Monday, March 16, 2015

Pi, Pie, Lucky Charms, and a Pretty Awesome Week

Las personas que quieren saber acera de mi vida en Las Vegas,
That mystery text was from Hermana P. She is the branch president's wife. She's from Venezuela and spoils all the missionaries. She gave us the leprechaun hats and the jewelry. All attached to a box of Lucky Charms. Yay for not having to buy cereal! Don't worry, she'll probably send you pictures. Or even calling. She's been known to do that.

Yup, that mystery missionary I was with is my companion, Hermana H. She's super awesome and willing to work really hard. Because of health reasons, we can't bike, but she is willing to walk a lot and to do everything that she can. So it's not even a problem. She came out with me, but was in a different district in the CCM. She's still working on her Spanish, but is improving a ton! And she likes doing English fasts with me (where we only speak Spanish all day--which by the way is hard when you street contact in English. You have to switch back and forth all the time). So ya. She's awesome!
Pi day celebrations A.K.A Selfie with a Mini Pie.  Hermana H's mom made sure last p-day that we knew Pi day was coming. So we bought two tiny personal pies and ate them at 9:26 during companionship study. Hopefully I'll have time to send you the pictures.
Rachel's tooth?

English classes are fun. We haven't had much of a turnout. But we did get someone who came up from Boulder City to take our class. She has a driving test coming up soon and can't understand the instructor--and she has to take it in English. I realized I can't spell in English anymore because I never write in English. It was quite embarrassing. And teaching words like "blinkers": super fun. We're working on making it more spiritual. We already pray at the beginning and end of the class. We're thinking of doing a church tour and like pointing at the chairs and walls and stuff and being like, "chair," "wall," "chapel," "Joseph Smith is a prophet," "chapel." But we'll definitely use your ideas Mom.
This week was chalk (is that how you say that?) full of miracles. I don't even know where to start.

G and M. We were kind of worried about them this week. (These are our only investigators with a baptismal date. And that we see. Because the others are out of town or sick, or have a gate that you need a code to enter so you can knock on their door--ya, that doesn't work too well.) So Monday, we had an appointment and only M was there for some reason I can't remember. But anyway, he had read in the Book of Mormon so we read a bit with him and gave him some ideas of when he could read, like on the bus. He seemed super excited for us to give him that idea because he had never thought of it. Then Wednesday M came to our English class. Yay! And we also taught the two of them. We talked about the importance of reading and praying. G didn't really see the importance of reading, because if both the Book of Mormon and the Bible are the words of God, why can't she just read the Bible? So we explained that to her and told her she needed to pray about the Book of Mormon to know if our church was true. We tried to commit her to that and she flat out refused but said she would read. That kind of stuck us as weird and as a bad omen, so she were planning on dropping them if they still didn't read and pray. (Well, they pray already, but we mean praying about the Book of Mormon.) We came back Saturday, ready and expecting to have to explain again the Apostasy and why it's important and all that and getting them to pray. But when we asked them if they read, they said yes. Yay! We asked what they read. G was talking about Jacob and all this stuff and I was thinking that she must have just read the introduction to 1 Nephi. And then I thought she had just opened up to the Book of Jacob and read that. But no. She read 22 chapters of the Book of Mormon. She read from 1 Nephi 1 to 1 Nephi 22. Mind blown. M read even more. Needless to say, we didn't drop them. And they remembered their baptismal date for the 11 of April. Which we might have to change. Something about not being able to go to church because that is the only day they can visit their son in jail or something . . . They didn't explain very well. But we are going to change that!
We totally got street contacted the other day. Some guy stopped his car to talk to us, asked us if we were Jehovah's Witnesses (we said no, obviously) and then got super excited when we told him what church we were from. Apparently he's been looking for us for a while, is practically Mormon, and has been interested since he saw those family commercial things we sometimes put on tv in like the 80's. We gave him a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet and he said he would read it immediately. 0.0 He was super excited to talk to us.
We've been trying to use Family History in street contacts because like 99% of the people we talk to have talked to missionaries before and refuse to have anything to do with us. So when they tell me that they have talked to missionaries before I say, "have they told you about Family History, genealogy, before?" And then I proceed to try and get them excited about finding out about their ancestors. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. We found one person who has his "family bible" as he called it. We told him the would love all the information that he has so he can help someone else out.
So we decided one day, that we were going to explore a part of our area we had never been. It's up with all the really rich people, so we have good reason not to be there. Rich people=0 Hispanics. And it doesn't help that we don't have any of the gate codes for the neighborhoods up there, and 0 members and 0 potentials. Anyway, we're trying to be better and work up there more. So we went exploring. Lake Las Vegas is up there. And a resort. And a lot of mansions. And a lot of roundabouts. It was an interesting hour, I'll tell you that.
We contacted this no name referral the other day and set up an appointment with her. We came back for the appointment and she was there but like her son and some other people were there. Anyway, one of he times we came by we left one of our cards with the information about the English classes on it. So they started asking us questions about it. And then they let us in their house. And started asking questions about what we believe, and if they had to be a member to take the classes. We tried to share a lesson but they only wanted to ask questions. The best part of all this though, was the reason they didn't want to be a member.  They thought that the bishop can call our boss, find out how much we make, and take 10% from it right then and there. Don't worry. We cleared up that lie. They were super shocked and were like, "mentiras?1!?!?" And we were like, "mentiras." Apparently that is a big lie that is going around the Hispanic population and that's one reason why no one wants to talk to us. They still don't want to take lessons from us, but they have a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet and are going to read them. And they want to come to the English class. But that was a really funny hour. They like, wouldn't let us leave, because they had a ton of questions. But they weren't very good at letting us answer. They were super confused at the difference between Mormon and Joseph Smith.
Basicamente, this week was pretty awesome. Didn't really teach a lot of real lessons, or things that we get to count as lessons, but I felt like we did a lot of teaching along the way. It was pretty cool. Soooo ya.
That's all folks!
Hermana Leete.
PS That makes a little bit more sense.
PPS Thanks
PPPS So it's broken 80 degrees now. I'm not sure I'm going to need the cardigan until after summer. I looked a little pink in that picture because we walked around a lot and got sun burnt. It's March. This shouldn't be a problem. I am not looking forward to the real summer.

This is what happens when you leave your candles in the car in Las Vegas. A.K.A. Don't do it. 

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