Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baptism this week!


We had a baptism this week! I left the camera in the car so you won't get any pictures of it.

Her name is G. She is super awesome! It was a beautiful service. Although the font was super shallow so she had to get baptized twice because her foot stuck up out of the water. She was the one who read 22 chapters of the Book of Mormon in like 3 days. After she was confirmed she was so happy! She gave us like three hugs. She always talks about how she prays that the spirit will be with her.

B and D are new and they have problems with, "where in the Bible does it talk about Jose Smith?" so we're going to show them today.

We kept on getting members to come out with us this week and no one would let us in! We had appointments but they would fall through. And then when we didn't have a member, we would get in. Sad.

R and N are pretty cool. They were formers that we just picked back up. We were going to teach the Restoration but they like remembered all of it. Except some things were not explained very well. Like prophets. They had the idea that like prophets kind of like, I'm not even sure, were the only ones to receive revelation, or like they were kind of like it. The most important. Anyway. Someone also told them that we are the only church with truth. Which is a lie. Yes, we are the only church with all of the truth, but other churches have truth. Not authority, but truth. Anyway. We cleared that up and they seem pretty cool now. We'll see where that goes. Hopefully baptism.

We found R this week. He was home alone so we taught him the Restoration on his doorstep. He seems pretty interested. 

We met a lot of creepy people this week. Like people who decide that it's a polite idea to interrupt missionaries and talk to them in English while they are teaching a lesson in Spanish. Yes, we were outside, but still. And that does not give you the right to ask how old we are and then proceed to talk about us as you drink your like two liters of whiskey. Apparently, "check out this cool website about Jesus Christ and ask your parents if we can come over and share a message about Christ" means "we are single and this is our number so call us ;)." Sometimes I really hate phones and people. And communicating with people. It's a good thing I love God though. If I didn't I would not deal with all this nonsense. 

The elders got some members to post about our English class on a Facebook page called The Pulga. It's a place where all the Hispanics look to get like free stuff and things like that. So we've gotten a ton of calls about it. We're hoping a ton of people come.

I feel like a lot of stuff happened this week but I can't think of anything else to say.

Sounds like you had an awesome birthday Mom! I'm glad you like the wind chime!

Love you!

Hermana Leete

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Most Stressful week of the Transfer

This was easily the most stressful week of the transfer. I've had three different companions this week. So Tuesday was transfers, which involved making sure that everyone who was training had a companion. First we met up and I stole Sister M (she's from Mexico but is an English missionary, she is also training) to be my companion and we dropped off Hermana H with her new companion. But somehow, Hermana H had the phone. So at one point in time I had to go pick that up from her. Then we also had to drive Sister M's car over to the mission office and have a member pick us up so that on Wednesday when we got our new companions, she would have a car. Then we also three packed it with Sister C for a couple of hours while her temporary companions (the STLs) were in a meeting. But then her companion became companions with someone else and so she didn't have a companion and was stranded in Henderson and not Boulder City and she didn't know how she was going to pick up her new missionary. Anyway. We got it figured out. But it was super stressful. I kept on forgetting everything too and ya. And we also didn't know what time we were getting our companions so we didn't know if we needed to reschedule appointments or what.

Hermana H is my companion. She is AMAZING! She is super hard working. When I tell her to go talk to someone, she does it, when I offer suggestions she listens and applies it. She really wants to do good and despite the fact that she's super nervous, she does it all anyway. Which I can tell you is more than I did when I was being trained.
Hermana H is also super amazing because we've had a really tough week this week. But guess what, it was also full of miracles! We met a TON of creepers this week while street contacting. We got a lot of rejections. We met a less active who thinks he's got a devil, but we don't think so. We had a really tough lesson with one of our investigators who like got kind of mad at us. We think she was just in a bad mood. Both of the buildings that are not in Boulder City were completely booked when we called to reserve it for the baptism. (Super stressful, I've never planned a baptism here and they are a lot more strict about stuff than Ensign was.) But, one of the wards are letting us use the font in the morning. Which is awesome. Except G is in the hospital. BUT WE FOUND TWO NEW INVESTIGATORS! Which was awesome. One was a total miracle.
So her name is B. We had got a referral from an English member for a G family. We knocked on the door and no G family lived there, but B did! We asked if we could share a message or a prayer with her and she was all like, "los perros no van a dejarles solos" or something like that. We were like, "no nos importa si hay perros," and she said something and we were like, "tiene 5 minutos para una oracion?" And she said that she would put the dogs away. Miracle. We had an awesome like 15 minute discussion before the prayer and by the end she said that some time she'll come to our church. We're going to see her again tonight.
The other new investigator was just a really awesome Spanish street contact. His name is M. We're going to see how this turns out because he's a little weird.
I gave a talk in church on Sunday. I used Mosiah 18:9 and talked about being a testigo at all times. I used an example that went like this, "if you were in court because someone said you did something illegal, would you want your witness to be silent? No! You would want them to stand up and shout that you are innocent." I talked about how sometimes we think that being an example is enough, but God wants us to defend Him when people try  to say that He doesn't exist or that He is something that He is not. So ya. I also talked about that upcoming baptism and invited them to it. And told them to invite their friends to our English classes. We'll see if we get any results from it.
Hermana H also bore her testimony on Sunday. I was like, "that's my trainee!"

