Monday, March 9, 2015

Different Place, Different Branch

I bought a new cardigan today. I'm sorry it was kind of spendy, but the one I had got a whole in the sleeve. As much as I wanted to, I could not convince myself that that was professional and I could wear it. So I bought a new one. I kept it though. I might burn if for my 9 month mark. Or cut it up. I'm not sure if I can burn it. We'll see. I don't have to think about that yet.

I'm in old Henderson now. So a different place, different branch.
Alta Vista is really really big. It goes all the way out to Boulder City and Searchlight. However, there's only pockets of people. There's like a neighborhood, and then nothing, and then another neighborhood.
Transfers. Nothing too exciting. We met down at the mission office. I didn't get sick this time. We were just switching companions. Hermana A and I just switched spots. So it was super easy.
This area had a lot of problems the last transfer. Like, a lot.We had no progressing investigators. None. We had one appointment planned for the week. It was just a bad last transfer. But it's ok! Hermana H wants to change this area! Which is great, because if we always do what we've always done, we'll always get what we've always gotten, verdad? So! Changes!
We are talking to lots of people. The unfortunate thing about that is that they have all been contacted by missionaries before. All of them. And they are like all formers. Who are very not interested. I feel bad for the English elders who we cover because they have such a tiny area. I think they know everyone. At least everyone knows them.
So we have some awesome investigators G and M. We taught them lesson 2 and set them for a baptismal date on April 11. It was super awesome. We were talking about following the example of Jesus Christ (we were leading up to asking them to be baptized) and G started crying! That is exactly what she has been trying to do her whole life! Anyway. They accepted. It was awesome.
Our investigator L, is also pretty awesome. We taught her lesson one and she is supppperrrr interested. She also accepted baptism. We'll set her with a date the next time we see her. She just totally ate the lesson up.
We teach two English classes a week here. We haven't got a lot of people to come, but we're working on it. We need to print off a lot of flyers so that we can put them up everywhere. We're thinking of going around to all of our disinterested potentials and giving them the information instead of trying to get them interested in the church. It worked for the elders.
Well I think that is everything interesting that happened. Oh! Tell the Primary that I love the valentines!
Hermana Leete

PS I'm going to try and send a lot of pictures, but I don't like macs and so I can't figure out how to do the stuff I want to do. So hopefully, you get them

Me and Hermana A
Coming home from pday sports

Me and a recent Convert

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