Monday, July 13, 2015

I Love Being in East.


No, I don't have an iPad. It's weird, because my companion has one, and the zone leaders, and basically everyone I see on a daily basis. So ya. We probably won't get Facebook for a long time anyway. First we are going to learn how to study and teach with iPads, then we'll learn how to plan with them, and then some day, we'll get social media. But right now we are in the pre-stages were only the Assistants to the President, Mission Sister Training Leaders, Zone Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders (except me, and maybe the like one other new STL--if she exists, I'm not 100% sure about that) have them. That way they can figure them out and help the rest of the mission out when they get them. We don't know when that is.

 when asked how it was to go to an English speaking ward, and if she found any poached investigators:

Poached investigators is like their life. Seriously, soooo many of these people speak Spanish. However, if the parents speak English well and they have kids, I don't get too mad. Because it's better for the kids. But seriously! It's like these English missionaries never think about the Spanish missionaries, or these people's salvation. IF THEY DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH THEY CANNOT UNDERSTAND OUR MESSAGE AND THEREFORE CANNOT ACCEPT IT. I'm very passionate about it.

Sister M (my companion) is from Brazil! So I totally understand when she uses the wrong word and her grammar isn't perfect. But she's super awesome! And I can understand her Portuguese. However, sometimes I have to keep myself from laughing because it sounds like gibberish.

Portuguese story of the week!

So Sister M got permission to skype her best friend from Brazil to teach a lesson and get her to accept the missionaries there. We got to skype her friend and teach the plan of salvation. She spoke in Portuguese and I spoke in Spanish. Sister M taught like all of the lesson, but I did understand what was going on. It was pretty cool. Her friend agreed to pray, read the Book of Mormon, and we got her information to send the missionaries there!

Did I mention that this week was overcast and under 105 all week? It was so wonderful!

Being a leader means you get a whole lot more meetings. Yay. 

It's super weird to be back in my old area. (I covered this when I was in Ensign Spanish). So I like know where everything is. And I just want to go and talk to all of my recent converts. But I can't. Not my jurisdiction. 

I got to go on exchanges with the Mission Sister Training Leaders this week. Sister K is super awesome. We had an amazing day, taught lots of lessons, and street contacted like bosses. It's really fun to be with an exactly obedient, hard working, super faithful missionary. You just feel happy when you are around them. I even got to street contact people in Spanish! I sent off two referrals to the Spanish elders. They were super interested. It was really cool because at first they weren't interested but as I talked about how this message helps the family, they became interested. 

Street contacting in Spanish with Sister M is super interesting. Because she totally understands what we are saying and sometimes she'll respond in English, sometimes Portuguese, and sometimes in the little Spanish she knows (more like and Spanish/Portuguese mix). Kevin- you served in her mom's mission.

I don't know how to speak English anymore. Which is ridiculous because I've always spoken more English than Spanish on my mission. But praying as a companionship and teaching lessons totally throws me. I keep on trying to phrase things the same way I did in Spanish. It doesn't work too well. I've started to do my personal study in Spanish to help me keep it up. I think it's helped.

We found a cool new investigator named D. We street contacted him (he turned out to be a former that Sister M never taught because they found him on exchanges and then he fell off the face of the planet). But when we street contacted him, he was drunk and so he wasn't understanding anything and wasn't making any sense. So we made an appointment to come back the next day. Anyway, so the next day he opens the door but is kind of like, "I'm eating dinner" but we're like, "got 15 mintues?" So he says yes and we start to teach the restoration. However, 15 minutes go by and we're like, hmmm, so we ask him if he has more time, and he said yes. We got to teach all of the restoration and he totally understands the apostasy and he agrees with it. We invited him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and he accepted! He was a little iffy on baptism but we'll go over that again next time. Anyway, it's super cool.

I love being in East. It's awesome. People are nice, there are tons of people, and a lot of them haven't talked to missionaries before! Yay! 

Love ya!

Sister Leete

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