I did not get the prom update from Rachel. What happened with the dress she bought online? RACHEL TELL ME. Please :)
Anyway. I think that's all I got for you guys.
Hermana Leete

Monday, April 13, 2015

Transfer to Training


Ya, all of the zones are about that big. We have less than 200 missionaries right now. But we just got our cap raised to like 220 missionaries. Which is awesome, because like only a couple missions get that. We're just awesome, that's why. Only four of us are Spanish missionaries. Us and two elders. Our area covers all of the zone and a part of the Black Mountain/Green Valley zone. My first zone, however, was probably twice as large. I can't remember if my second zone was large or not.


I'm training. Yup. Training. So I have no idea who my companion is. I'll get her Wednesday. But I'm freaking out. I'm like, I don't have any extra pillows or blankets. I bought extra food just in case. So ya. Hopefully I'm prepared. I've decorated a planner for her! The same way my trainer did for me! Since I'll be without a companion on Tuesday, I'm going to be companions with Sister M, who also is training. She's from Mexico, so she's pretty cool;

We had exchanges this week. Sister B (who is still my STL) is AMAZING. She totally pumped me up for life.

Our English class is still failing miserably. But that's ok. We're thinking up new ways to improve it.

We're going to have a baptism on the 25th! (A great day for a baptism.) It's for G. M (her husband) is currently in New Jersey, and we don't know for how long he will be there. We need to get his address so we can send missionaries there. He hasn't gone to church yet though, so he can't be baptized, even if he comes back.

We found two new investigators this week! N (a different N. We call her N Hitchen Post, because that's the street she lives on.Versus N Aimless). She seems super forgetful, but awesome. Wants to learn, has gone to church a couple of times (another ward though, so we're trying to convince her to ditch her friend and come to our branch). She definitely wants this for her kids. Which is great.
Especially since her daughter likes going to church.

Na is also new. We've only taught her once though, but she seems awesome. Going through a little bit of soul searching, so that's great for us.

Have I told you about the C Family? They are our version of the Robles family from the District. Why? Because they have this gate that needs a gate code, so we can only get in when the kids are playing outside. Except, we know have M's (the mom) phone number so we can call and get in. Sweet. The family consists of M (mom), J (dad), B (13), J Jr. (8), and L (not baptismal age like 3 or something). J Jr. is the most golden of all of them. He's reading, wants to go to church, participates in the lessons, will pray in the lessons. And he's super adorable. It's hard to catch them all together though, so that's a problem. But we're going to teach them.

I have the answer to your missionary problems. If you pray every day, twice a day, to have a missionary experience (especially if you have specific names you want to pray for) you will have an experience. If you pray specifically for the opportunity to invite someone to take the missionary lessons, you will have the opportunity. That's a promise from a personal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. So now that you're praying, you need to look for the opportunities, and not be afraid to open your mouth. You can't force a certain result, you can invite everyone and no one will accept the offer of the missionary lessons, but what is important is that YOU did your part.

This is what President told me this week:

"Hola Hermana Leete, at least you two were not sick!! Yes, you will find out about transfers before you get this email....but I want you to know that I'm super excited for your new assignment to train! You will be so awesome and you are so prepared for it! If you are able to make her just like you, I'd be so happy! Trust me, this will be more exciting that YSA or Samoan....and you get to speak Spanish! Way to go with the conference at a member’s house with an investigator! You two might have been the only ones that used conference as a proselyting opportunity!

Thanks for all you are doing and for just being a great missionary!"

Side note of the conference remark. Apparently the mission's numbers were abysmal last week. People blamed it on transfers coming up, General Conference, Spring Break, and laziness. Let's just say that President wasn't very happy. All the STL's an ZL's with the MSTL's and the AP's had a big conference call about it. I was on exchanges so I got to hear it. They had some really good ideas about innovative proselyting ideas.

Anyway, that's all I got for you.


Hermana Leete

At the Temple

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

General Conference was pretty Awesome!


So I don't have a lot of time today but I'll try to tell you everything that happened this week. Which I don't think was a lot.

iPad update! We are supposed to get them before May. You will get an email soon about a technology fee. When you pay the fee, I get an iPad! So basically, the technology fee basically is a tax deductible way to buy an iPad. But the church of course owns it so if we're bad they can take it away. We have a mission-wide conference in May about them, so we should have them before then.

We went to the temple on Tuesday. The video was from the 80's. Best thing ever. No one but Satan had any emotion.

Sooooo no one showed up to our last two English classes. That sucks. We're going to try something new to get more people to come. We're not sure what yet. But we'll do something.

We had Zone Training Council this week. We did a cool activity were we were blindfolded and we had to hold onto the "iron rod" aka a piece of string. People kept on trying to get us to let go. Don't worry. I made it.

General Conference was pretty awesome! Except for the like billion of talks about families and marriage . . . talk about awkward. I'm sure I'll appreciate them more in like 9 months. I watched in English, but they had spanish translation with headphones for the people to watch. We currently only have one investigator who is not sick and is still in the state. But, she watched it at a member's house, so it was all good.

But really, I loved General Conference! So much of it was about keeping and growing your faith. Super important man. Super important.

Sooooo opposers. What's the story with that? Any news?

So ya. Out of our four investigators, two are sick, one is in New Jersey, and one is awesome! So ya. We didn't teach a lot this week.

Thanks for the Easter package. It's all gone now. Don't worry. And I shared. I had to go buy eggs today and vinegar, so I can dye them. Which will have to be a next week activity.

So ya. I got to go soon.


Hermana Leete

My Zone