Monday, July 6, 2015

Transfers. I'm going English.



We're both leaving. Yup. Because of the shortage of missionaries, they are taking out the sisters from Alta Vista. They are only going to have elders. So where are we going? Sister H is still going to be Spanish (yay!) but I'm going English. Yes, you  read that right, I'm going English. And I'm going to be a Sister Training Leader. I'm going to the Vegas Valley and Winterwood Wards (yes, two wards). It's in East Las Vegas. It'll be weird because Ensign covers that area. So that was part of my area, I went on exchanges there. Ya. Weird. But that means I'll get an iPad! Like, a week before everyone else.

So we spent all morning cleaning and packing. We're still not done yet.

 J GOT BAPTIZED! I taught him in Ensign, so I got to go back and see him get baptized. He's kind of old and so he couldn't bend like normal for the baptism, so they tried to baptize him in a chair, bending forward, and then pushing the chair backwards, then finally they just had him get on his knees. He finally got baptized though.
This was on the 4th, so we're all sporting our best red, white, and blue.

Last P Day we went to Shan Gri La Prehistoric Park. Aka a guy who really likes dinosaurs has a house with a lot of dinosaurs. He gives out free dino toys too 

The second it gets dark of the 4th of July all the fireworks go off. EVERYWHERE. Like seriously, everywhere you turn there are fireworks. The strip looks like it's exploding. I'm sending you a movie of it. Well, no I can't. It's too big. You'll get it eventually.

R is super awesome. He's got a baptismal date and has been to church three times and we've only taught him one lesson. 

We found N and A this week. They are super cool. A has a drug problem, but they are interested in getting help and going to church.

M is pretty cool. We've picked her up and dropped her multiple times while I've been here. She has trouble staying focused and is struggling with depression, but seems interested.

I don't have a lot of time because I still have to finish packing and say goodbye to everyone and go shopping. Bye! Love you!

Hermana Leete

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