Monday, January 26, 2015

New Companion and Sick for Three Days

Another week has come and gone and I don't remember a lot of it. Why? Because I slept through it.

Tuesday was transfers. I was stuck at the mission office for half the day waiting for my companion. Which wasn't bad, I got to talk to people. Sit. And go out to lunch with some sisters. That, I wish I didn't get to do.

So Sister A came and we headed back to Ensign. I was feeling a little queasy but I thought it might have been just because I has dehydrated. Then it got worse. Then I got out of the car to try to back up the car. That was a very bad idea. Let's just say that I tasted my lunch again.

I had a low fever for like three days and my body rejected any sort of substance (water or otherwise) for the first day. I couldn't move without being sick. It was pretty bad. But I got a priesthood blessing. The bishop came over with some people and gave me a blessing. That helped. I stayed in bed for the next day and took it suuuuupppppeeeerrr slowly the next day. But after three days of not seeing your investigators, you feel like the world is about to end. It's like our area just went on pause for a bit. I'm super disoriented, like, I have no idea what day of the week it is, when was the last time we saw people. It's super weird. But I'm good now. We're refinding people. But like seriously, if they couldn't stay interested for an extra three days while I was sick, they really aren't ready for the gospel.

Sister A is really cool. She's such a great missionary! She says her Spanish is really slow and really bad because she's been in an English area for a couple of transfers but it's still better than mine. And she talks more and faster than me. She talks a lot. It's quite different. She's from Nashville, Tennessee. 

M C is going to be baptized on Saturday. Yay!

Her son just turned 8 yesterday and so we wanted to get him a gift. Well, he told us that he wanted a pet snake. So, I took an old green cardigan that was left behind from other sisters and had a hole, cut off the sleeve, and made him a pet snake. it took me a very long time because I kept on messing up. And if I had more time (or a sewing machine) I would have made it look nicer. But I did it! And he liked it. Even if he would never admit that he does. We also gave him candy. I wish I got a picture of it, it was pretty cute.

It's back up to 70 degrees. Yay for Vegas.

I don't think we will ever run out of stuff to do. Right now we have 21 referrals from other missionaries. I have no idea how we are going to contact them all.

So that's all I got for you guys this week.

Hermana Leete!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Reading the Book of Mormon Makes you Happy

Hola Familia. (I need a new way to start these letters.)

It is once again the time for transfers. Hermana H shall be leaving me. She is going to go be a Sister Training Leader. Hermana A is coming to join me here. I don't know who she is.


The weather. Some days it's like 70 all day until the sun goes down and then it drops to like freezing. Some days it hangs out at 60 all day. The general feel though, is that it's cold when the sun goes down. That's the only thing keeping it warm all day.

This week was pretty normal. We found some people, we dropped some people, someone dropped us, that was pretty sad, taught a good amount of lessons. It was a good week.

Usually drops aren't this sad. They kind of just fall of the face of the earth or when we call them to make an appointment they'll answer and say they'll call us (aka never). But this drop was. She was a street contact. She really likes us coming over. She likes us more than the Jehovah’s Witnesses. She likes reading, has a little trouble accepting the Book of Mormon, but wants to know if it's true. Really liked church when she came. Totally golden. But then her sister came back from Mexico. Her sister is super anti-Mormon. (Not sure if like, anti-Mormon literature and all that, but she doesn't like us.) She has no support from her friends, they tell her how bad we are and sometimes sabotage her so that she can't get to church (like refuse to take her home). She told us that she is going to go to her sister's church. We testified a lot about the Holy Ghost and the good feelings that she has when we're there. Our member testified about how she was disowned by her family when she joined the church. M mentioned the scripture about if you lose home and family and all that. But she decided, despite the awesomely spiritual lesson, that she was going to go to the other church and that we shouldn't come back. Don't worry. We'll try in like a month. Or maybe when her sister goes back to Mexico (that will happen eventually, people go on vacation for like months!) But it was her choice, she knew that this was good, but she turned away.

So we have some pretty awesome investigators. My favorites are the ones that are progressing. I know, I shouldn't have favorites. But I do. 

