Monday, August 24, 2015

Biking is Awesome

Hello there!

We found two new investigators this week! Yay!

T- She's from Hawaii! She's super cool. We street contacted her, she seemed suuuuuuppppper not interested but then said we could come back the next day. What? Anyway. She told us that ever since she's moved from Hawaii the blessings from God have just been pouring in. But recently life has been hard and she's been cursing and swearing at God. She was in a terrible mood the day we street contacted her, but after we talked to her she came inside and cried because she felt like it was a sign from God that he loved her. Super cool. So we taught her the first lesson and she loved it! She's excited to meet with us and wants her kids to be there in the lesson, and her friends as well.

E- We tried to find someone else but they had moved so we talked to her instead. She says she's a christian but really knows nothing about the Bible or religion (except she was a Wiccan once, but we told her to get rid of her ouija board). But she really wants to learn about God. It just seems that no one has really offered to teach her. So we came back and taught her about the Godhead and prayer. She's reading the Book of Mormon but doesn't understand any of it, but she keeps on reading. It was really hard to keep our lesson simple and not try to teach her everything. We're getting better at it though. She totally wants to go to church. Possible future problem(s): her boyfriend (aka the father of her child, actually, I don't know that, but I think he is) is atheist. She seems cool with it though, just has to hide her Book of Mormon.

We have a new ward mission leader in one of our wards and we're trying to train him to be the perfect ward mission leader. It's a little hard. But we're working on it. We're having him read chapter 13 of Preach My Gospel. We hope that helps.

We're biking! Why? 'Cause we want to talk to more people, we need the blessings, and we're kind of short on miles. So ya, I've biked in 111 degree weather. It's really not as bad as you would think it would be.


So we knocked on this door to try and talk to a less active and someone else opened the door. She proceeded to tell us that that person wasn't there and that he doesn't practice (ummmmm, that's why we're here, we know that, but I'm pretty sure that's only something our church does, so I understand the confusion). She was really nice though and gave us water. A lot of water. 1.5 liters to be exact. It was a giant water bottle. Anyway, so she gives us these huuuuuggggggee water bottles and we're like, "thanks!" but inside we're like, "where do we put these?" Both of our purses are tiny, and the water bottles were too big to carry in our hands. I'm not quite sure what we did, but we made it to the car, which happened to be like down the street. 

So biking is awesome for multiple reasons: 

1) We are promised tons of blessings for biking (no one has actually told me what the blessings are, I'm just told through the grapevine that I will be blessed if I bike)
2) You feel pretty boss because not a lot of sister missionaries bike, or elders anymore.
3) Exercise 
4) Your street contacting improves a lot. Not just the numbers, but the quality. People are really impressed when they see sisters biking. Especially in this heat. And when they find out we do it willing. They are nicer to you and they give you water and it just goes better all around.

J our investigator came to the fireside this Sunday! It's called "Why I Believe." They have it every month. Converts share their conversion story. It's super cool.

The L family is doing awesome. We have plans for them to meet the bishop this week. We hope that leads to marriage!

There were a lot of changes in the zone this transfer, but I'm loving them. They were totally for the best. And now there's four sets of sisters in the zone instead of three! Yay!

Con amor,

Hermana Leete

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