Monday, August 17, 2015

God is Mindful of his Children


So we are finally all better! We got to actually work is week.

TRANSFERS! We're staying together. This is Sister M's last transfer, so I shall kill her. That'll be fun. (Just so there is no misunderstanding, this does not mean that Hermana Leete will actually be killing her companion, she will be her last companion and will be sending her home.)

M is divorced! Yay! However, he seems a little hesitant to marry G again, I'm not sure why. But, we're going to introduce them to the bishop this week to see if that'll help them. We told them the bishop can marry them. So we'll see how all that goes.

God is mindful of his children. Why? Read the following experiences!

One day I was thinking, "you know, I haven't had pizza in a while, I would like pizza." And the members gave us pizza for dinner! They said they were hesitant to do it, but felt like it would be ok.

A member gave us homemade jam, so I was thinking about if it would be possible to make some homemade bread to eat it with (it was either that or go buy bread, but homemade bread just sounded awesome.) Then the member we had dinner with gave us a bread-maker! Crazy, huh? They were going to get rid of it but then gave it to us. I'll send you pictures of the bread I made this morning. Soooo good!

We met this really awesome person named E. She believes in Christ, but doesn't know anything about the bible or religion, but she wants to learn. So we're going to see her today and be really simple and basic with her, we're going to go really slow.

So I hope I'll have more to tell you next week. Love you!

Sister Leete

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