Tuesday, April 7, 2015

General Conference was pretty Awesome!


So I don't have a lot of time today but I'll try to tell you everything that happened this week. Which I don't think was a lot.

iPad update! We are supposed to get them before May. You will get an email soon about a technology fee. When you pay the fee, I get an iPad! So basically, the technology fee basically is a tax deductible way to buy an iPad. But the church of course owns it so if we're bad they can take it away. We have a mission-wide conference in May about them, so we should have them before then.

We went to the temple on Tuesday. The video was from the 80's. Best thing ever. No one but Satan had any emotion.

Sooooo no one showed up to our last two English classes. That sucks. We're going to try something new to get more people to come. We're not sure what yet. But we'll do something.

We had Zone Training Council this week. We did a cool activity were we were blindfolded and we had to hold onto the "iron rod" aka a piece of string. People kept on trying to get us to let go. Don't worry. I made it.

General Conference was pretty awesome! Except for the like billion of talks about families and marriage . . . talk about awkward. I'm sure I'll appreciate them more in like 9 months. I watched in English, but they had spanish translation with headphones for the people to watch. We currently only have one investigator who is not sick and is still in the state. But, she watched it at a member's house, so it was all good.

But really, I loved General Conference! So much of it was about keeping and growing your faith. Super important man. Super important.

Sooooo opposers. What's the story with that? Any news?

So ya. Out of our four investigators, two are sick, one is in New Jersey, and one is awesome! So ya. We didn't teach a lot this week.

Thanks for the Easter package. It's all gone now. Don't worry. And I shared. I had to go buy eggs today and vinegar, so I can dye them. Which will have to be a next week activity.

So ya. I got to go soon.


Hermana Leete

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