Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Buenos dias!
Hermana H and I hit our halfway mark this week. Yup. We go home on December 15 (earlier because of the no traveling the week of Christmas rule). Sad. I wouldn't tell people I was at 9 months until I actually hit it. eh
This was a little hard because we taught two lessons to people who were not interested. It's sad, because usually they aren't home for the appointments they make, so we don't even get to teach them, but they were there. And then they didn't care. Nope. It's hard because if you count how many lessons we taught this week, and count those, that's a total of ten. So 20% of the lessons we taught we to people who were not interested. But that's ok! Maybe one day they will be. We planted a seed.
Our investigators G and M are super solid! There was a baptism this Saturday, and they went! Then M stayed for the English class (we taught some phonics, which was super funny. Hispanics have trouble with the h sound, and v, and r). Then G went to the General Women's Meeting! I had this panic moment, because she and the member that brought her needed the headphones (they put the Spanish translation on these headsets) and they weren't working. I was panicking because they don't really get a lot of English. But the guy there fixed it so it was all good. The best part was the dinner afterwards. They did some sort of burrito/pork wrap thing. The members were complaining because 1) sweet pork, really? 2) cold tortillas (the English members try to make them feel comfortable so they always do something with tortillas, but they don't understand that Hispanics only eat their tortillas warm) 3) I don't even like Cafe Rio (they tried to make something similar to something Cafe Rio makes) So that was pretty funny. But actually the best part was G really liked it and met a ton of people!
We had a cool lesson with a less active this week. We had a return missionary with us and he was boss. We totally had him coming to church. And then Sunday comes and he tells us like 30 minutes before church that he was left without a car. So there was nothing we could do for him. Next week though!
So I may have step throat. If so, it's super mild. I basically only had it bad for a day. Today I feel a lot better and I'm not even that swollen!
We had a great lesson with our investigator N. She has three daughters all under the age of 8. She really wants this for her daughters. Her husband drinks and isn't interested at all. We had a great lesson where the Primary President was there and told her all about the different programs for the youth. She liked it a lot.
There was this time that the Elders showed up 30 minutes late for correlation meeting. But they had milkshakes for us, so it was all good.
We had interviews this week with President Snow. Hermana H and I had to give a training on working with less actives and their friends. We really just asked questions and let everyone else answer them.
The English class is going. It's a little slow,  not a lot of people go. But you know, we're working on that.
That's about it!
Hermana Leete

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