Monday, December 29, 2014



So like everyone cancelled on us this week. By everyone, I mean like everyone. The only people that were there were the single men we're teaching. And then, because we couldn't find members/the members cancelled on us, we couldn't teach them. Talk about frustrating. 

M C and her sons are new investigators. Her son A (T) is 14 and Al is 7. She was referred by a different bishop. Her late husband was a member (but it sounds like not active) so she went to the bishop for food. He gave her some, and a Spanish Book of Mormon and then referred her to us. She's super open to learning! Her sons claim that they don't like us. I think it's just because we always come by when they are playing video games. The 7 year old is pretty vocal about it. But we know he likes us. Because when we're done and finally let them go, he'll come back and talk to us. We just have to deal with his kicking and screaming for the first couple minutes. Then he usually covers his eyes for the next five. He's pretty funny. He's only going to read the Book of Mormon when we give him the illustrated "comic book" version. It sounds like his mom is going to make him read though.

We visited a decent amount of members this week. Why? Because they were home and would let us in.

Christmas Eve was bad. No one was home. Not a single person. We had appointments scheduled for all day with members. Every single person cancelled on us or were not there. Christmas was better. We found two new investigators!

We had a member out with us on Christmas! The problem was, no one was home. Like really people. We like triple checked to make sure it was ok if we came by on Christmas. You said it was ok!

Hermana H turned 22 yesterday. We didn't have a cake so we put her candle in a Peguino. She seemed pretty happy with it.

I think that's it!

Love ya!

Hermana Leete

All the Christmas Gifts

Christmas PJs

The Strip on Christmas

Hermana H turns 22!

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