Monday, September 28, 2015


Hello everyone!

This week was pretty awesome!  Honestly I can't remember everything that happened. But anyway,


I'm leaving! And since Sister M is going home, we're getting double transferred out! However, that means I won't die in east. (I was getting worried that would happen. That would mean I would have spent 7 transfers here. But now it's only 5.) I'm going to Sunrise Stake in the Mountain Vista ward. It'll be cool. My companion will be Sister Md. It'll be her last transfer as well.

I went on exchanges with Sister B this week. She's a temple square missionary. And she knows one of my friends form BYUH! We've decided that she needs to come to BYUH with me so we can be roommates.  Anyway, she's a super amazing missionary and I love being around her. I feel like we can just accomplish miracles together!

A member is going to teach us how to make tortillas today.

Our investigator G is doing sooooo well. He's read up until Alma 36 in the Book of Mormon! That's sooooo cool! I'm going to miss teaching him, but I'll come back for his baptism.

It's still hot here, it's not cooling down for some reason. No one really knows why. It's cooler at night, like 80 degrees but during the day it's still 100. Which is cooler than it was, but still.

I only got to see part of the eclipse. I didn't know there was going to be one. I just looked up and like, "I've never seen the moon that tiny." I looked up later and was like, "why is it bigger now?" I was just like, "it was probably just the clouds". But now I understand!

Anyway. No one emailed Sister M because she is going home, so I have to stop now.

Love you!

Hermana Leete

Transfer Question: Are you Spanish speaking?

English. I'm still an STL

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