Monday, April 13, 2015

Transfer to Training


Ya, all of the zones are about that big. We have less than 200 missionaries right now. But we just got our cap raised to like 220 missionaries. Which is awesome, because like only a couple missions get that. We're just awesome, that's why. Only four of us are Spanish missionaries. Us and two elders. Our area covers all of the zone and a part of the Black Mountain/Green Valley zone. My first zone, however, was probably twice as large. I can't remember if my second zone was large or not.


I'm training. Yup. Training. So I have no idea who my companion is. I'll get her Wednesday. But I'm freaking out. I'm like, I don't have any extra pillows or blankets. I bought extra food just in case. So ya. Hopefully I'm prepared. I've decorated a planner for her! The same way my trainer did for me! Since I'll be without a companion on Tuesday, I'm going to be companions with Sister M, who also is training. She's from Mexico, so she's pretty cool;

We had exchanges this week. Sister B (who is still my STL) is AMAZING. She totally pumped me up for life.

Our English class is still failing miserably. But that's ok. We're thinking up new ways to improve it.

We're going to have a baptism on the 25th! (A great day for a baptism.) It's for G. M (her husband) is currently in New Jersey, and we don't know for how long he will be there. We need to get his address so we can send missionaries there. He hasn't gone to church yet though, so he can't be baptized, even if he comes back.

We found two new investigators this week! N (a different N. We call her N Hitchen Post, because that's the street she lives on.Versus N Aimless). She seems super forgetful, but awesome. Wants to learn, has gone to church a couple of times (another ward though, so we're trying to convince her to ditch her friend and come to our branch). She definitely wants this for her kids. Which is great.
Especially since her daughter likes going to church.

Na is also new. We've only taught her once though, but she seems awesome. Going through a little bit of soul searching, so that's great for us.

Have I told you about the C Family? They are our version of the Robles family from the District. Why? Because they have this gate that needs a gate code, so we can only get in when the kids are playing outside. Except, we know have M's (the mom) phone number so we can call and get in. Sweet. The family consists of M (mom), J (dad), B (13), J Jr. (8), and L (not baptismal age like 3 or something). J Jr. is the most golden of all of them. He's reading, wants to go to church, participates in the lessons, will pray in the lessons. And he's super adorable. It's hard to catch them all together though, so that's a problem. But we're going to teach them.

I have the answer to your missionary problems. If you pray every day, twice a day, to have a missionary experience (especially if you have specific names you want to pray for) you will have an experience. If you pray specifically for the opportunity to invite someone to take the missionary lessons, you will have the opportunity. That's a promise from a personal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. So now that you're praying, you need to look for the opportunities, and not be afraid to open your mouth. You can't force a certain result, you can invite everyone and no one will accept the offer of the missionary lessons, but what is important is that YOU did your part.

This is what President told me this week:

"Hola Hermana Leete, at least you two were not sick!! Yes, you will find out about transfers before you get this email....but I want you to know that I'm super excited for your new assignment to train! You will be so awesome and you are so prepared for it! If you are able to make her just like you, I'd be so happy! Trust me, this will be more exciting that YSA or Samoan....and you get to speak Spanish! Way to go with the conference at a member’s house with an investigator! You two might have been the only ones that used conference as a proselyting opportunity!

Thanks for all you are doing and for just being a great missionary!"

Side note of the conference remark. Apparently the mission's numbers were abysmal last week. People blamed it on transfers coming up, General Conference, Spring Break, and laziness. Let's just say that President wasn't very happy. All the STL's an ZL's with the MSTL's and the AP's had a big conference call about it. I was on exchanges so I got to hear it. They had some really good ideas about innovative proselyting ideas.

Anyway, that's all I got for you.


Hermana Leete

At the Temple

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