Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I've decided that I want to serve in the Samoan ward. It covers the entire valley, and at least part of the West mission. We're going to forget that they only call people who already know Samoan and Tongan and that getting called there would require me to learn both of them. But I think that would be pretty cool!
I have an awesome story that I forgot to tell you guys last week.
So last Sunday was Branch Conference.  Which meant that the stake leaders talked and gave the lessons and we had to have a translator (which is always fun to listen to because I can understand both of them). After church we had like a Branch Council with the stake leaders and all the presidencies and stuff. Anyway, they decided that everyone speaks enough English so they had the meeting in English. However, basically all of the Relief Society presidency and and a few other people, don't speak English. So they sent the missionaries to sit in between these people and translate for them. That is really super hard. Especially since they don't really get to the point quickly and I have no idea how to explain the new computer system thingy they are using. I sat there and was like, "I don't know what they are saying in English." So anyway, I kind of just said a lot of stuff. Like a lot. I have no idea what I said. But I did it!
I had a baptism this week! Well, kind of.
My investigator J in Ensign got baptized on Saturday! So I got to go and see it. It was pretty awesome, and well attended. And I got to see Hermana H and Hermana A again! Yay!

We found A this week. Yes. Her name is A! (That's not going to be nearly as cool when you abbreviate her name for the sake of the blog. Awkward.) We totally street contacted her. She met with some missionaries a while ago but she moved. She is super interested and has a ton of awesome questions. We totally spanglished the lesson, because she speaks fluent English but sometimes she can only think of certain things in English. Her husband only speaks Spanish but works a lot. Anyway. When we asked her to be baptized she looked at us and said, "of course!" Yup. Super awesome.
N is also a new investigator. She was a referral. She really wants the gospel for her kids, her 7 year-old is getting kind of rebellious. However, her husband is not interested and she works on Sunday. We're going to work on that.
We visited the M family again this week. They are members. I'm pretty sure they are practically deaf. The husband can hear more than the wife. The wife kind of just speaks over everyone. And I'm pretty sure she's catholic. Or at least asks like a catholic. I think she still prays to Maria. I'm not sure. But trying to visit them is super entertaining. Because they don't understand us.
Someone this week asked if my family was Spanish!
I went on exchanges this week with Sister R. She's serving down in Boulder City. It's kind of a cool place. Tons of members, and a nice little historic town. One of these P days I'm going to go to Hoover Dam. Apparently there's a member somewhere who will take us on an awesome tour. Soooo want to do that.
We had this awesome member visit with this part active family (Hermana A came up with that title, a family where only some of the members are active). We did a FHE with them, we started off with singing "Family Can Be Together Forever" (I can't remember what it's called in Spanish) and then taught them the Plan of Salvation. I felt like we needed to mention temples in there, so we did and they haven't gone to the temple in a while (they are kind of just returning to activity). We committed them to getting a temple recommend. (It was just the mom and the YSA age daughter.) Then as we were talking about the Celestial kingdom the mom asked about if parts of the family can be in different kingdoms. So we explained that to them. Then we went over the 21 day promise with them. Then we sang "Soy un Hijo de Dios." (I Am a Child of God) They were super touched by the lesson. I think it really was what they needed.

We had a pretty cool miracle from our English class. We were talking about giving directions and so I had written some places up on the board, like "church" and "temple." We ended up saying "church" a lot because that's where we were, but we never said temple. Until the one person in our class asked us what the difference was. So we explained that, and the Plan of Salvation, and have her give the closing prayer. Super awesome. And she lives in the Elders' area. Not as cool. But whateves, all the work of the Lord.
Thanks for the Saint Patrick's Day card. I did not get pinched. However, because of our festiveness we started a conversation with A and to prove we weren't Jehovah's Witnesses.
Love ya!
Que tengan una buena semana!(have a good week)
Hermana Leete

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