Monday, February 9, 2015

Being Unified


Yay for being healthy! Even the littlest things can help you feel so much better! Like excising in the morning. Only eating one tortilla at dinner (I'll be honest, that doesn't happen). And things like that. So good job Mom for getting healthy!

So I need to talk about exchanges with Sister Bl. Let me just tell you. That girl calls miracles down straight from heaven. She is boss.

It started off with planning, we were making goals. She said that on a different exchange she got 55 street contacts, so on this one she wanted to get 50. (We are asked to do at least 10 a day, and 70 a week.) So that was our goal. As we were street contacting that day, we got 10 before lunch, and by like 2:30 we had like 30. We were like, "we're totally going to get this, what do we do when we get it?" We thought for a moment and then she said, "let's get the standards of excellence [70]". So that's what we did. We ran people down (very politely), we split up to talk to people. We walked a lot. We prayed a lot.We made small goals, like 10 before lunch, 3 before we leave the apartment complex. And just when we needed to leave to exchange back, we talked to the last three people we needed to to get to 70. Putting the numbers aside, we made a ton of return appointments (solid ones too), and we felt the spirit in a way that I hadn't really before. There's a spirit that comes when you street contact. We were so busy working and talking to people, we couldn't have gotten sidetracked if we wanted to. It was pretty cool.

Besides the street contacting, we even had a pretty balanced day. We had a recent convert lesson, a member present lesson, an other lesson, we found a new investigator, and contacted referrals. IT WAS AWESOME. It was a super spiritually uplifting day of miracles. Seriously. SO MANY MIRACLES.

Because of the appointments we set up on that day, the next day we found 6 new investigators. Two new families! And at least one seems super interested. The mom's name is M. She went to our church for like 8 years when she was a kid, but was never baptized. We're going to see her again today. AWESOME.

We talked to M yesterday, the one who was going to get baptized. She's been super busy because of work this past week, but we finally saw her. She's going through a rough time. Her fiance was supposed to come up from Florida to meet her and so the could get married on the 14th. (I don't know all the details of their online relationship, so don't ask.) Anyway, he didn't show up. He called the next day and said he was in the airport going to Mexico because some family member was sick. She broke up with him. That's the third time he's changed the wedding date. And he's the one who's been picking them. So ya. Jerk. Anyway, she's all emotionally screwed up because people keep on asking, and she's all sad, and all the jazz. But, she doesn't see the need for us to come often, because we've taught her all of the lessons and she's ready for baptism. However, she doesn't want to get baptized right now because she's all emotionally messed up. But, she won't give us an estimate of when, like 2 week, 3 months. So we're going to offer her some service (she really needs it) and we're going to try and talk about the importance of getting baptized like now and all that jazz. Sooooooooooo that' s what's up with her. We might have to drop her. It kills me inside to think that.

We took V G, a recent convert, out with us this week. She's Hermana S's recent convert. And she is soooo pushy. She just kept on saying, "my advice is that you read and pray about the Book of Mormon". She kept on saying that. Over and over again. It was kind of cute, because she was all nervous, and super emphatic about it, but   pushy.

The Book of Mormon answers all of the questions of the soul. Sometimes I just like, "oh, like Does God Exist" but no. ALL OF THEM. I wanted to know how to be more unified with my companion and I wasn't getting the answers I needed in Preach My Gospel so I thought, the answer is in the Book of Mormon, but where? So I looked up "unity" in the index and I found Mosiah 18:21-22. Doesn't seem like it would answer my question, but then the Spirit enlightened my mind, and it made sense. Question. Answered.

So here it is: Four Steps to Being Unified

Four steps to being unified:

1. Don't have contention
2. Have one goal
3. Teach the same way/the same thing (like, both be on the same page of what you are going to teach, how you are going to teach it, stuff like that)
4. Love one another

Ya. I think that was all the highlights of the week.

Love you!

Hermana Leete

Did I mention that it's back up to like 80 degrees?

This is a lie. It's going to be like 80 all week.  I can just feel it.
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