Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Baptism, Transfers, and Miracles


They told us we were going to get iPads in the fall, and then by the end of the year, and currently the rumor is in May. So yes. They are coming. When? I don't know. Before the end of my mission? I hope so. My companions have lost all hope. But they all die in the next two transfers, so they probably aren't going to get them.

It (Valentine care package) came at the same time as my other package. The problem was that I only get mail on P days. However, the Samoan sisters where over in Henderson and were coming over to East Las Vegas so they picked my birthday package up for me on like Saturday. But, I only got that package. I got the rest of it on Monday. By the way, I loved the conversation hearts. Super consecrated. It was awesome.

We have two cherry blossom trees outside of our apartment and it makes me sooooo happy.


I'm leaving to go to a branch in old Henderson called Alta Vista. My companion will be Hermana H (she was in my district for like two days in the CCM). So I'm excited. it will be weird to go back to a branch in Henderson. Let the hunt for Hispanics begin!

Welllll. President is actually super lax about the family visiting missionary rule. If they want, they can call the mission office and when they are there take me out for lunch. As long as it is only an hour, and they are going to be there anyway, it's totally fine. The mission office number is:000-000-0000. He would totally let them come be our members in our lesson too, if I was in an English area. But who knows what will happen in June.


M C finally got baptized! It was awesome. Lots of tears. She was so cute. She wore all white and brought a white towel "for the occasion" and wanted lots of pictures. And her sons came. WIN. Still not interested, but I believe in planting seeds. A (the 8 year-old) asked how he could enter the "pool" we told him he had to listen to us.

Despite Hermana A and I losing our car (don't worry, the mission office let us use another one--however, we did bike voluntarily) we had a week of miracles. We found some pretty cool people, taught a lot of lessons, and had a baptism! Awesome.

The Story of Find C the New Investigator

Sooooo. We hadn't been able to get in contact with our investigator M for like two weeks and one day we felt like we should go visit her at like 2 or 3. We thought that was super weird because that is when she picks up her kids from school. But anyway, that's what we did. We ran into her RIGHT as she was leaving to go get her kids. We set up an appointment later that night. So we come for the appointment, had a member, and knocked on her door, and no one answered. We knocked a lot, and really really loud, but nothing. So we left and tried a different person. We came back the next day to try and find M again and as we were knocking on her door we saw someone to street contact, so we left the door and went and talked to this person. That was C. She let us in to say a prayer and her friend was there who was going to be meeting with other missionaries that weekend and totally encouraged her to let us come back. AWESOME. By the way, it turns out that M was there the other night, but couldn't hear us knocking. Woah. So many things lined up just right so that we could meet C.

We did two mini exchanges this week. They kept on getting messed up so we couldn't actually do a full one. Like one sister got a terrible migraine and had to sleep for an hour and it didn't go away. The ward mission leader made the sister training leaders a really special dinner with all of their favorite things so they had to go to that. I got to eat two dinners one day and none the next. It was just interesting. And I got to teach an excommunicated member. Apparently he took his name off the records. I don't know why though, he knows like everything. When I was in the stl's area, we found a new investigator named J. We were an answer to her prayer. She literally prayed right before we got there. When she closed lesson 1 with a prayer she was soooo grateful that we came and really wanted to know if it was true. Golden!

We have this investigator named J. He is absolutely fantastic! The first times he went to church he didn't stay for all three hours because he has scoliosis and his back hurts him. But when we asked him to stay he did. Afterward, he was like "Why did I never stay before? You learn so much!" He mentions that after every single Sunday. He also mentions his upcoming baptism every lesson we have. He is so amazing! He loves to learn, and he always loves having us over. He has truly repented and wants to come closer to God. Love that guy!

Anyway. I think that's about it.


Hermana Leete
My District

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