Monday, February 23, 2015

Getting Organized and Setting High Goals

Buenos dias!

I love Rachel's costume. It's fantastic.

Can I cook Mexican food? I can warm up a tortilla. And make beans and rice. That's it. I don't get a lot of practice making the food, only eating it. Which I do. A lot. It also doesn't help that not all of our members are from Mexico. The majority here are, but in other places, no.

I feel like we organized a lot this week. We are changing up how we are organizing our area a bit, but that takes a TON of work. Blah. 

Zone conference was pretty awesome. But they gave us brownies :( Why is that sad when they are my favorite? Keep on reading, I'll tell you later.

Then to end our week Hermana A got sick! Yay! She insisted on going to sacrament meeting (I HAVE to renew my covenants) but then we stayed inside the rest of the day. So I organized. And decorated my planner. And studied. And made food and stuff for her. 

Sooooooooooooo we made some pretty high goals for this week. We as a zone made them. This is going to be a week of miracles. The biggest thing is that we want to get 22 member present lessons this week. (What makes this really hard is that we have three companionships in our ward, so that's a total of 66 member present lessons in a week from the same pool of members. That's a lot.) The standard of excellence is 10. We also are going to find 17 new investigators and have 168 street contacts. That's a lot I'll tell you. But together, as a district and as a zone, we are going to make miracles happen. Hna A and I are fasting from sugar. We were only at church for an hour and we scheduled a TON of members to come out with us. We don't have a lot of lessons planned for this week, but this WILL happen. I believe in miracles. And we are going to do this with Hna A sick. Because, of course, it's not us doing this, it's the Lord through us. We're gonna work super hard, but it's gonna happen.

And on top of that Hna A and I have set out to find someone who is going to be baptized and stay faithful in the church. We are going to find this person by the end of this week. Which means we are going to work supppperrrrr hard to find this person and we are praying about it and thinking about it and sacrificing all sorts of things so that this will happen. Like I said, this will be a week of miracles.

 So. We got my Valentine's day candy, after we started the sugar fast (this is our second one). So I'm saving them for another day. (I also missed the brownies because of it.) But I loved all the hearts you sent me! I forgot to bring my camera cord, so you'll have to get pictures another day.

Sooooo ya. I think that's all I got for you guys. Sorry this week was lame on cool stories. Maybe cool stuff happened and it just blended all together.

We ran into someone cool. Her name is S. She is going through a lot of hard stuff in her life and that day she got in her car and saw a Jesus card and read on the back "Faith in Christ can help you resolve personal and family challenges" and she was like, I need that. A couple of hours later, we show up and give her the same card! Awesome referral for the English sisters. We think either us or the English sisters had talked to S's mom. Anyway. Cool story.

Love ya!

Hermana Leete

Monday, February 16, 2015

Turning 20


So we'll start with my birthday, 'cause, why not?

Thank you for everything in the package! I love it all! The journal and mug (thanks Sunny!), the map of Mexico (I'm going to go study that now), the stationary, the princess tops, the shirts, the jewelry, the turtle (our car smells like pina colada now), and the sharpies. Very much appreciated, all of it.

Hermana A was apostate and stayed up late the night before to use the streamers and balloons to decorate for me. She's so sweet. I thoroughly loved all of my gifts. I made cupcakes on Valentine's day for our correlation meeting (I forgot to take pictures, sorry). I'm sure the elders appreciated the princessness of them.

We had 9 o'clock church and somehow everyone knew it was my birthday. I suspect the elders (unless Hermana A went apostate and refuses to confess). I got to wear my cute new clothes and even had time to bother with my hair! (I know, super girly, but hey, I never have time for that.) We came back from church, studied a bike, bake a cake, and had a meeting with the YW president about how to help them out. Then came the exciting part. 

We left the YW president's house and street contacting someone. Who then proceeding to try and convince us we were wrong. By "try and convince us" I mean he proceeded to yell at us. For 40 minutes. He didn't even try to tell us why he was right. Just that we were wrong. He brought up something totally wrong about us and Boy Scouts and random things that apparently the Book of Mormon says that we don't believe in (and which don't exist in the Book of Mormon). But it's all ok! He's read the Book of Mormon. And prayed about it. When I asked if he prayed about it with the intention of acting on the answer he told us no. Well, there's your problem. But he never wanted to know. He thinks his church is right. I have no idea what church. He wouldn't tell us ("His church") he said. Basically it was 40 minutes of blasphemy. He would take anything we said and "paraphrase" it (to use his own terminology) but then tell us that we said something we was soooooooo off from what we said Hermana A just had to laugh. And he wouldn't let us go. At all. I'm not even sure how we got out of there. And he told us that we were antagonistic. I'm pretty sure we talked a total of 5 minutes out of the 40 and we just testified. So that made us get to dinner 40 minutes late. We felt bad about that.

