Monday, September 14, 2015

Expect Miracles and then Don't Stop Working until You Get Them

Hi there!

This week was pretty awesome! We had 7 people at church!

G: Finding G was a miracle this week. I went on exchanges with Sister S and we were working on expecting miracles. So we had three members out with us and no lessons planned. We were knocking on these doors and no one answered/let us in and we ran out of potential investigators to try and I was just like "you're not supposed to be here" so I went to the back ups that we had earlier in the day that we didn't get to. They took us to an apartment complex. Well, the same things happened (or didn't happen I guess) and we still had like fifteen minutes left with our member. I remembered someone else's door to knock on, and no one was there, and then we just started to knock on random doors. I was feeling like, We have a member, something is going to happen! So we get to two doors and I asked Sister S, "left or right?" and we both felt left so we knocked on the left door and G opened the door! We couldn't go in because he was alone and the member we had with us was a man, but we said a prayer with him and gave him a Book of Mormon. G said that he was possessed with a devil and that he had a mental illness . . . We don't think he's possessed. But we told him that if he read the Book of Mormon the devil couldn't be there. So he said he'd read. We came back later for our next appointment and taught him lesson 1. He's totally accountable, he just had a stroke sometime ago so he talks a little funny. But the member that we had at the lesson offered to give him a ride to church and he came! He also accepted a baptismal date!

E: She's super cool. She hasn't wanted to go to church because she had a bad experience when she was little. We've been planning a church tour for like two weeks now, but she keeps on canceling because she needs someone to watch her kid and she doesn't have a car and we can't give her a ride. But we finally got a member to come and she got a babysitter so we went! She really liked it. And we gave her some skirts that were left by previous missionaries so that she had one to wear at church. She loved church! It was awesome! And her atheist boyfriend is totally opening up! Miracle!

J: I don't even know how to describe why this was such a miracle. But he had to get work off to go to church and he also loved it! The entire time we've been teaching him he's all like, "I'll go when I feel like it." But as we've been teaching him the doctrine, his heart has been touched and he understands the importance of church. His girlfriend is a less active member so it was cool to see her face when he said he was coming to church--she was sooooo excited! We'll see if he'll change his schedule so that he can come every week.

M and J: They are the L kids. The parents have been kind of flaky this week, so we don't know what's up, but the kids love church!

D and A: We went to visit a referral from the Bishop. It was just a active family that is going through some hard times. When we went to visit them we met D and A. D is one the girls' boyfriend and A is a friend. But they are interested! And they came to church! Super cool!

We taught a lot of lessons this week, which is always really cool. I keep on getting flashbacks to the last time that I served in this zone. I swear I am just repeating what happened. It's super trippy.

There was this day where we talked to like three people who just ranted on and on about the apocalypse . . . we didn't know what to say to them. Yes, food storage is super important.

So that was my week. It was pretty awesome. 

I'll send a video of my zone leaders getting pied in the face. They issued a challenge out to the zone that they had to do certain things in finding situations, like calling someone to repentance, telling someone that our message can help them quit their addiction while they are smoking, getting someone to throw a ball at you, and that whoever completed it first could pie them in the face. But the catch was if the zone leaders completed it twice before someone else completed it, they could pie the rest of us in the face. Elder B and Elder C completed it in 24 hours.

What I learned this week is to expect miracles and then don't stop working until you get them.

I love you so very much!

Hermana Leete

The wood that I used came from that branch, but you only needed like 6 inches of wood

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