Monday, July 27, 2015

Life is good. East is beast. I HAVE AN IPAD.

ATTENTION! I HAVE AN IPAD! I'm trying to act like I'm not super excited. But I am. I am suuppperrrr excited.

Nope. Nothing for Pioneer Day.

I feel like I only talked to Hispanic people this week. Normally, I would be super excited. Except, I don't teach in Spanish anymore. Super frustrating I'll tell you.

FLASH BACK. Remember last time I was in East and we were teaching M, G, M, and J and they couldn't get baptized because M and G weren't married and M was married to someone else and that the kids didn't know?

We had Sister L out with us and she was all like, "do you remember these people, they came to our ward a couple of weeks ago. Let's go visit them!" So we visited them, found out that they want to go to the English ward because their neighbors are in our ward, and started to teach them again. This Sunday they came to church and M told me that they got married!!!!!!!!!! (Insert lots of noises from excitement.) So I feel like I was sent back to East to teach them because I knew the situation. Now they can get baptized! Yay!  Besides that we lost investigators, appointments cancelled and it was under 110 all week. Fantastic!

Sooo there's this return missionary in one of our wards. He likes to come out with us. Except he has no faith. When he comes out with us, our appointments cancel, no one opens the doors. NOTHING happens. So the last time he was out, we asked him what miracle he wanted to see. We were like, we wanted to find a family of four today, so he was like, "sounds good." So we prayed to find a family of four. Guess what happens? We had this amazing street contact with a family of four and a baby that had like seven more people at home . . . in California. But we gave him a Book of Mormon, said a prayer with him, got his address and they seem super interested. BLESSING. So finally we had a miracle with him. 

We went and taught D this week (she's a less active who is coming back to church) and her nonmember husband was there. He's interested! We taught the Restoration. He seemed to really get it. It was cool but the two kids were on their tablets/phones and it was super noisy and so super hard to focus. Poor Sister M, it was even worse for it. But it still ended up alright.

We had exchanges this week. Sister B from the YSA ward came to our area with me. She is super cool. She's a temple square missionary that's here for two transfers. She's originally from Tahiti. She is super amazing. We taught some awesome lessons together, street contacted a lot of Hispanics (which was a little weird for her) and all around had a fantastic day!

We are visiting this less active family, and they talk really loud. The mom just talks over everyone and talks really really loud. We're not quite sure what to do with it.

I get to visit the A family! The kids are all recent converts and the mom/uncle are less actives. The cool part, I street contacted them back when I was in Ensign.

We ate out a lot this week. Mom, I might gain those pounds you lost.

Life is good. East is beast. I HAVE AN IPAD. I'm really excited to use the gospel library app. I was figuring it out on Sister M iPad the other day and you can do some pretty boss stuff with it.

Love you!

Hermana Leete

Pictures from Mission Leadership Council:

Elder Hemmingway

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