Monday, February 2, 2015

The Almost Baptism

February 2, 2015


So I've heard rumors about the Book of Mormon thingy. However, we're not Facebook using missionaries so I don't know really anything about it. I do know that many people are really shocked when we tell them that are church did not make the Book of Mormon musical. (These are, of course, people who haven't seen it.)

We amazingly contacted this less active family. We really wanted to talk to the mom, but she's never there, and the dad doesn't seem super interested in coming back to church. So we went by on Monday night (I had no faith that she was going to be there) AND SHE WAS THERE. She's super awesome too, just works a crazy amount. Says she'll come back and that it's just a matter of will. She didn't. But we'll get her. Don't worry.

We had a baptism scheduled for this Saturday. However, M C (the investigator), had to work a ton on Saturday, and so none of the times that the font were available, she could do. So the bishop was like, just do it on Sunday! So we set it up for Sunday at 6. On Sunday, we get to the church at 5:30 and no one was there. Not a single person. Why is that a problem? Because that means no one filled up the font. The person who said they were going to find someone for us forgot. So completely, that he didn't even realize it was his fault. So we called our ward mission leader, he was feeding the elders, and he came over immediately and said that we could do the baptism at 7 (because it takes like 1 1/2 to fill the font). We called M and explained what happened. She apparently had to work a lot that Sunday too, but she got an hour off so that she could be baptized. So she went back to work, and told us that she couldn't get off at 7. 

So that was the almost baptism. Sister H even came back up for it. We had bought cookies for M. We ate them instead. We'll buy her new ones. We really needed them. If it hadn't been Sunday, I would've gone out for ice cream. It was a very sad event.

Besides that, this week was fairly boring.

I'm glad Kevin and Rebecca have a car again and that Jessica is busy being AWESOME.

Ya. That's all I got.

Love ya!

Hermana Leete

By the way, I got tons of compliments on my green skirt you made me.

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