But anyway . . .

Dinner was awesome. We had empanadas. Super awesome. They gave me a bracelet too! And we had tres leches cake! They are the sweetest family. Hermana T and her daughter Hermana B. They gave us something for Christmas too. The candle on the cake was a question mark because they didn't know how old I was turning. It was awesome. 

MC has a baptismal date for the 28th! Man, that was hard to get. So this is the secret to getting people with a date--get them when they are really really tired. Seriously. We came over at 8pm and we were all ridiculously tired (this was on the 14th). So she talked to us about how sad she was because she was supposed to get married on this day, but that didn't happen and her ex-boyfriend was a jerk to her online. And she's having problems with spirits and all sorts of terrible things. Seriously. Hispanics and spirits (another investigator this week was telling us all about how she sees spirits, good spirits, but spirits). Anyway, after talking about that, and following up with her assignment to read 2 Nephi 31, and telling her how she really needs the Holy Ghost in her life, and all of this, she accepted a date! Yay! Now we just need to build up her faith to stop working on Sunday. I'm not sure where this problem came from. It became a problem like the week she was going to get baptized. Ayayay.

We're teaching J, the father of Hermana V, an awesome member of our ward. He's up from Peru for a couple of months. He is the funniest, confused, old man I have ever met. Seriously. He's soooo confused about what the gospel is, authority, and all this stuff. And I cannot understand him. I have trouble understanding his son-in-law too. So maybe it's just the Peruvians that I have trouble with. It's almost frustrating to teach him. Almost. He's too cute of an old man to really be that frustrating. And we have his daughter and her husband to help us. So it's all good. But I'm glad I have Hermana A. I would die with out her.

M and A was an awesome street contact that I did on exchanges. They are progressing so nicely, and are super prepared. M is the one who sees spirits. A is her 13 year-old daughter. They are just super awesome.

On Valentine's Day we heart attacked a lot of people, and gave our investigators cookies and candy. Yay! Spreading the love! We didn't really teach many lessons, but we shared the love. It was great.

Anyway. I think that's all of the exciting stuff that happened this week.


Hermana Leete
The Cake
Yay! Light!
(There are some that are not lit becuase I laughed and accidentally blew them out)

Make a Wish

Is it all gone?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Being Unified


Yay for being healthy! Even the littlest things can help you feel so much better! Like excising in the morning. Only eating one tortilla at dinner (I'll be honest, that doesn't happen). And things like that. So good job Mom for getting healthy!

So I need to talk about exchanges with Sister Bl. Let me just tell you. That girl calls miracles down straight from heaven. She is boss.

It started off with planning, we were making goals. She said that on a different exchange she got 55 street contacts, so on this one she wanted to get 50. (We are asked to do at least 10 a day, and 70 a week.) So that was our goal. As we were street contacting that day, we got 10 before lunch, and by like 2:30 we had like 30. We were like, "we're totally going to get this, what do we do when we get it?" We thought for a moment and then she said, "let's get the standards of excellence [70]". So that's what we did. We ran people down (very politely), we split up to talk to people. We walked a lot. We prayed a lot.We made small goals, like 10 before lunch, 3 before we leave the apartment complex. And just when we needed to leave to exchange back, we talked to the last three people we needed to to get to 70. Putting the numbers aside, we made a ton of return appointments (solid ones too), and we felt the spirit in a way that I hadn't really before. There's a spirit that comes when you street contact. We were so busy working and talking to people, we couldn't have gotten sidetracked if we wanted to. It was pretty cool.

Besides the street contacting, we even had a pretty balanced day. We had a recent convert lesson, a member present lesson, an other lesson, we found a new investigator, and contacted referrals. IT WAS AWESOME. It was a super spiritually uplifting day of miracles. Seriously. SO MANY MIRACLES.

