Monday, December 15, 2014

New Companion


I have not got the package yet. But I also haven't gotten the mail yet today. Also, because of transfers, we got mail the Saturday before transfers. So if it came after Saturday, I don't have it yet. But I'm sure I'll get it today.

I don't believe that Christmas is coming. The leaves just started to change. And when I say that I mean all three of the leaf changing trees in Vegas.

Yay for feeding the missionaries! I'm personally fond of it.

So I've never heard of this story. You should tell me it. (Why Christmas Trees aren't Perfect)

Did you buy us matching pajamas? But that's cool. If it keeps me warm. That's all that matters.

Hermana H is pretty awesome. She's super good at Spanish which is helpful. And she's super organized. So we're reorganizing the area. And the apartment. 

La familia A might be my new favorite people in the world. They came out with us for three hours the other day. No one was home and I think they were just determined to keep going until they got into someone's house. It was pretty hilarious. First, they gave us a ride in their car (to save us miles). Their car is super beat up. Their back lights are covered over with like red tape. It's pretty funny. The car shakes pretty bad when we drive too. But anyway, we were trying to find an apartment in this complex, and we could not find it. Hermano got out of the car, and ran up to like all of the buildings to try and see the numbers (some of them were hidden) and we followed around in the car. We did this for like 20 minutes until we found it. We really just drove around and around in circles. However, we did get to teach two lessons, we found a new person (she's like 80 years old) and we taught one of our investigators (M). But it was fun. They are hilarious.

We found a bunch of new people this week. That's was pretty awesome. However, we also dropped a ton of people, or they dropped us. But that's ok. We drop the old so we can find the actually prepared!

Hermana H is pretty awesome. We work really well together. This is going to be a fun transfer.

Hermano V is pretty cool. He'll follow us around for like ever when he comes out with us. We can knock on ten doors and no one will answer, but he'll keep on following us and smiling. He's pretty awesome right now because his wife is in Peru so he has nothing to do. So he'll come out with us. I haven't taken him with his wife out yet, but I'm pretty sure they'll be just as awesome.
So we have this investigator named R. He really doesn't like organized religion. He'll kind of go on a rant and we'll be like, "but we're not like that church" and he gets all worked up until we say some kind of mind blower and then he gets all quiet. Like the other day it was, "in the Bible it says that Christ's church should carry his name, we're the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". He said the name of our church like three times in a row after that. We totally blew his mind. Well, Hno V did. He's the one who said it.

Well. That's about it. I'm sure there's more to this week, but honestly, it was a lot of reading maps and getting lost. Hermana S has this area like memorized. We don't. 

Love ya!

Hermana Leete!

The one peak with snow on it

The only not blurry picture of our two districts last transfer

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