Monday, September 21, 2015

Cool & Comedy


E is a new investigator. He's pretty cool. He has some problems that have to be resolved before he can be baptized though.  He lived in our mission, moved to the west mission, then moved back. He's been interviewed like twice for baptism. We just got him as a referral.
He's cool.

Comedy report: we were helping these people move and the elder's quorum packed our bags in the truck. Awkward. They were soooo mad at us that they had to fight through all the junk to get our bags.

Coolest lesson ever: we visited this less active this week. His name is Brother H. He was a missionary in Brazil back when there wasn't any members there. He baptized the first stake president. Even members of the quorum of the 70s have come and talked to him. Anyway the spirit was super strong in the lesson. He cried, we cried, everyone cried. He said he felt our message the most out of everyone's. We watched the bible video "go and sin no more”. I can't explain how cool it was.

Anyway, that's all I got time for.

Love you!

Sister Leete

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