Monday, June 15, 2015

We aren't letting the heat stop us

Dear family and anyone else who reads this,

I love that third picture of Rachel. I think I need it for my wall.

This week we refound everybody! Yay! But they are still pretty cool, so that's ok. We haven't had a lesson with them yet, but we have appointments!

I talked to a lot of atheists this week. We had this really nice conversation with one of them. According to him, the purpose of life was to be happy, and we are happy when we are good people. But of course, there is nothing after this life, you just cease to exist. But to me, that world seems like a pleasure seeking world. Because, why be nice to anyone, because even though that might make them miserable now, it doesn't matter, because they and you, will just cease to exist. And if the point is to be as happy as possible, and religion makes you happy, then why not be religious? What would be the point of being atheist? Just to be right? BUT IT WOULDN'T MATTER. I don't know. I hope I'm not offensive or anything, I just don't understand.

M is doing pretty good. Really doesn't want a baptismal date, but as long as he's progressing, we'll teach him. So we'll see how long he takes.

M M is pretty cool. She was a member referral. Her son just died. We can only meet with her once a week though and this last time the member just talked for an hour straight . . . there's always next week right?

R and N are back! N just told us all about her trip to Columbia. She had a nice time with family.

We've been working with the less active S family for a while now. Their daughter just turned 8 so she is going to get baptized. We've been working with her and the mom. The dad and the older kid are never there when we come by. But M (the daughter) is going to be baptized this Saturday,  so we're going to the baptism. And we're going to sing at it. So we're doing a half Spanish half English version of "If the Savior Stood Beside Me." Our branch is doing the stake baptism this month so we wanted to sing at least a bit in Spanish, but most of the people there will be from English wards, so compromise!

It was totally crazy what happened with M. She has the HARDEST time focusing in our lessons, we try to keep them super simple and basic and short, but it like doesn't stick. But like a week ago she turned 8. We've had two lessons with her since then, and she totally gets what we are teaching and retains it. CRAZY. The church is true you guys.

It is officially over 100 degrees. That just means that everyone comes outside at 7:30 pm to walk their dogs, and everyone gives you water. Which is great, but it doesn't mean they are interested. But free water is always good. But we aren't letting the heat stop us from doing missionary work! We still go out and walk, we only bike after 6 o'clock though because we don't want to die (I feel so bad for the biking elders!) We don't hang out in the car. The second we park and say our prayer, we are out of the car! No waiting around and soaking in the AC. All the people are outside of the car not in it! 

Hermana G and J G are my favorite people in the world. They were less active but are fully active now. They both have callings and are in the temple prep class! J comes out with us all the time. It's super exciting to see the difference in their lives and how I feel like I'm actually making a difference. Like, we taught them about patriarchal blessings, and now J's getting hers. We talked about the temple, and now they are in the class! We are planning a temple trip to do baptisms for the dead, they are going to come. IT'S SO AWESOME. J had a day off of work and she told us she just studied the scriptures all day. She didn't mean to, she just did. She's awesome.

Anyway, I'm going to go bowling now. Hasta luego!

Hermana Leete

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