old twins) whose parents were less active, but are coming back to church and want them baptized. Hermana S has been teaching them for a while, but finally they will get baptized! Yay!

We found D this week. She is super golden! We found her when we went to try a former investigator. He had moved out but we started to talk to the mom, who is a less active member. She was a Relief Society president and everything back in the day (just goes to show you, it doesn't matter how much you know or what calling you had--you always have to keep the faith). But her daughter (16) wasn't baptized and is super interested. She's already super spiritually inclined. She's been reading and fasting to know if it is true! Golden! She really wants to know that it is true. She has a ton of great questions and listens intently.

It suddenly dropped from the 80s to the 70s. It'll be in the 60s in the morning and then go up to the 70s. I'm not sure I have ever felt a colder 70s degrees than I have now. I think I'm just a whimp. But seriously. It would be ok, but then the wind gets you. Ya. I'm a whimp. I can't take the heat or the cold!

We had stake conference this week. It was great. They talked a lot about the temple. I love the temple.

Oh, I can't remember if I asked you this. Will my violin and ukulele be ok while I'm gone? Do we need to like loosen the strings or anything? 

I cut my hair. You should've gotten a picture of that from the member who cut it for me. it's like three or so inches shorter. It's super weird. 

We get our transfer documents on Saturday but we transfer on Tuesday. New people come in on Wednesday.

For Halloween there was a mission party. We went to the mission office and every zone put on a skit about worst first member present lessons. Then we ate some snacks and watched 17 miracles. It was fun to talk to all of the other missionaries again. There are some really cool people in our mission. We came a little late because Hermana S was determined to convert the nonmember grandfather of the family we were eating dinner with. It didn't work.

I'm sure I'll think of all the other things I need and want to tell you after I get off the computer. That's always how it goes. 

Love ya!

Hermana Leete

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