Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baptism this week!


We had a baptism this week! I left the camera in the car so you won't get any pictures of it.

Her name is G. She is super awesome! It was a beautiful service. Although the font was super shallow so she had to get baptized twice because her foot stuck up out of the water. She was the one who read 22 chapters of the Book of Mormon in like 3 days. After she was confirmed she was so happy! She gave us like three hugs. She always talks about how she prays that the spirit will be with her.

B and D are new and they have problems with, "where in the Bible does it talk about Jose Smith?" so we're going to show them today.

We kept on getting members to come out with us this week and no one would let us in! We had appointments but they would fall through. And then when we didn't have a member, we would get in. Sad.

R and N are pretty cool. They were formers that we just picked back up. We were going to teach the Restoration but they like remembered all of it. Except some things were not explained very well. Like prophets. They had the idea that like prophets kind of like, I'm not even sure, were the only ones to receive revelation, or like they were kind of like it. The most important. Anyway. Someone also told them that we are the only church with truth. Which is a lie. Yes, we are the only church with all of the truth, but other churches have truth. Not authority, but truth. Anyway. We cleared that up and they seem pretty cool now. We'll see where that goes. Hopefully baptism.

We found R this week. He was home alone so we taught him the Restoration on his doorstep. He seems pretty interested. 

We met a lot of creepy people this week. Like people who decide that it's a polite idea to interrupt missionaries and talk to them in English while they are teaching a lesson in Spanish. Yes, we were outside, but still. And that does not give you the right to ask how old we are and then proceed to talk about us as you drink your like two liters of whiskey. Apparently, "check out this cool website about Jesus Christ and ask your parents if we can come over and share a message about Christ" means "we are single and this is our number so call us ;)." Sometimes I really hate phones and people. And communicating with people. It's a good thing I love God though. If I didn't I would not deal with all this nonsense. 

The elders got some members to post about our English class on a Facebook page called The Pulga. It's a place where all the Hispanics look to get like free stuff and things like that. So we've gotten a ton of calls about it. We're hoping a ton of people come.

I feel like a lot of stuff happened this week but I can't think of anything else to say.

Sounds like you had an awesome birthday Mom! I'm glad you like the wind chime!

Love you!

Hermana Leete

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