J R. He's this old guy (well, not that old) with Parkinson's disease. He's super interested but has like 0 confidence. He finds the scriptures hard to understand, and always feels like he's not ready. So we compliment him a lot. "Look! You're reading!"  "That's repenting!" "Look at how much you've grown". Cosas asi (things like this). He's ever so slightly getting more confident. He went to church this week! Yay! He liked it. He came an hour early. For some reason he thought it was at 8 instead of 9. We cleared that up. He couldn't stay for all three hours because of his back. But like we keep on telling him, "pasito a pasito." (step by step ) I swear, that's like his motto.

Then there's M C. Her kids tolerate us. Or so they claim. But we don't care cause she's going to get baptized on the 31st! She's super excited about it. We're still working on the kids. They don't want to read or pray or anything. But we'll get them. Don't worry.

Words of wisdom for the week. Reading the Book of Mormon makes you happy.

We had such an awesome district this past transfer. Elder C (District Leader), Elder H, Elder Ch (ya, the one from the CCM), Elder S (his child), Elder L (from Tahiti), Elder M (the Canadian), us, and the Es (a senior couple who are BOSS. They baptize like nobody's business.) Elder C was a zone leader before. I'm pretty sure this district was really just leadership training. Because now, Elder Ch and Elder Lare leaving to be district leaders, and Hermana H is also leaving to be a sister training leader. Man, those district meetings were soooo spiritual. It was crazy.

We found a new family this week. B and M. They are pretty cool. The English sisters said a prayer with them and then realized that they don't really speak a lot of English. So they sent them as a referral. We went by and B was outside. He was walking (I don't know where) but when he saw us he said hi and let us right in. We didn't even introduce ourselves. Totally accepted baptism. They have a toddler and a baby. Super cute.

Anyway. Milagros (miracles). Siempre (always).

Love you!

Hermana Leete

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Find out if the Book of Mormon is True


I have a car again! We got in on Wednesday. That was pretty nice.

I went on Exchanges this week with Sister Bl. She's a pretty awesome missionary. I learned a lot.

We're trying really hard to do daily contact with our investigators. It's really hard. But we can see the difference in the people who do let us talk to them or come by every day. They progress so much faster! And we can tell who is actually interested and who is not. Because the ones who are interested are totally fine with us coming by. Some of the other people are almost annoyed. So we'll drop them soon. We only have time for the elect!

This has been an interesting week of the Word of Wisdom. We have some investigators with WOW problems. We keep on catching one of them in the act of smoking. The other once we see her cigarette butts in her special hiding spot. We're working on it. The other, we're helping her dejar de tomar cafe. She says it's not a problem if it's not around her. Right now we're sending her texts everyday reminding her to not drink it. That's part of the problem too. But she really wants to stop! For health and spiritual reasons. Her dad is the one we keep on catching smoking. He smokes like 10 a day. So we committed him to only smoke 9 a day. Then we are going to weasel it down. Her friend, has a problem with coffee too. But we're trying to get her on Pero. It's an all natural coffee substitute. Totally WOW approved. 

We got three investigators to go to a baptism this week! The spirit was super strong. I know it's not a thing in PMG (Preach My Gospel) but I believe in receiving revelation through attending baptisms. Seriously. The talks and testimonies were for them. Totally. It was awesome. We just got to get them feeling ready for baptism. AKA get them to read, pray, and go to church. Seriously people, why is this a problem. Do you understand what significance it has if this church is true? Like life saving/eternal salvation significance. Why not just try to know if it is true? Why not? What do you lose if you try? So here's my challenge for everyone who doesn't know this church is true. I don't care if you are a member, if you are investigating, or if you are some random guy on the internet reading this. Find out if the Book of Mormon is true. Read it. You don't have to read all of it. But read a part of it. I don't even care what part you read. Then, find a quite spot, kneel down, and pray to God asking if the Book of Mormon is true. Ask with the intent to follow whatever God tells you to do. Then wait. Wait for a feeling. Listen to the Spirit. I know if you do this, with the intent of listening and wanting to do God's will. You will know that the Book of Mormon is true. If the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith was a prophet. If he was a prophet, then this is the only church with God's authority. This is the only true church of God. When you do this, I invite you to be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God. Because if this church is true, this is the only way to live with God again. That is my invitation. Don't believe me? Read Moroni 10:3-5. Still don't? Pray and ask God. Don't believe me. Don't believe your parents. ASK GOD. He is the only one who can tell you the truth. So ask Him.

I'll get off my soapbox now.

This week was good, but I don't have a lot of stories from it. So sorry.


Hermana Leete

Monday, January 5, 2015

A Week of JOY

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