Monday, June 29, 2015

It was only 100 Degrees


It sounds like you had an awesome trip! I'm glad you all had fun.

This week was unexciting. Except for Thursday. It was only 100 degrees. Maybe 106. But nice and cool.

We had exchanges this week. I stayed in the area with Sister DF. She was called Spanish! So that was cool. Except the only things we did in Spanish were one short member visit and one street contact in Spanish. I waited a year to have an exchange where my STL could actually help me teach better and we didn't even teach a lesson. So ya.

The P ward (they are the Spanish ward right above us) invited us to an activity they had. It was super cool!. It was a Viaje (vacation) a Hawaii. They taught the plan of salvation and then ended with a Luau! So they waited in the chapel, watching Mormon messages and then we took them out in tour groups. (Some were English and some were Spanish, apparently they invited English wards too.) We took them down the hallway and stopped and some pictures of the creation and explained the creation. Then we stopped and talked about the Restoration, and then the Atonement. They then entered the airplane. They watched the safety video, took off, and crashed and died. Then an angel came in and told them someone (I couldn't hear what they said) but we lead them out of the airplane and talked about the Resurrection and took them to three different rooms, the three kingdoms of glory. After explaining each room we asked them "do you want to live here?" and the answer of course for the first two were, no! After the celestial room (which mimicked a celestial room in the temple) we had them close their eyes and think of someone who they want to be in the Celestial kingdom with them. Then we had them give us their information! From there they went to Hawaii, learned how to do the hula and the haka and ate some food! Yay!

I've read the talk "Qualifications for the Work" given in the MTC in like the 80's this week. SOOOOO GOOD. I'm like I've been doing missionary work wrong for the past year. I've started applying it and I've seen miracles. No new investigators yet, but some pretty awesome street contacts. It's probably been because I think we've talked to like three hispanics this week.   

I also read "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox this week. Read it: I didn't understand grace until I read that talk. It uses the example of a mom paying for piano lessons for her kid to explain grace. The mom is paying for the lessons so she can ask something of her kid, right? Like, "practice, practice, practice." When the kid practices, he doesn't pay his mom back, or pays the teacher. No, but by doing so he becomes a pianist. His mom paid for it because she wants him to live life better. That's how grace is. Christ has paid for our piano lessons, and he wants us to practice so that we can live life better.  Us obeying his commandments doesn't pay back justice, it doesn't pay him back, it allows us to live life better. The question shouldn't be, are you saved by grace? but are you changed by grace? I've probably botched explaining this, but the important part is that everyone will be resurrected and return to God's presence, but if we don't use Christ's grace to change us, we won't feel comfortable in His presence, and then we won't stay there.

We did a blitz for some elders in our district (aka we went and worked in their area for two hours) which was cool. Literally and figuratively. It was the only 100 degree day. We got to talk to some not interested but nice white people. Yay!

We street contacted an English member that told us two interesting things:

-the English elders are poaching all the Spanish people!
-And he works at a lasertag/putt putt gold place and can get us in for really cheap! --that's going to be our p day activity

If you can't tell, I've been avoiding mentioning anything about lessons, because we didn't have any this week. We said a prayer with someone, and she said we could come back. But that was it. All of our investigators fell off the face of the planet and we cannot find anyone new. Except for our ray of sunshine: R.

This week we found R (well, we didn't find him. Our recent convert found him). He's super awesome. He's the boyfriend of a recent convert in our branch and has come to church twice, self-assigned himself reading in the Book of Mormon, and went to a ward activity. And we haven't even taught him anything yet!

We found S (the recent convert) again. However, he didn't come to church. Which is sad. And ridiculous! We don't know why he didn't show up. But we love going over and teaching him because he's awesome. And sometimes his little brother J is there and he tries to be like S so much and it's just too cute. 

Love you!

Hermana Leete

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