Monday, June 1, 2015

Don't Listen to Me. Ask God.

Buenas tardes!

In response to last week: Ya, we were hiding from a guy who proposed to Hermana H, and asked me out in Spanish. He didn't seem super happy when he was walking towards us. Hence the hiding in the car. There might have been so not-so-nice words said, but thankfully I didn't hear them.

That guy didn't let us do yard work for him and he wasn't there for the appointment. Well, someone was there, but they choose not to reveal themselves to us.

You know, I used to think (before YW) that senior quilt night was a night that you quilted with the seniors. Like the senior members of our ward. Don't worry. I've got that all straightened up now.

Now back to this week.

We got dropped by A. He had three doubts about our church, blacks and the priesthood, women and the priesthood, and tithing. He didn't show up for our appointment and then texted us saying that his focus right now was finding his new true love and starting a family and not finding a new faith. 

I feel like not a lot happened this week. Didn't really find a lot. Lost a couple of investigators. Our investigator that was going to get baptized the 6th didn't come to church so we're going to have to change his date. Our other investigator, M, has a conviction that this church is true but doesn't want a baptismal date. We're still working on trying to figure that one out.

It has hit 105 degrees. But honestly it's not that bad. But that's probably because we've got a car. And an extra hour of studies. Go twelve week! But honestly, I love doing twelve week. We get to focus on the basics. I've realized this week that I'm really bad at listening to people, and because of this I'm bad at following the spirit. How can I listen to the spirit but not to other people? Also, at the mission conference Elder Clarke mentioned that we shouldn't do object lessons. They have been proven just to confuse kids and that people only remember the objects and not the lesson. So I've stopped all that. And I love it! Lessons are so much more spiritual without that kind of distraction. They are also a lot more right to the point. And honestly, if you have to set tea bags on fire to get people's attention, they are probably not that interested or want to listen to the spirit. (By the way, I never did the faith rocket, it just sounded a lot better to say setting things on fire rather than stacking scriptures on knives and cups.) But anyway, sometimes we get so caught up in the pictures and the diagrams and all that stuff that we forget that what people are really looking for is the spirit. It's so easy to get distracted by the rock bands and the donkeys. But that's not fulfilling. I street contacted someone once and we asked what they liked about their church. It was so sad to hear that he talked about the pastor--how he rode a donkey and a harley (however you spell that type of motorcycle) up the aisle in his services. He didn't mention a thing about what he taught or the spirit or anything. I can't imagine that. I love telling people about our message. My favorite thing to tell people is this:

We aren't here to convince you of anything. We can't do that. We are here to share our message with you and to invite you to pray and ask God if it is true because God is the only one who can tell you if these things are true. And He will answer you, because he wants you to know what is the truth.

Anyway, that's my soapbox for the day. I love that people don't need to depend on us. And they shouldn't! I tell that to people daily. DON'T LISTEN TO ME. ASK GOD. 

This is our motto, it comes from 1 Nephi 21:10 "They shall not hunger nor thirst, neither shall the heat nor the sun smite them; for he that hath mercy on them shall lead them, even by the springs of water shall he guide them."

This scriptures apply to every day life. Don't forget that.

We found L this week! She talks really really really fast. It was definitely a gift from God that I understood her. We  had like a 20 minute lesson with her about prophets. She didn't understand the need for a prophet a first (which doesn't make sense to me, like they're in the bible) but we read Amos 3:7 and she totally got it. So that was great.

We have come to the time a year where no one likes to wear clothes. Especially men. They don't like shirts. You would think they would put one on before they open the door, but no, they don't. It's really gross. I'm like, come on people! Do you know how many layers I'm wearing right now? A lot. That's what. Modest really is the hottest. But that's ok. Totally worth it. I totally got this heat.

T is a new investigator. We just knocked on his door, set up an appointment, came back, and taught lesson one. It was pretty cool. He seems really interested and open to learning. So that's pretty cool. Didn't come to church because he was calling Honduras, but we'll get him next week.

It's sad about L. Tom Perry. We'll miss him.

Love you guys! Que tengan una buena semana!

Hermana Leete

Three Generations

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