Monday, February 23, 2015

Getting Organized and Setting High Goals

Buenos dias!

I love Rachel's costume. It's fantastic.

Can I cook Mexican food? I can warm up a tortilla. And make beans and rice. That's it. I don't get a lot of practice making the food, only eating it. Which I do. A lot. It also doesn't help that not all of our members are from Mexico. The majority here are, but in other places, no.

I feel like we organized a lot this week. We are changing up how we are organizing our area a bit, but that takes a TON of work. Blah. 

Zone conference was pretty awesome. But they gave us brownies :( Why is that sad when they are my favorite? Keep on reading, I'll tell you later.

Then to end our week Hermana A got sick! Yay! She insisted on going to sacrament meeting (I HAVE to renew my covenants) but then we stayed inside the rest of the day. So I organized. And decorated my planner. And studied. And made food and stuff for her. 

Sooooooooooooo we made some pretty high goals for this week. We as a zone made them. This is going to be a week of miracles. The biggest thing is that we want to get 22 member present lessons this week. (What makes this really hard is that we have three companionships in our ward, so that's a total of 66 member present lessons in a week from the same pool of members. That's a lot.) The standard of excellence is 10. We also are going to find 17 new investigators and have 168 street contacts. That's a lot I'll tell you. But together, as a district and as a zone, we are going to make miracles happen. Hna A and I are fasting from sugar. We were only at church for an hour and we scheduled a TON of members to come out with us. We don't have a lot of lessons planned for this week, but this WILL happen. I believe in miracles. And we are going to do this with Hna A sick. Because, of course, it's not us doing this, it's the Lord through us. We're gonna work super hard, but it's gonna happen.

And on top of that Hna A and I have set out to find someone who is going to be baptized and stay faithful in the church. We are going to find this person by the end of this week. Which means we are going to work supppperrrrr hard to find this person and we are praying about it and thinking about it and sacrificing all sorts of things so that this will happen. Like I said, this will be a week of miracles.

 So. We got my Valentine's day candy, after we started the sugar fast (this is our second one). So I'm saving them for another day. (I also missed the brownies because of it.) But I loved all the hearts you sent me! I forgot to bring my camera cord, so you'll have to get pictures another day.

Sooooo ya. I think that's all I got for you guys. Sorry this week was lame on cool stories. Maybe cool stuff happened and it just blended all together.

We ran into someone cool. Her name is S. She is going through a lot of hard stuff in her life and that day she got in her car and saw a Jesus card and read on the back "Faith in Christ can help you resolve personal and family challenges" and she was like, I need that. A couple of hours later, we show up and give her the same card! Awesome referral for the English sisters. We think either us or the English sisters had talked to S's mom. Anyway. Cool story.

Love ya!

Hermana Leete

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