Monday, May 25, 2015

I Love it Here!


So we had a giant mission conference with a member of the seventy (Elder Clark) to talk to us about ipads. So here's the deal.

We are one of 88 pilot missions with the ipads. The first time they launched ipads they didn't give the missionaries and instructions other than, "here's how you turn it on". Well, that didn't work out too well. Instead of increasing numbers, the numbers stayed the same or decreased (for the most part). So they're trying it again, this time not focusing on the ipads, but focusing on us, and who we need to be to use this extra tool the Lord has given us for missionary work. It was a four hour long conference, but it flew by so fast! I didn't want it to end. The spirit was strong and revelation was just pouring in.

So, when do we get ipads? We don't know. The ipads have arrived, so they are here, somewhere, hiding from us. But they are going to give them to the Assistants to the President, the Mission Sister Training Leaders, the Zone Leaders, and the Sister Training Leaders. Once they take the safety course and feel good with it, the rest of us will get them. Then it'll go in stages. Stage one is just using them to study, stage two is using them to plan, and stage three is online proselyting. They haven't told us much about stage three yet because they don't know much about it. They're still figuring all of this out.

I'm so excited for ipads though! I know it'll be super hard at first. SUPER hard, because I'll have to change all of my technology habits. For example, my companion will have to see what's on my device at all times. So when she's driving, when she's in the bathroom, no ipad. Every time we use the ipad, we need to have a specific purpose in mind. When we don't have a purpose, that's when we waste time and stumble across things we shouldn't. We also have to be careful that we are still teaching. Watching videos are good, but that's not a lesson. We need to be teaching  the lessons (well, really the spirit, but you get what I mean). One point I loved that he said was that the filters on the ipad are not meant to keep us from looking up bad stuff. A clever missionary can get around them. They are just there to prevent the world fro showing up on our screen. The best protection we have is who we are. It's going to be hard to be completely open. I've had trouble with that my entire mission. But I'm working on being that way. To be so open that anyone can look at my ipad and I won't be embarrassed. So that anyone can look at my facebook. Just things like that. So that there is nothing to hide in my life. Not like I really have anything to hide, but you know what I mean.

They haven't told us anything about paying for them, so I don't know what's up with that.

Our transfer just ended so I think that's why our leaders haven't gotten the ipads yet, they'll probably get them this week and we'll get them in a week or two.

Oh, right, transfers.

I'M STAYING WITH MY TRAINEE. Big surprise. But it's weird. I've never had two transfers in a row where I've had the same companion and stayed in the same area. So ya. Weird.

This week was not a week where I loved people. I'm sorry about that. I'm still working on charity. Let's just say that I definitely hid in the car once this week. Sometimes it sucks being a sister missionary. Like when you street contact someone and they hit on you and then when you turn them down they call you unchristlike. Yup. But anyway. I love being a missionary! I'm really surprised I haven't run into as many dangerous situations and creepy people as I have. God really does protect his servants.

We have this AWESOME investigator named R. She's got four kids (all under the age of 6) and she's progressing so well! She's still hesitant on baptism, but she loves learning and reads and prays and came to church! She came late and had to leave early because of her husband. He's not super on board with all of this. But, she's working on him.

N IS BACK! I'm so excited about this one. So at like the end of last transfer she got sick, fell off of the face of the earth, then finally answered our texts and said that she liked her church better. So we knocked on her door this week, she let us in and SHE'S BACK! She knows someone who told us that we worship Joseph Smith, that her kids have to be sent far away when they get older, and polygamy. (By the way, I'm pretty sure I explained all of that before she dropped us. But that's ok. I explained it all over again.) SO SHE'S BACK. She said that she liked it when we used to come over. So that's great. Problem: she works on Sunday and I don't think she's super willing to try and change that. 

So the English elders sent us a referral and we get there and we're like, so you talked to the elders. And he was like, they were offering yard work to listen to a 30 minute message. We were like, ummmm . . . WE'LL DO THAT! End of story: he just said we can share a message with him the next day and then didn't answer the door. Which was super awkward because the door was open, the tv was on, but the screen door was closed. Sooooo ya.

I love it here! For some reason it hasn't gotten about 85 yet. Monsoon season I guess. But that apparently is super weird. Usually it's like 100 at this time of year. But anyway, I'm not complaining.

Love you!

Hermana Leete

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