Monday, May 4, 2015


Hermana H, G, yo, & A (awesome fellow-shipper)

We had a lot of bike problems this week. We only biked for like an hour, but we had to stop like every 5 minutes because of bike problems. Then we found out Hermana H's brakes are rubbing on her wheels so we need to get that fixed. That should happen today. She also ripped her skirt on the tire.

We found like 4 new investigators this week. But none of them were there for the return appointment. So ya. Two of our investigators are going to be going out of town for like a month. I kind of want to hit my head against the wall. 

It was like 100 degrees all week so there was like no one outside. This week is supposed to be cooler, but we'll see if anyone emerges from their homes.

We went and saw Hoover Dam today!   An English member took us and two other sister missionaries. It was fun. He knew all of the crazy death/suicide stories of Hoover Dam. He goes down there a lot.  It was pretty cool. We walked along the bridge and drove along the Dam. We went to the Nevada/Arizona state line. That was cool.

New missionary temple trip! Love it! Sooo awesome.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMI GOODFELLOW!!!!! (I know that's late, but ya know.)
Jorge the aloe plant.  He's supposed to make my Spanish better.

Well. I think that is all.

Hermana Leete

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