Because of the appointments we set up on that day, the next day we found 6 new investigators. Two new families! And at least one seems super interested. The mom's name is M. She went to our church for like 8 years when she was a kid, but was never baptized. We're going to see her again today. AWESOME.

We talked to M yesterday, the one who was going to get baptized. She's been super busy because of work this past week, but we finally saw her. She's going through a rough time. Her fiance was supposed to come up from Florida to meet her and so the could get married on the 14th. (I don't know all the details of their online relationship, so don't ask.) Anyway, he didn't show up. He called the next day and said he was in the airport going to Mexico because some family member was sick. She broke up with him. That's the third time he's changed the wedding date. And he's the one who's been picking them. So ya. Jerk. Anyway, she's all emotionally screwed up because people keep on asking, and she's all sad, and all the jazz. But, she doesn't see the need for us to come often, because we've taught her all of the lessons and she's ready for baptism. However, she doesn't want to get baptized right now because she's all emotionally messed up. But, she won't give us an estimate of when, like 2 week, 3 months. So we're going to offer her some service (she really needs it) and we're going to try and talk about the importance of getting baptized like now and all that jazz. Sooooooooooo that' s what's up with her. We might have to drop her. It kills me inside to think that.

We took V G, a recent convert, out with us this week. She's Hermana S's recent convert. And she is soooo pushy. She just kept on saying, "my advice is that you read and pray about the Book of Mormon". She kept on saying that. Over and over again. It was kind of cute, because she was all nervous, and super emphatic about it, but   pushy.

The Book of Mormon answers all of the questions of the soul. Sometimes I just like, "oh, like Does God Exist" but no. ALL OF THEM. I wanted to know how to be more unified with my companion and I wasn't getting the answers I needed in Preach My Gospel so I thought, the answer is in the Book of Mormon, but where? So I looked up "unity" in the index and I found Mosiah 18:21-22. Doesn't seem like it would answer my question, but then the Spirit enlightened my mind, and it made sense. Question. Answered.

So here it is: Four Steps to Being Unified

Four steps to being unified:

1. Don't have contention
2. Have one goal
3. Teach the same way/the same thing (like, both be on the same page of what you are going to teach, how you are going to teach it, stuff like that)
4. Love one another

Ya. I think that was all the highlights of the week.

Love you!

Hermana Leete

Did I mention that it's back up to like 80 degrees?

This is a lie. It's going to be like 80 all week.  I can just feel it.
Sister H and I: One Picture Describes Our Relationship

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Almost Baptism

February 2, 2015


So I've heard rumors about the Book of Mormon thingy. However, we're not Facebook using missionaries so I don't know really anything about it. I do know that many people are really shocked when we tell them that are church did not make the Book of Mormon musical. (These are, of course, people who haven't seen it.)

We amazingly contacted this less active family. We really wanted to talk to the mom, but she's never there, and the dad doesn't seem super interested in coming back to church. So we went by on Monday night (I had no faith that she was going to be there) AND SHE WAS THERE. She's super awesome too, just works a crazy amount. Says she'll come back and that it's just a matter of will. She didn't. But we'll get her. Don't worry.

We had a baptism scheduled for this Saturday. However, M C (the investigator), had to work a ton on Saturday, and so none of the times that the font were available, she could do. So the bishop was like, just do it on Sunday! So we set it up for Sunday at 6. On Sunday, we get to the church at 5:30 and no one was there. Not a single person. Why is that a problem? Because that means no one filled up the font. The person who said they were going to find someone for us forgot. So completely, that he didn't even realize it was his fault. So we called our ward mission leader, he was feeding the elders, and he came over immediately and said that we could do the baptism at 7 (because it takes like 1 1/2 to fill the font). We called M and explained what happened. She apparently had to work a lot that Sunday too, but she got an hour off so that she could be baptized. So she went back to work, and told us that she couldn't get off at 7. 

So that was the almost baptism. Sister H even came back up for it. We had bought cookies for M. We ate them instead. We'll buy her new ones. We really needed them. If it hadn't been Sunday, I would've gone out for ice cream. It was a very sad event.

Besides that, this week was fairly boring.

I'm glad Kevin and Rebecca have a car again and that Jessica is busy being AWESOME.

Ya. That's all I got.

Love ya!

Hermana Leete

By the way, I got tons of compliments on my green skirt you made me.