Monday, December 8, 2014

This week was kind of Bland



I'm staying here. It's weird, being in the same area for more than a transfer. My new companion will be Hermana H. I'll meet her tomorrow. I hear she's pretty awesome.

Hermana S is going English to be a sister training leader. She's not super excited about that. She doesn't like English, or responsibility. So you can imagine how unexcited she is. But I know she'll be awesome.

So, the letter isn't like saving and some of it went away and I don't know what happened, so you're going to have to piece it together.

We ate dinner with the J family yesterday. They told the best mission stories. Hno J told us about how a missionary got his querido Juan (dear John) and so got really really sad. So he called two girls from the ward and went to the movies with them. The mission president sent him to a really really hot area (this is in sur Guatemala). He came back really really skinny from all the biking and saying that he learned his lesson. It was super funny. Between him and his son, we were laughing so much!

Man, I don't know what happened this week, but we didn't teach anyone! (Well, we taught, but not as much as the rest of the transfer.) But we found M! She is super amazing and super prepared. We mentioned the sacrament and she got super excited. She thought the Catholic church was the best because they had the sacrament. She even told us of how she did the sacrament on her own once! She warmed up a tortilla, broke it and read the sacrament prayers. Oh my gosh! She's adorable! She is so humble and so ready to learn. And she was a street contact! She accepted a baptismal date for the 10th of January! I can't wait to teach her again.

And then there's E. She's so amazing! She is so determined to get baptized. Her only problem is that she works on Sunday and she has to take care of her grandchildren. But she is doing everything in her power to get to night church. She only has to go to church one more time and she has one more Sunday. She's trying to get a new job and she's working so hard to be able to go to church. She really wants to get baptized on the 20th of December because she already has that day off of work (she worked really hard to get that too).

So this week was kind of bland. Don't have many stories for you. We totally taught a lesson in the street though. Oh. We did that twice actually. Funny how that happens. This other time we were sitting in our car before going to a lesson and someone freaked us out by knocking on our window. He was wearing a Captain America jacket. He was out with the YSA sisters and they wanted to talk to us. Totally scared me though. I died a bit.

Anyway. I'm actually going to send this now. If it will let me. I'm not going to write this for a third time.

Love ya!
Hermana Leete


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