Monday, November 24, 2014

Just a Normal Day

I hear Rebecca's birthday is Wednesday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I keep on forgetting that Thanksgiving is coming. It's just a normal day for us, so there's nothing to look forward too.

We have a TON of investigators that like to talk, a lot. One of them is N. She's new. We were teaching the Restoration and she would either have a question or misunderstood what we would say and then proceed to rant about it for the longest time before we could clarify and answer her unspoken question. She's super interesting. She accepted the Book of Mormon without batting an eyelash, but didn't understand the need to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. And apparently he's not a prophet, because he didn't part the Red Sea or build an ark or something of that sort. She just needs to read Doctrine and Covenants. And Joseph Smith history. And pray. Definitely pray about it.

The other one is W. He's new too. We took an hermana out with us the first time we saw him (because we had to) and they hit it off really well. So much so that it worries us. She came with us the second time too, but he seemed to stop talking to us, and only talked to her. And he talks a lot. So we're trying to figure out what to do. We're not really sure. It's kind of disturbing.

We have this investigator D who is simply a miracle! We found her my second day in this area. We were looking for a former investigator, but he had moved, and guess who lived there! D did! Her mom is a less active who's coming back into activity with all her heart, might, mind, and strength. She even came out with us to a lesson  yesterday! But D is 16, and she was never baptized but she's super spiritual. She's been baptized multiple times in other churches, looking for the right one. She listens intently to everything we say, accepts everything, reads daily, prays daily, fasts on occasion to know if this is true, already lives all the laws, and is super amazing! She had a baptismal date for the 20th of December, but she's progressing so fast we moved it up. She was a little nervous at first, but we went over the baptismal questions with her (she passed with flying colors) and we were like, "that's it" and she was like "wait, really?" and so she's all set now! But seriously, they were just waiting for someone to knock on their door. I feel so blessed that it was me!

So ya. Nothing super exciting happened this week. We went on splits yesterday. I got to go with Hermana L. Hermana L is amazing. She has a son in Mexico I think on a mission, so she's super excited to help. But she goes to an English ward. Doesn't matter, she loves to come out with us! Whenever we go on splits she gets to be my companion. I love her! She's so amazing.

But seriously. This week was fairly boring. Today seems like it's going to be pretty bland. We have to go down to Henderson to get our car smog checked or something. It shouldn't take too long, but Henderson is just so far away! Yes, but no. Ya know?

Hmmmmmmm. Christmas. What do I want for Christmas? Socks that stay on my feet. But I don't think those exist. Down East Basic shirts (size small). Ummmmmmmm. More pictures of you guys! Por que no? Don't send me candy, I'm still working on the stuff I have. Except maybe orange slices (ya know, the gummy stuff) or Sprees. I just suddenly got a craving for those.

Oh! Money! I bought some tights and a journal, so look out for that. I'm getting bored of the clothes I own so I might see if I can persuade my companion to go shopping. I think I'll try and hit up a Goodwill though.

Anyway, I have to leave now.


Hermana Leete

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