Monday, June 22, 2015

So What did I do this past Year?

Jessica! (And everyone else, because this is going to be the big letter for the week.)

We had a giant Spanish Family History Fair this week. It was for the entire valley and was all in Spanish! So it was super cool. They had people come down from Salt Lake to help us out. The members loved it. Except we only had about 100 people show up. But the ones that were there loved it! We had a training the day before so that we could help the people at the fair. I learned so much. I used to think that my family history was all done, that I couldn't do anything else. Oh boy was I wrong! I learned how to use the documents to look up more people, how to put pictures and things up. I'm so excited to do family history! In either six months or when I get an ipad.

So this is how it was set up. The first bit we had a key note presentation from Brother Soria (he works for Family Search) about turning our hearts to the fathers. He said that it really didn't matter how many names we can find, what matters is that our hearts turn.

From there the people who have never done family history went to a room to start their Mi Familia (My Family) booklet that asks for information about relatives and stories about them. From there, they make their account, learn about indexing, and how to find more names if they are stuck. They could also scan photos and learn how to put those and other documents online and connect it with people. It was super cool.

Yes, it is true, this Thursday I will have been on my mission for exactly a year.

So what did I do this past year?

I helped 11 people choose to be baptized: N, N, B, E, I, E, D, M, J, G, S.

I've biked in the heat and in the cold. I've been scared to talk to people. I've talked to a lot of people. I learned (well, am learning) and new language. I've had 7 different companions and 5 different areas (that's including the CCM). I've served in two branches and one ward. 9 transfers. 3 zones. 

I'm officially an experienced missionary. I really don't feel that experienced.

It was really hot this week. But we're not letting that stop us! 

M S got baptized this week. She's 8 years old. Her family is less active, but they are working on coming back to church. At least the mom is. We've been working with them for a while now, so we got to go to the baptism. It was very nice. Later that day we were walking around and we found a member (in an English ward) and they were moving across the apartment complex. It was the hottest day thus far, but we stayed and helped them a bit. They really appreciated it. We were sad that we couldn't help more because we had to leave.

No one is outside. Not a single person. You can walk around for an hour and only talk to two people. It's just too hot. 

M is kind of frustrating because we just have to have patience with him. But I feel like our lessons really have no point. But we're working on that.

R is doing really awesome but she's not coming to church! She says every week that she'll come, but something happens every time! We suspect that father's day was the cause this week. But she needs to go to church!

So ya. That's our two investigators. Well, AP is new. We just taught her lesson 1. But we're not sure if she can read, so we'll have to figure something out about that.

I gave a training on charity and love at District Council this week. It was based around the thought that charity is consecration. The idea is that when you have charity, you think of others and not of yourself, and that is when you become a consecrated missionary. We even had a roleplay! I had them divide up in twos, and said, "tell your companion what you did yesterday, without saying the word 'I'". It was really hard! You had to say "we did this". I made the point that too often we think of ourselves when we tell our mission experiences, "I did this" but we should have never been alone on our missions, so it should never be "I" and it's that kind of "me" focus that keeps us from having charity. That's my problem. I'm so focused on myself that I can't help other people.

Anyway, that about sums up this week. I hope you can find a good roommate at Duke! You definitely want to be around good people, but don't forget, you can't do missionary work if you only are friends with members!

Hermana Leete 

Sister P thought it wasn't fair that moms got something on mothers day but dads not, so she took that picture for us. Thanks for the picture in return. It made us all laugh.

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